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Preventing colds in pregnant women by means of a formal and folk medicine


Women in the situation need to protect their health, because the diseases have a negative effect on the development of the fetus. Preventing colds during pregnancy is mandatory

As is known, often a woman in positionImmunity is greatly weakened, so her body can not withstand many viruses. Catarrhal diseases are the most common problems that should be protected from the fair sex, and in pregnancy - especially.

The main danger is thatThe consequences of such diseases can be very severe and in some cases even tragic. To strengthen immunity you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Try to walk often outdoors and eat right.

Rules for preventing colds during pregnancy

Doctors recommend trying not to use any medications at all, and it is better to prevent the problem, rather than treat it.

There are several recommendations that specialists give:

  • Preventing colds in pregnant women by means of a formal and folk medicineDuring the active spread of diseasesYou need to go out in the street only in a medical mask. If possible, it is necessary to avoid places of large concentrations of people, for example, public transport, shops, etc .;
  • After the street, you need to rinse the nasal cavity and throat with various broths of medicinal herbs (for example, chamomile) or ordinary soda solution. This will prevent the multiplication of viruses;
  • Particular attention should be paid to nutrition. To prevent colds and flu, many vitamins and other nutrients should be ingested into the body. Add fresh vegetables, fruits and citrus fruits to the menu. If this is not possible, then select a suitable vitamin complex, but only after consulting a doctor;
  • Try to ventilate the room every day, because when the air stagnates, viruses spread very quickly. It is also recommended to do frequent wet cleaning;
  • Do not allow the body to subcool, and especially soak the feet. Remember - legs, loin and head should always be warm;
  • Preventing colds in pregnant women by means of a formal and folk medicineDuring pregnancy it is useful to go in for sports: go on swimming, do exercises or yoga;
  • Prevention rules necessarily include air humidification. You can use special devices or you can just put a damp towel on the battery;
  • Negative immunity affects inadequate sleep and fatigue. Daily need to sleep at least 9 hours. Try to protect yourself from various kinds of negatives and stresses.

What is taken to prevent colds?

Choose medication is recommended only together with a doctor, no initiative! It is necessary to avoid drugs, which include ethyl alcohol and powerful antibiotics.

Most often, experts prescribe the following drugs:

  1. Preventing colds in pregnant women by means of a formal and folk medicineGrippferon. This drug is presented in the form of drops that help prevent the appearance of colds. The contained substances contribute to the strengthening of immunity, have an antiviral effect;
  2. Ascorbic acid. You can take pills, or eat citrus fruits. Vitamin C helps reduce the risk of colds, and also actively combats viruses that have entered the body;
  3. Viferon. This ointment for the nose, which helps in the preventionInfluenza and various respiratory infections. Viferon has a protective and immunomodulating effect, and it will also overcome existing problems. What is important, ointment for the prevention of colds can be used at any time of pregnancy, because it has no contraindications;
  4. Aquamaris. The composition of this nasal spray includes natural substances that moisten the nasal mucosa, which greatly reduces the risk of microbial penetration.

I would also like to talk about inhalationsNebulizer for preventing colds. The mechanism of this device is based on the dispersion of a useful mixture that enters the nose and throat. For domestic use, it is recommended to choose compressor devices.

To use a nebulizer to fight a common cold, you must follow several rules:

  • Inhalation should be done no earlier than an hour after eating;
  • An hour before and after the procedure it is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages, smoke, rinse your mouth and take funds with an expectorant effect;
  • Aerosol needs to be deeply inhaled through the nose. Then the breath is held and the breath is exhaled through the mouth;
  • The course is no less than 8 procedures for 10 min. Each.

Preventing colds in pregnant women by means of a formal and folk medicineFor inhalation, many differentCompositions that help not only prevent the appearance of a cold, but also cope with an already existing problem. It is best to consult a doctor before use. Especially if you use essential oils.

For example, you can do inhalation with calendula. To make a solution, you need to take a tincture of calendula on alcohol and mix with saline in a proportion of 1:40. For one time you need 4 ml of the prepared solution. It is recommended to spend on day 3 inhalation.

Prevention of colds with folk remedies

Preventing colds in pregnant women by means of a formal and folk medicineWomen in the state are allowed to use decoctions on herbs. For example, infusions of St. John's wort, eucalyptus and sage can be used for rinsing.

Thanks to this simple procedure, you canProtect yourself from penetration into the body of pathogens. For a future mother, drinks with warm milk will do. It can be added honey or many prefer to cook it on onions.

Suitable for the prevention of colds essential oils. You can use aromatherapy.

It is recommended to take mint, lavender, eucalyptus,Rosemary and other variants that have an antiseptic effect. It is important to consider that some oils are contraindicated in pregnancy, and individual intolerance is possible.

The scents of onions and garlic are fighting against viruses well. Pieces of these vegetables can be decomposed in the house.

How to prevent colds in infants?

Preventing colds in pregnant women by means of a formal and folk medicineIn general, all the rules that were consideredAbove, it is necessary to observe not only pregnant women, but also after the appearance of the baby. Ventilate the room, moisten the air, observe the rules of hygiene and no illness to your baby will not be scary!

Mummy is advised to limit the child's social circle whenever possible. Remember that in the first months the baby has not yet developed immunity, and he can easily get sick.

It is important to continue to breastfeed as long as possible,Because in mother's milk there are substances that can be considered an excellent prevention of the onset of colds. Regularly it is necessary to cleanse the child of the nose, because through him, mostly, microbes enter the body.

When newborns appear, you can use saline nasal spray.

Forewarned is forearmed!

Everyone should be attentive to theTheir health, but on women in the situation is a double responsibility. If you follow all the above tips and use recipes, then you can not be afraid of the common cold, and also improve your condition if you have problems.

Health to you and your child!

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