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Pertussin - composition, properties, contraindications for pregnant women


herbal drugs are trusted, but they are not always safe. Particular caution should show if we are talking about use in pregnancy Pertussin

Known to many from his childhood, has Pertussinnumber of useful properties for the treatment of respiratory diseases, bronchial tubes. He gets rid of colds and from the unpleasant symptoms such as dry cough, difficult breathing. Herbal medicine has a mild effect, causing expectoration, sputum dilution and output. With his help treat tracheitis, bronchitis, acute respiratory infections.

The risk of colds for pregnant women

Pertussin - composition, properties, contraindications for pregnant womenImmunity women in "interesting position"Weak, so its body becomes vulnerable to colds. When gestation baby is important as soon as possible to get rid of the disease, which can bring him harm.

Each trimester of pregnancy is characterized by the features of the fetus, but in order for it to be correct, the child needs oxygen.

Colds complicates mother breathing,the fetus does not receive enough oxygen, which is very dangerous. Oxygen deprivation can lead to serious consequences such as a delay in the development of the baby.

In the first trimester of pregnancy colds can cause the development of a child's congenital diseases of varying difficulty. Due to illness, you can even lose it.

Starting from the second trimester, the fetus is more protectedon the negative impact of mother's disease, but it does not mean that it does not have to monitor your health. On it depends the health of your baby, no matter what the duration of pregnancy.

When gestation is important to fully and quickly recover from colds to protect themselves and from possible complications.

Why not use for the treatment of suchValuable syrup as Pertussin composed of natural ingredients, and leaves you quick relief from the disease? But the instruction to receive the drug says that its use is contraindicated for pregnant women. It's all about the components of the drug and its effects on the body.

The composition of the syrup

The main components of the drug:

  • Pertussin - composition, properties, contraindications for pregnant womenThyme (another name for the plant - thyme);
  • Potassium bromide;
  • sucrose;
  • Ethyl alcohol (80%).

The drug is available in two forms - a syrup andpills. Recent manufactured overseas and domestic consumers are not used. The composition of the drug does not include alcohol and potassium bromide. The main component is an extract tablets Pertussin thyme. They are not an exact analogue of the syrup, but have a similar effect.

Influence of drugs on the body of a pregnant woman

The use of any alcohol-containing medicines andtinctures is not recommended during pregnancy. But alcohol - not the most dangerous component of this drug for the mother. Despite a number of useful properties of thyme, contraindications to its use a lot. Thyme contributes to high blood pressure, is a woman in the "position"The already precarious, often high.

The most dangerous ability of grass - raisetone of the uterus. If a woman is not preparing for motherhood, is the property of the plant does not pose any danger. But during pregnancy, especially in the 1st trimester, when the risk of miscarriage is highest Pertussin may be a precipitating factor for him.

Pertussin - composition, properties, contraindications for pregnant womenSucrose can increase blood sugar levels, which is also dangerous for women expecting a baby.

Kidney expectant mother experiencing a double burden. Thymol, which is part of thyme, in combination with other components Pertussin makes it even greater. This material is, regardless of dosage forms and in combination with other substances, pregnant contraindicated.

This tasty and healthy syrup has other side effects if you eat it while carrying a child:

  • The medicine can cause heartburn;
  • You may experience an allergic reaction, which is often seen in pregnant women is much stronger;
  • The impact of syrup on the body can be accompanied by nausea.

After reading the instructions on the Admission Pertussin,you will find that taking it during pregnancy is contraindicated. No matter how safe or considered the syrup, to ignore its negative impact on the future mother and the baby can not.

Given this influence drugs to talk aboutpossible use of this medication can not, regardless of its form (tablet or syrup). Contraindications to its use apply to the entire period of pregnancy - properties Pertussin are harmful for the mother and for the baby.

What can replace syrup

There are other drugs that are notsuch a negative impact on the body of the future mother. First of all, we should pay attention to folk remedies. This honey, citrus fruits (in particular, lemon), raspberries, currants, hot tea, etc.

Pertussin - composition, properties, contraindications for pregnant womenBut treated they can be used only fordoctor's recommendation, which is to determine the treatment strategy will take into consideration your individual performance. From the reception of herbal infusions and decoctions also refrain before consulting a doctor.

Not all plants can be used to combat the disease, while in "position".

If the folk remedies are powerlessbefore the disease can take drugs such as antitussin, time-tested mukaltin, conventional tablets cough. However, these drugs should be used only on prescription.

Measures preventing colds

To deal with the question of whether it is possible to take Pertussin in the presence of pregnancy, try to take measures of disease prevention.

Eat more vitamins, taking his rightful placefruit, including citrus fruit, vegetables, herbs. Avoid hypothermia feet and throat. Get a full, healthy holiday - weakened by fatigue the body is easy to disease.

Application of the syrup is not petrussinthe only way to deal with ailments during pregnancy. Contact a qualified, you will receive competent advice, which will help to cope with it.

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