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Plasmapheresis in child-bearing and planning pregnancy


If the doctor has recommended that you perform the procedurePlasmapheresis, and you do not know what it is, read the article. In it you will find useful information about plasmapheresis during pregnancy, child planning and infertility

In modern medicine, there are manyWays that help people to overcome various ailments. Recently, the use of plasmapheresis has become very popular. The procedure involves the purification of blood and the removal of harmful substances from it.

Assign plasmapheresis and when carrying a child. And why is plasmapheresis necessary during pregnancy, how effective and safe, we'll talk further.

Application in gynecology

Plasmapheresis in child-bearing and planning pregnancyThe procedure is prescribed by doctors for sepsis, inflammatory processes, which begin to pass to other organs, with recurrent infections.

The use of plasmapheresis is effective and justified in infections that can not be destroyed with antibiotics. And also if the patient has an individual intolerance to certain drugs.

The effect of drugs after the procedure is increasing, and in people with chronic diseases the periods between exacerbations become longer.

In gynecology, plasmapheresis is used in the following cases:

  • For the prevention and reduction of toxicosis in women in early pregnancy;
  • If there is a risk of Rh-conflict between the body of the pregnant woman and her future child;
  • If a woman already had several miscarriages provoked by an autoimmune disease and a pathology in the haemotazic system;
  • With placental insufficiency, as well as in the therapy of diseases such as herpes and cytomegalovirus in the period of the child's planning and bearing of the fetus;
  • To reduce the syndrome of ovarian hyperstimulation. This problem often occurs in women after IVF;
  • Those women who are very hard to tolerate premenstrual syndrome, as well as women in the menopause, in order to reduce discomfort;
  • In the period of bearing a child, if a future mother has serious ailments: diabetes, pyelonephritis, asthma, etc .;
  • Plasmapheresis in child-bearing and planning pregnancyIf complications occur after childbirth or fetal loss;
  • With infertility, provoked by constant inflammatory processes in the body;
  • For the treatment and prevention of bleeding;
  • It is recommended as a restorative procedure after operations of the pelvic organs;
  • For the prevention and treatment of multiple organ failure.

Appointment during pregnancy

Plasmapheresis is prescribed during pregnancy planning for preventive and curative purposes. Doctors often advise this procedure for smoking women, so that "Brush"Blood and remove from it harmful substances, accumulated from cigarettes. Future moms, who suffer from severe toxicosis, after a few procedures feel much better.

Plasmapheresis in child-bearing and planning pregnancyAccording to doctors, women with severe formsToxicosis and placental insufficiency, after the procedure, the chances of bearing and giving birth to a healthy child are greater than those of mothers who refused to cleanse the blood. Specialists manage to "Hold"A crumb in the womb of a woman until the normal period of childbirth.

One and a half times the number ofIntrauterine infections, the birth of small children and oxygen starvation in the fetus after the application of plasmapheresis. In addition, the probability of blood clots and bleeding in the course of labor is reduced, since the composition of the blood after the procedure comes back to normal. To achieve the best result, doctors recommend that in addition to plasmapheresis, ozone therapy is also provided.

In the blood of some groups of women there are special antibodies that prevent the onset of pregnancy. In this case, carrying out plasmapheresis helps to purify the blood from "Harmfulness", Which makes it possible in the future to conceive and bear crumbs. In most countries, this procedure is one of the ways to combat infertility.

Appointment for infertility

Plasmapheresis in child-bearing and planning pregnancyScientists have repeatedly argued that plasmapheresis is an effective therapy for women who are faced with the problem of miscarriage of the fetus. Thanks to the procedure, doctors have the opportunity to "Keep"The fetus in the maternal tummy is up to 34 weeks, and"at the exit" Get healthy crumbs.

To the ladies, who have suffered more than one miscarriage,Several plasmapheresis sessions can help. This will reduce the number of antibodies in the body of a woman, improve placental blood circulation and will give birth to a beautiful crumb. It is worth saying that plasmapheresis is recommended for women with a disease such as lupus erythematosus.

Assignment for Rh-conflict

If the future mother and her fetus observeRhesus-conflict, the woman will be recommended to cleanse the blood. This will reduce the number of antibodies to a level that does not threaten the life of the child. Indications for the procedure will be the presence and growth of the number of antibodies during pregnancy, and if there is "Pests"In the planning period of the child.

Purification of blood in this case has its ownContraindications. It can not be carried out in case of a mother's disease with any infectious and viral diseases, as well as with the probability of premature birth and miscarriage.

Plasmapheresis in child-bearing and planning pregnancyIn conclusion, I want to say that although the plasmapheresis procedure is very good, but it is impossible to conduct it without the advice of an experienced specialist, especially during the period of gestation.

Not everyone knows, but a couple of years ago,They recommended that the blood be cleaned, referring to the fact that the procedure is harmful. After that, a number of studies were carried out, which proved the opposite. But, again, all cleansing is done only on the recommendation of the supervising doctor.

Currently, many gynecologists includeProcedure in a complex of measures for the treatment of infertility. To say that pregnancy occurs after plasmapheresis is difficult, but definitely it has a beneficial effect on the body. Therefore, the ladies dreaming of a child, it is worth consulting with a doctor about the purification of blood. For some, plasmapheresis is a saving procedure, but for others it does not.

The main thing is not to lose hope, believe in the best and everything will turn out. The early pregnancy all dreaming, its easy flow and safe delivery!

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