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Hard belly during pregnancy: how this phenomenon is dangerous?


The reasons for the hardness of the abdomen during pregnancy. Hard stomach in the early stages. Hardening in the II and III trimester. Symptoms requiring hospitalization. Prevention of solid belly

Women during childbearing changerelation to your body. Firstly, it is subjected to high loads, so there may be unforeseen disruptions to the internal organs and systems. Secondly, any violation may affect the course of pregnancy.

Moreover, some states in the normalthe usual time, perceived as a threat in the period of gestation. This applies to the hardening of the abdomen. Why belly becomes hard during pregnancy? Is this normal?

Causes stomach fossilization

Hard belly during pregnancy: how this phenomenon is dangerous?This phenomenon suggests that periodthat uterine muscle spasm begin tissue, respectively, the tone of the body increases. Hypertonicity is dangerous for mother and baby.

Firstly, when such condition significantly deteriorates uteroplacental blood flow, leading to fetal hypoxia (fetal hypoxia).

Second, the increased risk of placental abruption, or ovum, miscarriage or premature birth.

Determining the cause of uterine hypertonus is difficult, but there are several factors that can be decisive:

  • Emotional shock or surge;
  • Physical overexertion;
  • Orgasm;
  • Infections and inflammation afflicting the genitourinary system;
  • Crowded bladder;
  • Influenza, viral diseases;
  • Large fruit;
  • Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract (colitis, flatulence, goiter);
  • Polyhydramnios;
  • Pelvic pathology;
  • Abnormalities of the uterus size (too small);
  • Drinking alcohol, smoking and other bad habits.

Hard belly during pregnancy: how this phenomenon is dangerous?Hard stomach during pregnancy can be observedafter a long stay in one position. For example, a woman for a long time lying on his side or back. Then it is most noticeable in the morning and evening. It is worth noting that after 20 weeks of experts do not recommend to rest on his stomach, although, in principle, it is so impossible.

As you can see, not all of the causes can be dangerous, but if a woman is experiencing these feelings, you need to say about this case there is a gynecologist. Better be careful.

Hardens underbelly in the early stages

The first trimester is the most dangerous, becauseat this time it takes place the greatest number of spontaneous abortions. For this reason it is the slightest indisposition and discomfort consult specialists. In the first trimester it is especially necessary to protect themselves, to reduce the physical load, but still remain mobile. Right to alternate work and rest, as well as every possible way to avoid unpleasant and stressful situations.

When the stomach hardens regularly or stays inthis state permanently tense, there is pain, and there were bloody discharge from the vagina, it is necessary to call an ambulance.

Why belly hardens in the later stages

Hard belly during pregnancy: how this phenomenon is dangerous?When a woman has a distinct sense of perturbationchild, he was big enough, the stomach often strained, due to increased motor activity baby. At this time, the hardness can occur only on one side.

Do not be afraid, because this pipsqueak can put an arm or leg, turn back or ass.

However, the threat of uterine hypertonus accompanies all during pregnancy, so do not need to drop it off. When the voltage is feeling very often, it should serve as a wake-up call.

Causes of hardness may be hiding in the banalovereating and poor nutrition. Woman after conception should fundamentally reconsider your diet. Bloating and flatulence may occur when an unbalanced diet. It is necessary to exclude products that contribute to flatulence (cabbage, beans, rye bread, soft drinks, etc.). It is recommended to split meals (small portions, but most meals).

Also, a woman should be ready for such aphenomenon of false labor. They can occur in the second trimester, accompanied by spasms and minor muscle tension. This phenomenon is not harmful, it can be said it is training, preparing to the upcoming birth abdomen, pelvic organs, the birth canal. False labor not intensive, regular and disappear on their own.

Hard belly with 36 weeks indicates the imminent onset of labor and the emergence of the baby, so at this late period he regarded as a variant of the norm.

What to do when petrification?

Hard belly during pregnancy: how this phenomenon is dangerous?Solid underbelly of a woman during pregnancyalways indicative of disease, but also about the safety of this phenomenon, too, can not speak. When this condition is rare, for example, after a quick walk or excessive overvoltage, most likely, do not worry.

Usually, doctors recommend in this situationrelax, take a comfortable position, relax as much as possible, then the discomfort will disappear by itself. But later is better to avoid stress, both emotional and physical, more rest, but to lead to the best of an active lifestyle.

In some situations, you must immediatelyconsult your doctor or call an ambulance, because this phenomenon is accompanied by the following symptoms that can affect the development of a child or represent a threat to his life:

  • Hardness does not pass;
  • There is pain;
  • Pain localized in the abdomen, reminiscent of discomfort during menstruation, is given in the lower back region of the coccyx, sacrum, rectum;
  • There were reddish or brownish vaginal discharge;
  • Observed fainting, persistent nausea, vomiting, ending;
  • Discomfort appears regularly or repeated often enough, pain, tension intensified in spite of the rest;
  • There are false urge to defecate.

You can drink 2 tablets of the drug as a No-spa, lie down and call an ambulance.

Prevention of uterine hypertonus muscles

Hard belly during pregnancy: how this phenomenon is dangerous?It is easier to prevent the development of complications, than then to treat them. Particularly relevant it will be for the period of gestation. Doctors insist on carrying out prevention before pregnancy.

As you know, at the stage of planning of the child need to undergo a thorough examination and cure existing disease to reduce the risk of exacerbations and adverse effect on the child's future.

Also it is necessary to abandon the use ofalcoholic beverages and smoking a few months before the expected date of conception. Women are actively involved in sports, should gradually decrease their usual physical activity. To rid yourself of stress and experience, it is recommended to do yoga or learn simple relaxation techniques.

What to do when hardening?

Hard belly during pregnancy: how this phenomenon is dangerous?Hardening, of course, care about each woman,which is faced with it during the childbearing. In many ways, the prognosis and outcome of this phenomenon depends on the expectant mother. It is important to consult a doctor. In addition, you must remain calm, both emotionally and physically.

Your doctor may recommend a schedule change, such as more time to rest. Also, sedatives, drugs to relax the muscles of the uterus can be assigned.

If hypertonicity of the uterus is a symptom of a serious disease, the woman offered hospitalization.

The hospital specialists provide peace andobserve the state of the baby and the expectant mother. In some cases, prescribe drugs, normalize hormones, if it is a threat to its imbalance. Healthy pregnancy you and light delivery!

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