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Syphilis during pregnancy: diagnosis, treatment, consequences for the fetus


From sexually transmitted diseases no one is immune. It is particularly important to eliminate this possibility during pregnancy. How to identify syphilis in pregnant women?

Syphilis - a heavy and rather unpleasanta sexually transmitted disease that causes damage to the mucous membranes, skin, nervous system and internal organs. In addition, the disease is accompanied by immune and biological rearrangement of all organs and systems.

The disease is pale treponema(Spirochete). A particularly serious problem is the syphilis during pregnancy, which can lead to miscarriage, premature birth or birth of a child with congenital abnormalities.

Detection of syphilis in pregnant women

Syphilis during pregnancy: diagnosis, treatment, consequences for the fetusFor early detection of the disease allPregnant women in consultation with the registration of prescribed screening for syphilis. Subsequently, for all pregnant women will have to undergo two more times this screening: at 28-30 weeks' gestation and 39-40 week (before the paperwork to the hospital).

Monitor the sex of their pregnantpatients no doctor can not, however, the preservation of the health of the woman and her unborn baby is his direct responsibility. Therefore, these surveys are conducted to detect as early as possible syphilis during pregnancy and to take action.

At the same time, no woman in the family way can not be 100% sure that she is not sick, even with a single partner, and sex only with a condom.

Because the disease can be transmitted not only insexual intercourse, the probability of infection with syphilis through everyday is also quite high. Plus, the disease can be asymptomatic for a long time, providing at this time a detrimental effect on all organs and systems.

That is why all pregnant women is recommendedpass inspection, which ensures that nothing threatens the future of the baby. Every woman should be clearly understood that early detection and appropriate treatment can help prevent the development of severe complications during pregnancy.

Types of research

Syphilis during pregnancy: diagnosis, treatment, consequences for the fetusTo pass the screening for syphilisgynecologist may recommend that a pregnant woman is one of two tests: the reaction Wasserman (RW, RW) or microreaction precipitation (MR). The first type of analysis recently used less and less, because often gives an incorrect result.

If the screening has yielded positive results,the doctor must give direction to the passage of additional tests, which are designed to clarify the diagnosis and rule out a false positive syphilis during pregnancy.

There are 5 types of additional methods used to confirm the diagnosis:

  • IFA - immunofluorescence;
  • immunoblotting;
  • RIBT - reaction of immobilization pale treponemes;
  • ELISA - enzyme immunoassay;
  • PHA - passive hemagglutination reaction.

Donating all of the tests listed above forConfirmation of the diagnosis is not necessary. As a rule, appointed only two - TPHA and FTA. If their results are contradictory, it is assigned to surrender the remaining assays from this list.

Pregnancy and false positive syphilis

Syphilis during pregnancy: diagnosis, treatment, consequences for the fetusSuch a thing as a false positive test result regularly overshadows the joy of motherhood for many women. What will trigger a false positive test result Wasserman?

Quite often this identification of "falsedisease "occurs after cured syphilis, in the case where since the recovery was less than three years. In this case, the woman compulsorily appointed additional research.

But unfortunately, most often in the case ofpositive screening tests for women is indeed confirmed syphilis as recover from this disease women know that pregnancy planning after cured of syphilis, it is desirable to start no earlier than the period of three years.

The most reliable way to confirmfalse positive analysis is to conduct a survey of the sexual partner a woman. If signs of disease had been found and a woman is firmly convinced that the contacts with the other partners, she did not have, it makes sense to re-examination appointment. If the sexual partner and also found signs of the disease, the urgent need to start treatment for both.

Detection and treatment

If screening, and additional tests gave a positive result and the diagnosis was confirmed, the woman must necessarily be treated, consisting of two courses: basic and preventive.

The main course is conducted immediately after diagnosis in the hospital, while the second can be carried out preventive outpatient at 20-24 weeks of gestation.

Syphilis during pregnancy: diagnosis, treatment, consequences for the fetusFor the treatment of this disease in pregnant women (and not only) used antibiotics penicillin and preparation "Ceftriaxone". At the end of the full course of treatment, the disease stops its development, that is not the primary syphilis develops into secondary and secondary - Tertiary.

Stops further tissue damage andtreponemoy organs of the body, skin rashes disappear, there is no damage to the nervous system. In the systemic treatment of syphilis and the implementation of all doctor's instructions the result will be obtained as soon as possible.

It is believed that women who have undergonetreatments are non-infectious. Current drugs and methods of treatment of the disease allows a high probability of occurrence of the disease to prevent a child's disease detection provided on the first two trimesters. However, after the birth of a newborn subject to mandatory inspection.

Treatment of pregnant women with diagnosed,delivered during pregnancy is usually carried out in an infectious diseases hospital or specialized hospital. Births must also be carried out in a special department of the usual observational hospital or in a specialized hospital.

The effects of intrauterine infection

Even if the patient is a pregnant woman with syphiliscan avoid late spontaneous abortion at 12-16 weeks of pregnancy and bear a child to 38-40nedel he may be born already dead or will have a different kind of diseases and complications.

Syphilis during pregnancy: diagnosis, treatment, consequences for the fetusShow symptoms of congenital syphilis atafter the baby is born. Such children are usually born with signs of prematurity, have characteristic skin lesions and bone, liver, kidneys and nervous system. They do not gain weight, develop slowly and often do not take the breast.

In addition, these neonates are characterized by increased restlessness and anxiety, they sleep poorly and almost always crying.

Children, mothers who have ever suffered thisdisease, especially under the close supervision of doctors. If any signs of congenital disease at birth treatment is prescribed, and the baby transferred from the hospital to a specialized hospital infection.

The children, who lack any signs ofpresence of congenital syphilis, watched the entire first year of life in vendispanser. At the same time for the news of this period every 3 months undertake appropriate analysis, the very first blood test taken immediately after birth from the umbilical cord.

In the first assay, antibodies to treponemesconsidered acceptable as they are received from the mother. subsequent analysis results are normal must demonstrate a reduction in the number of these antibodies. The increase in the number of antibodies says about child infection and the need for treatment in a hospital.

Take care of your health and your baby!

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