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Progesterone OK - guarantee a happy pregnancy!


Hormonal women responsible for fertility and nurturing a child. And for a happy pregnancy you need progesterone. What is this hormone, and for which he is responsible?

Progesterone is one of the main sexualhormone, which is responsible for the beneficial during pregnancy. If this hormone is not enough, a spontaneous miscarriage may occur, and if the limit is too high, it also will affect the child-bearing is not the most favorable.

Progesterone during pregnancy

Progesterone OK - guarantee a happy pregnancy!And in general, the fact that pregnancy occurs when the rate of this element in a woman's body. If the level of this element is low, the fertilized egg can not accede to the uterine wall.

Otherwise, a reduction will occurrejection of the uterus and ovum. Under the influence of this element of the uterus is no longer declining and begins to grow. It also influences the secretion of breast milk in the breast. Accordingly, it is this hormone helps prepare women for childbirth.

An interesting fact is that progesteroneIt produced not only in the female body, but also the men. The men responsible for his production of the adrenal glands. Yet he plays the lead role specifically for the female body.

progesterone Rates by week pregnancy

During the "interesting" position of the progesterone levels may vary, gradually increasing with the growth period.

The rate of progesterone in pregnancy for each period has its own:

- Up to 12 weeks, it is from 9 to 47 units per mL;

- 12 th to 28 th week it starts to grow, the rate of 17 to 146 units;

- From 29 th to 40 th week already 55-200 arbitrary units per milliliter.

On the Internet you can find various options for tables with weekly rules for weeks.

But as incompetent do not make hasty conclusions. To interpret the results of analyzes should be an expert in this field. After all, rules are different laboratories and organisms individual women.

What is Progesterone

Progesterone is a steroid hormone, a small portion of which is produced by the adrenal glands. Therefore, this element is, as in the male and the female body. He is considered "pregnancy hormone"Because the female body of its amount is much higher than in the men. Particularly increases its level during pregnancy.

This element is made moreyellow body. This gland is formed in the ovary at a time when the mature egg leaves the ovary and begins its movement to the uterus. That is, in fact, it occurs after ovulation.

If the egg is not fertilized, then 12-15day corpus luteum dies and comes the time of menstruation. If pregnancy occurs, progesterone continues to be produced in yellow body up to 16 weeks of pregnancy. After this period, the role of developing this element takes on the placenta.

Role of progesterone is that itthickens the uterine wall, which is attached to the fertilized egg. Accordingly, the lower its level does not allow the egg trailers and pregnancy does not occur. This is one of the most common causes of female infertility.

Progesterone OK - guarantee a happy pregnancy!From the moment of conception, this hormone begins to be directly involved in the preparation of the woman's body for pregnancy and fetal growth, as well as for childbirth.

With it stimulated growth of the uterus,relax muscles, preventing the threat of miscarriage, increased accumulation of subcutaneous fat, which subsequently provides the expectant mother and the fetus with nutrients. In addition, progesterone suppresses the immune system, and the mother's body does not reject foreign protein genetics father.

It also helps in the development of certain tissues and organs of the fetus, the mother prepares the muscles and ligaments for childbirth and stimulates the growth and development of the mammary glands.

Analysis of the level of progesterone

Now I think it is clear that the excess or deficiencyProgesterone levels during pregnancy said plurality of female diseases, including, for example, variations in the adrenal gland and kidney. In addition, irregularities in the hormonal system of the woman have a negative impact on the course and during pregnancy.

Naturally, the slightest suspicion of the gynecologist that a woman expecting a child, there is an excess or deficiency of this substance makes sending pregnant for further examination.

A healthy woman who is not pregnant during ovulation in the blood level of this substance is so high, that is ten times higher than at the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

From the moment of conception, the doctor periodicallyhormone controls the process, because high levels of progesterone in pregnancy, in the first half of it, is the norm. This suggests that the placenta is well formed and is working as it should for the full development of the fetus.

When the placenta is mature enough - hormonePregnancy is no longer produced. Accordingly, a sudden low rate of progesterone during pregnancy speaks of imminent childbirth or fetal perenashivanii.

How and when to take

Women who can not become pregnant, often prescribe this analysis at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, and at the time of ovulation. Thus, excluded or confirmed the hypothesis of hormonal infertility.

If a woman already bears a child, the doctorassigns this analysis in the first half period and the second. Thus, the operation is controlled by the placenta. Also, it may designate, if the estimated date of delivery is far spent, the birth did not come.

In such a case is diagnosed and the appropriate perenashivanie drastic measures are taken. This is necessary, because overripe placenta is not able to meet the baby's needs.

Progesterone OK - guarantee a happy pregnancy!Accepted this analysis on an empty stomach for 8-10 hourssince the last meal. This is usually done in the morning, but it is possible to produce and blood sampling during the day, provided that the woman ate last 6 hours ago and took no fat food. only the use of water is allowed before the delivery of the analysis. After one day, the test result is ready.

The reason for non-normative increase or decreaseProgesterone may be irregularities in the development of the placenta, kidney failure, with yellow body problems, miscarriage, bleeding, hormonal imbalances, chronic diseases of the sexual sphere of women, intrauterine development of the child and the true perenashivanie.

If the case is not critical, the doctor assigns the appropriate hormonal treatment, which is usually a pretty fast rate results in all indicators.

To avoid problems with the analysis of the women,expecting a baby, you must be in full emotional rest, more than walk in the fresh air, eat right, engage in physical activity, feasible and have only positive emotions. Health mothers and their future babies!

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