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Employment during pregnancy: the battlefield or long paid vacation?


Pregnant women can look forward to many privileges on the job, the most important of them - protection from dismissal. Find out what is right is pregnant and how to defend them at work!

Pregnancy usually brings a lot of happiness woman. Of course, for some it's first stress and surprise, but after a couple of days together with the realization of a new state comes joy.

Employment during pregnancy: the battlefield or long paid vacation?Many pleasant surprises prepares womenregulations and laws. According to the Labour Code in pregnant women at work there is a lot of privileges and rights that protect them from trouble. What are these rights and how to use them?

What can expect pregnant at work?

The most important news for all pregnant women: you are now protected from dismissal. It is only necessary to bring to the work a certificate of pregnancy and give it to the personnel department. If there are doubts about the reliability of the authorities, it is possible to make a copy of the certificate and give it to the chief of a receipt.

Since that time, you can only dismiss a pregnantin case of liquidation of the enterprise or at the end of a temporary contract, that is, when a woman, for example, worked on the replacement of maternity leave. If the contract expires during pregnancy, at the request of the woman he was to be extended at least until the birth. After birth, the employer has the right not to renew the contract.

Information on pregnancy is available womanwhen registering in the antenatal clinic. During the registration of up to 12 weeks pregnant will also be given a lump sum payment, it is about 500 rubles.

When a woman goes to the hospital for her pregnancy and given benefits. To obtain after 30 weeks is necessary to bring to the work piece of disability.

In addition to protection from dismissal of a woman is entitled to other privileges at work during pregnancy:

  • If a woman working with weights, in hazardous work standing or sitting all day, often faced with stressful situations, it should translate into a more "light"Job maintaining the same salary. If there is no suitable work, it can be sent home, and the salary is maintained;
  • Pregnant women can not be sent on business trips, to cause to work on weekends and holidays;
  • Pregnant women should not work night shifts or overtime;
  • Pregnant has the right to absences during a doctor, and the hours are counted. Employers may require a certificate to visit the doctor;
  • Woman in position may be asked to makeindividual schedule (shorten working hours or part-time work week), and the salary will be paid not as a whole, and with respect to the hours worked or the amount of work, if piecework wages. Longevity is considered fully;
  • Pregnant can ask the labor leave it at any convenient time, such as before the maternity leave.

All these rights are pregnant at work spelled out inLabour Code in Chapter 41. The main objective of these laws is to protect pregnant women from unlawful acts negligent superiors and, as a result of stress. It is very important for the baby to my mother remained calm and joyful, not nervous because of career.

It is worth noting that the rights of pregnant women to protect even the Criminal Code. According to article 145 for violating the rights of pregnant women the employer shall be punished by a fine or forced labor.

How to inform the authorities about the pregnancy and how to behave in the future?

Employment during pregnancy: the battlefield or long paid vacation?Despite the fact that there are more pregnantprivileges at work, do not completely become impudent. Although the fire you can not perform their duties in good faith you have. Even if after maternity leave you will not return to its original place, future career can spoil the bad reviews.

Of course, working during pregnancy becomesmany women are a burden. This is primarily due to the well-being. Usually, women in the first trimester morning sickness torments, they become drowsy and slow, worse than the uptake, all this has a negative impact on the performance of duties. In this case it is better to warn the authorities about the pregnancy in order to avoid hassles and reprimands.

Also in the early stages of an interesting reportposition is recommended for women who have a good relationship with the leadership and willing to continue working in the company after maternity leave. So the bosses will have time to find a replacement. It is much easier to ask for leave from work to see a doctor, if the boss is aware of your pregnancy.

If there is a risk of miscarriage or you have decided thatto do is to wait for the notification of the authorities before the end of the first trimester. It is not necessary to report on the work of pregnancy, if you have just settled. Although the law in pregnant should not be denied by reason of its position, many employers found other reasons to not take the employee, are expecting a child.

For companies, this is not the most profitable option,Whereas it is necessary to pay the hospital, to find a replacement, redistribute the load, etc. It is better to wait a few months until zarekomenduete itself as a good specialist, who appreciates the bosses. Then related to your pregnancy will be more loyal, and no one will remember that the interview is it mentioned.

In general, the Labour Code does not contain any information about when the pregnant woman should report their position at work. This can be done right before going on maternity leave.

How to defend your rights?

Rights of pregnant women a lot, but often they do notrespected. Many women do not even pay attention to it and continue to work as before, depleting your own body. However, to claim their rights irreproachable, especially if you approach it wisely.

In order not to spoil relations with the authorities and does not create a tense situation in the workplace, to start to address cost management with an oral request. If this does not help "recapture"Privileges, should not run in the boss's office and to swear, it is better just to write a statement and express their wishes. Written application works much more effective conversations.

Employment during pregnancy: the battlefield or long paid vacation?If the application does not work, illegal refusalIt can be appealed to the Labour Inspectorate. It is necessary to make a complaint, and attach to it a certificate from the antenatal clinic. Inspection must investigate your complaint and make a decision. As a rule, all government agencies are on the side of pregnant women.

Most recently means for establishingjustice - the court. When you contact the court is better to hire a lawyer and prepare the following documents: a certificate of pregnancy, labor contract, work record and the documents that confirm the violation of its rights, for example, the order of dismissal.

Do not worry about the cost of a lawyer is required to return the money after the completion of the case in your favor.

Naturally, the appeal to the court for protectiontheir rights - this is not the most pleasant and relaxing thing, but in some cases just need to defend their rights, otherwise you can pay with health, and not only his, but also the unborn child.

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