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Renal ultrasound during pregnancy: Is it possible to do without?


Indications for renal ultrasound during pregnancy. Preparing for the US and decryption results. The important role of ultrasound. Harmful if ultrasound in pregnancy

Ultrasound examination of internal organs,including the kidneys, in the period of gestation of the child shall be appointed on the grounds. It should be noted that despite this, it is often prescribed as a pathology of the urinary system is the most common during pregnancy.

The fact that the system in this organismperiod starts with greater intensity as substantially increasing the load increasing time. Therefore, the expectation of the baby is often accompanied by the development of diseases of the urinary system or exacerbation of their chronic forms.

Indications for renal ultrasound in pregnancy

Specialist appoints conducting this type of research in the following cases:

  • Renal ultrasound during pregnancy: Is it possible to do without?Detecting abnormalities after the general analysis of urine (approx. Identified a protein, a lot of bacteria, white blood cells or red blood cells);
  • Recurring pain pulling character in the lumbar region;
  • All sorts of urination disorders, for example, a burning sensation in the urethra, frequent desires in a toilet, pain during intercourse;
  • Changing the color of urine (blurred, dark, pink, red color);
  • High blood pressure;
  • Persistent swelling;
  • The presence of pathologies of the endocrine system;
  • A back injury (a blow, fall);
  • Diseases of the urinary system in history (urolithiasis, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, tumors, and so on. N.).

Training women to renal ultrasound in pregnancy

No it is not necessary to take specific measures. But it should be noted that such phenomena as increased flatulence and bloating are an obstacle. They complicate the picture, so the expert can not accurately establish the diagnosis.

To eliminate such situations, you need to follow a few rules:

  • Renal ultrasound during pregnancy: Is it possible to do without?Stick to a diet. Start it for 3 days before the examination date. It should be excluded at this time products that contribute to flatulence, such as beans, cabbage, black bread, soft drinks, milk;
  • If necessary, take a carminative. These areas include activated carbon, Espumizan;
  • 1 hour before the ultrasound, drink several glasses of pure water without gas. Such a measure is necessary because the procedure is carried out with a full bladder.

Progress in research

Before you begin you need to undress from the waist up, and get rid of the jewelry, as they may distort the received information unit. Women in the survey lies on his side, stomach or back.

Renal ultrasound during pregnancy: Is it possible to do without?If you suspect a kidney ptosis (nephroptosis) event is held standing. A woman should remain stationary throughout the whole procedure.

In the studied area is applied a special gel. It enables the sensor to better contact with the skin, and also improves the conductivity of ultrasonic waves.

Immediately after the end of its process wipe cloths or towels.

Explanation renal ultrasound results in pregnancy

In the study, the expert drew attentionon few parameters: kidney size, mobility, location, structure and the presence of pathological formations (sand, stones, cysts, tumors), and so forth.

Normally, this paired organ located behind the peritoneum, on both sides of the spine, approximately at the level of the lumbar 1-2 and 12 thoracic vertebrae. At the same time the right kidney is localized just below his left.

As for mobility, they are very limited in this respect. The slight vertical movement. If they can move freely - there is pathology.

Standard Sizes: thickness of 4-5 cm, length 10-12 cm, width 6 cm. The specialist must with great accuracy to determine this parameter, since it indirectly points to a number of diseases of the urinary system. For example, a significant increase in the size of the inflammatory process characteristic, as well as various neoplasms, and opposite state, reducing a symptom of chronic conditions which lead to violations of the tissue structure and dystrophic processes.

Fibrous capsule - a shell that covers the body from the outside. In the normal state, it is flat, the specialist can clearly identify it during the inspection.

Renal ultrasound during pregnancy: Is it possible to do without?Renal pelvis - a cavity in the kidney, where the urine is collected. It should be free. In the opposite case, when seen sand or stones are diagnosed urolithiasis.

Kidney tissues (parenchyma) should havehomogeneous structure. Thickening characteristic inflammation and reduction - the current long-term pyelonephritis, defeat diabetes, degenerative processes. Also parenchyma tends to decrease with age.

In a special form after specialist studies writes detailed results, based on which the nephrologist diagnose and prescribe adequate treatment.

The importance of ultrasound

There are conditions when this method withoutsimply can not do. For example, upon detection in urine high concentrations of bacteria (bacteriuria), but the patient is more on what does not complain. This phenomenon is indicative of asymptomatic disease, that is, about its development in a latent form. It is dangerous, so you need to do an ultrasound. The results of various diagnostic methods allow to confirm the diagnosis and to choose the course of treatment.

Renal ultrasound during pregnancy: Is it possible to do without?Ultrasound allows earlydiagnose pyelonephritis, which is observed in 10% of pregnant women. When he came for the first time, it is called pyelonephritis pregnant. It is worth noting that this pathology is more likely to occur after 20 weeks.

When the woman suffered inflammation andpelvis diseases before conception, these diseases may acquire chronic course or worsen during the period of gestation. This situation requires more careful monitoring is already in the early stages and seeing a gynecologist and a nephrologist.

The patient is placed at risk. Chronic pyelonephritis, for example, can trigger vasospasm woman, fetus and placenta, pregnancy can result in miscarriage.

results of the study

In pregnancy, the following pathological conditions can be detected:

  • Nephroptosis - paired organ prolapse (one kidney or both);
  • Echogenicity of Education, for example, ehoten, nephrolithiasis - stones in the pelvis, greater than 5 mm in diameter;
  • Mikrokalkulez - in the pelvis discovered sand or small pebbles;
  • Renal ultrasound during pregnancy: Is it possible to do without?Hydronephrosis - enlargement of the pelvis due to poor drainage of urine and its accumulation. Detecting the disease requires a thorough diagnostic measures;
  • Pyelonephritis - unfortunately, fairly common pathology in pregnant women. This diagnosis requires immediate premises woman in hospital conditions;
  • Tumor formation;
  • Abscess paired organ;
  • Cyst / cyst;
  • structural anomalies.

Also, the expert can make a conclusion fromindicating rule that is rough deviation in this part of the body is detected. Occurs and this conclusion, as an expression of intestinal pneumatosis - diagnostics unhelpful, since there flatulence. It is to avoid this phenomenon requires a preliminary preparation, suggesting dieting.

It should be noted that the specialists of ultrasound diagnostics,as a rule, do not make the final diagnosis. They only show the information received by the apparatus for examination. The final conclusion is to expose only an expert in the field, ie the physician nephrologist. This takes into account not only the results of the ultrasound, and other information obtained in the process of diagnosis.

Is it harmful to the fetus do renal ultrasound in pregnancy

Renal ultrasound during pregnancy: Is it possible to do without?During this period of his life expectant mothers are very wary perceive any procedures and methods, and ultrasound - is no exception.

It is worth noting that the official medicinespecial studies on the impact of this method on the fetus are not conducted. However, for the time of the practical application of this method is not found to be harmful to the fetus.

At the same time it must be said that the failure to notice the pathology that has long remained without treatment is much more dangerous for the woman and for the unborn baby.

So if the doctor prescribes ultrasound, do not abandon it. Otherwise, it may be quite dire consequences.

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