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What if I tickle the throat during pregnancy?


If the tickle in the throat during pregnancy - it's not so harmless as it seems at first glance. This fact may indicate a viral infection that threatened unpleasant consequences

Catch the virus - a pushover, but inpregnancy any colds are extremely undesirable, since medical treatment can damage future baby. Still, to avoid the disease is far from all expectant mothers. The same can be treat sore throat during pregnancy?

This article will consider sparing agent for the treatment of colds, as well as the underlying causes and types of ailments for which can start a tickle in the throat.

Causes of pain in the throat

The reasons that cause unpleasant pain in the throat, canbe somewhat, but conventionally are divided into two categories: infectious and inflammatory disorders. The first type of factors are diseases caused by infectious agents.

This sore throat can be caused by such diseases:

  • What if I tickle the throat during pregnancy?pharyngitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • nasopharyngitis;
  • tonsillitis;
  • fungal infection of the larynx.

Doctors pay attention to the future mothers of the fact that the treatment of the throat in the event of an infectious disease should not be delayed, otherwise it will affect the health and development of the fetus.


The fact is that inflammation in the nasopharynx only localized, while the infection can go below and hit the airways than cause very serious health problems.

As already mentioned, such symptoms can be caused by other factors not related to infectious, namely:

  1. Diseases of the endocrine system. Often sore occurs when the thyroid dysfunction;
  2. Allergic reaction. Spasms of the larynx are often observed in allergy on flowering or wool pets;
  3. Mechanical damage to the throat. In the case of the ingress of foreign bodies in the larynx (the bone of the fish or fruit) and there is discomfort and pain;
  4. Disturbances in the digestive tract. Acid ejected stomach can sometimes get into the larynx than cause sore;
  5. Neurosis throat. In case of violation of the innervation and lesions of nerve endings person may feel a sharp pain or a lump in the throat.

How to treat a cold

What should I do if the tickle in the throat inflammation during pregnancy? The first step is to establish the cause of discomfort, as well as draw attention to the presence of associated symptoms.

Typically, such a pattern can be observed symptomatic colds:

  • What if I tickle the throat during pregnancy?general weakness;
  • runny nose;
  • dryness and tingling in the larynx;
  • heat;
  • enlargement of the tonsils;
  • cough;
  • headache.

If you find yourself in any of the above symptoms, most likely, have managed to pick up a viral infection. How to treat a cold in this case?

Use of traditional medicines forinhibition of infectious agents can not be totally, so the first thing is to see a doctor who will diagnose illness and prescribe appropriate medications, approved for use in pregnant women.

Typically, when a light cold treatment is reduced to the use of natural antiseptics and absorbable pills that relieve unpleasant symptoms.

In addition, the doctor will certainly advise:

  1. Lie down. Bed rest does not guarantee a quick recovery, but it sure helps. So the first few days, try to give yourself a good rest;
  2. Eat hot drink. If you just tickle the throat, but no swelling, you can safely consume 2-3 cups of black tea a day with honey and lemon;
  3. Use antiviral products. Foods such as onions and garlic are the best natural means to combat the virus. Of course, in the early stages of pregnancy can suffer toxicity, but in his absence, do not neglect the use of these products;
  4. To carry out rinsing. Regular rinsing can be done up to ten times a day, so goes swelling of the larynx, as well as scratchy.

How to implement gargling?

Gargling with the use of natural herbs is the most safe and effective in treating colds in expectant mothers.

If you feel uncomfortable and you tickle in the sore throat during pregnancy, use these recipes to rinse solutions:

  1. What if I tickle the throat during pregnancy?Make a decoction of chamomile, sage and then mix it with 1 ch. L. sea ​​salt;
  2. In case significantly alleviate symptoms of angina allow solution with soda, salt and a few drops of iodine;
  3. In 1 liter of warm water dissolve 1 h. L. propolis. It is desirable that he was previously insisted on alcohol.

To achieve a rapid effect, it is desirable to make the procedure for rinsing at least 1 time in the hour and a half.

Only in such a situation, you will be able to quickly deal with the swelling and pain in the larynx.

How to cure a cough?

If you tickle the throat and cough arose during pregnancy, you can not just sit back.

There are several effective ways to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, such as:

  • What if I tickle the throat during pregnancy?Get rid of the cough, you can use milk, diluted with 1 ch. L. fat (best suited goose subcutaneous fat);
  • Envelops the properties of honey and raspberries, so they can also be consumed in the absence of an allergy;
  • Brew chest collection, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. But before you buy it, check up, some herbs have contraindications for pregnant women;
  • Inhalations with essential oils of thyme or chamomile also "Soften" throat and get rid of puffiness.

But before you use these methods,consult your doctor. Especially it concerns a variant with inhalation. In case of intolerance to some odors and too deep breathing through the inhaler may have bouts of severe coughing.

How to get rid of rhinitis?

If you tickle the throat and runny nose appeared atpregnancy, use decongestants. However prescribe nasal drops can only be a doctor, in order to avoid the consequences if not properly treated. It is very important not to use these drops for a long period. Besides, "Punch" nose allow volatile onions.

What if I tickle the throat during pregnancy?It is also the safest option is to use cake, consisting of buckwheat flour and flower honey. similar "Compresses" applied to the maxillary sinus, which allowsremove the swelling and ease breathing through the nose. If you tickle the throat and other cold symptoms appear in early pregnancy, first consult a specialist.

Only after the establishment of the causes of pain in the throat, he will be able to prescribe adequate treatment.

In addition, you can significantly alleviate symptoms using folk remedies, which do not affect the condition of the fetus and cause harm to the health of the expectant mother.

But no matter what you have taken as a treatment, still consult with a qualified professional.

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