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Why hurt the ovaries during pregnancy?


Why hurt the ovaries during pregnancy. Ovarian cysts during pregnancy. Drawing pain in the early and late dates. Discomfort after IVF. Pain as a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy

Ovarian pain during pregnancy - a phenomenonfrequent. At the same time it can be quite a natural process or evidence of pathology. In the first case, expectant mothers should not worry, but in the second this symptom, or rather, the disease, which is accompanied by a threat. This phenomenon requires urgent treatment to the doctor.

The specialist will diagnose and install itcause. If necessary, it will be given treatment. Do not put off a visit to the doctor, because the discomfort may indicate a serious disease that threatens the future of the baby.

Why women during pregnancy have sore ovaries?

Why hurt the ovaries during pregnancy?This phenomenon may be perfectly natural. After a successful conception and pregnancy, the ovaries continue for a while longer perform its direct functions, so, consequently, they do not deliver trouble.

Furthermore, the uterus with them slightlyrises, that is the usual localization of organs varies, means at the same location of them have not and, quite possibly, pain in this area due to other causes.

Drawing pain that she attributedovaries, provoke ligaments that hold the uterus and are located on both sides of the abdomen. The uterus gradually increases its size, respectively, the ligaments are stretched and there is very uncomfortable, and the woman thinks that it hurt the ovaries during pregnancy. This condition is not dangerous, to the same temporary. This feeling is compared to the unpleasant feelings during menstruation.

Sometimes it does happen that take overdiscomfort in the ovaries completely different, caused by, for example, breach of the functioning of adjacent organs. Similar feelings arise in case of constipation, a deviation in the gall bladder, urinary tract diseases, and inflammation of the appendix.

Why hurt the ovaries during pregnancy?So if hurt during the ensuing pregnancy ovaries? Unfortunately, this is also likely. It may bother one, or both at once.

The reasons for this phenomenon are hiding in the inflammatory processes in the ovaries themselves or appendages (pr. Oophoritis, adnexitis), which developed before pregnancy.

In this case, complications can occur, the most dangerous of which is the miscarriage and premature birth.

Treatment of inflammation of the reproductive systemIt is mandatory. Since the disease occurs before conception is recommended at the stage of planning of the child to undergo a full investigation and cure existing disease.

Probably every woman knows that the period of gestation baby any therapy, which is used for the relief of inflammation, can cause undesirable effects on fetal development.

When the ovarian cyst pain: what to do during pregnancy?

This pathology during gestation baby is very dangerous. Ducation itself is not harmful, but it tends to be twisted and provoke complications and undesirable consequences.

Be sure to seek professional help, in some cases, it is required to do so without delay, call an ambulance.

If a woman worried about the following symptoms, you need urgent care:

  • Why hurt the ovaries during pregnancy?Sudden, severe, sharp pain at the site of localization of the ovary;
  • Unpleasant sensations persist or tend to regularly repeated, amplified, grow;
  • Increased body temperature;
  • There were bloody, green / yellow vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor;
  • Stomach, or only its lower part, has become a stone, solid, intense;
  • There is a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen;
  • There was a pain in the lumbar region, sacrum, coccyx, which can be given in the rectum;
  • Pain accompanied by general malaise, nausea, poor health.

Pain in the ovaries due to emotional stress

In some cases, the unpleasant effects can bewear psychological. It is possible, women need expert help to assess what is happening, to pull myself together, calm down and understand that pregnancy should not be given so much importance.

Basically similar conditions occur in women,which is inherent mistrust, instability. They are due to psychological experiences and self-hypnosis arise not only aches and pains that are without physiological factors.

Why are there nagging pain in the early stages

Why hurt the ovaries during pregnancy?Discomfort may arise at the time,Only when a fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall, that is, during implantation. Then, it may be uncomfortable on both sides due to stretching of ligaments, muscles and skin, because the uterus begins to rise up and increase in volume.

Soreness occurs usually at sharpbody movements, turns, slopes, inclines, but can disturb and at rest. Long lying on one side also leads to the phenomenon as one of the stretched ligaments, when the uterus drops down into position, lying on the opposite side of painful.

Discomfort after IVF

Often, women who become pregnant after IVF,They complain of discomfort in the abdomen. These phenomena are quite natural. The cause of this pain is the response of ovarian response to stimulation. With high probability discomfort occurs in women with polycystic ovaries. Still, be sure to report on their state is observed gynecologist.

Pain as a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy

Why hurt the ovaries during pregnancy?If it is accompanied by other unpleasantphenomena, the reason may be hiding in the pathological attachment of the ovum. Ectopic pregnancy can not develop normally, so it needs to be interrupted, and the sooner, the better for the woman, because the consequences will be minimal, and the prognosis for the future - a more favorable and optimistic.

Discomfort should be cause for treatment to the doctor. Confirm the diagnosis "ectopic pregnancy"By using ultrasound.

Sore ovaries in the later stages

This phenomenon is in the third trimester usually not harmful. Inflammation make themselves felt at once, that is in the early stages, maximum - on the second trimester.

Their appearance on the third due to the intensification ofhormone relaxin, which begins in this period to prepare the body, such as the birth canal, the upcoming birth, so soften ligamentous and cartilaginous tissue. The discomfort is confused with a pain in the ovaries, caused by the divergence of the pelvis.

What if I hurt the ovaries of a pregnant woman

Why hurt the ovaries during pregnancy?When the complaints need to relax,relax, change posture, breathe deeply. Usually it is enough if they are not the cause of serious diseases. Also, expectant mothers to help special bandage, but first you need to consult with your doctor about the advisability of using it.

Sudden, severe, intense pain, or appear regularly, is an occasion for a visit to a specialist. In this case, the consulting gynecologist is mandatory.

Only a doctor can accurately determine the cause of this condition. What happens next depends on a doctor.

If diagnosed with any diseasecyst, is assigned a suitable therapy. Sometimes it is enough conservative methods - correction of the diet, lifestyle, prevention of constipation, elimination psycho-emotional stress.

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