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Loss of appetite during pregnancy: causes and ways to improve


Lack of appetite in future mothers should not cause concern. But why no appetite during pregnancy and how to prevent it?

Pregnancy for every woman - a magical andhappy time. But very often future mothers in this period, has no appetite. But as a woman at this time in response not only for themselves but also for the health of their future child, necessarily need to be revised diet.

Causes of loss of appetite during pregnancy

Loss of appetite during pregnancy: causes and ways to improveWhy she lost appetite in future mothers? After all, there is an entirely different opinion, that in this state, a woman should eat for two.

Loss of appetite during pregnancy most often occurs because of these reasons:

  • toxemia - is one of the most common causes of poor appetite during early pregnancy;
  • hormonal surge - poor appetite arises from the increase of progesterone;
  • deficiency of certain vitamins and trace elements (iron, folic acid);
  • squeezing bowel enlarged uterus with the fetus;
  • psychological factor - the expectant mother a bad mood or frequent stress when there is no desire to do anything, and eat including;
  • exacerbation of chronic disease (kidney, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine pathology et al.).

Thus, lack of appetite during pregnancy can result from many different causes, both at early and later on its timing. Therefore, to avoid any "surprises"At this time, you must constantly be observed at the gynecologist.

Features of appetite during pregnancy

Often the expectant mother a peculiarfood preferences. For example, you may want to eat pickles with ice cream, bacon and jam or cake with mayonnaise. Why is there such a strange desire in this condition, doctors can not answer.

Often when pregnancy happens, that desiretake any food there at all. Very often, certain products may arise disgust, and to those that before you took with pleasure.

This phenomenon is very often the case in the early stages and usually runs alone at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. We must try to just endure such moments.

However, if you have a desire to eat something,not combined with each other, it is better to visit a gynecologist. He can advise to be tested to identify the deficiency in trace elements and vitamins.

Increased appetite during pregnancy

Despite the fact that many representativesfair sex in pregnancy loss of appetite, some on the contrary it can rise. Most want to eat throughout the day.

Experts attribute this to the development and growth of the fetus. For women in the state in the early stages is not a whim, and the body's response to hormonal disruptions in the background.

Loss of appetite during pregnancy: causes and ways to improveVery often may occur in the future mother quite a strong sense of hunger, and this threatens the rapid set extra kilos from which to get rid of after giving birth will not be easy.

Therefore, women must be in a positionadhere to a special diet, eliminate fast food and any harmful products and semi-finished products. It is best to make an individual diet, which takes into account all taste preferences.

How to restore the appetite during pregnancy

If the cause of poor appetite during pregnancy - one or other pathology, you must be under the supervision of physicians to help determine the cause of such problems.

Very often, a temporary loss of appetite, so to combat this is necessary to resort to various tricks:

  • constantly walk, breathe fresh air - so you spend energy and there is a need to replenish it;
  • if the appetite, but no nausea, constantly remind yourself that you are carrying a little life, which constantly need nutrients;
  • Eat consistently at the same time - even if the pregnancy has no appetite, the body will require another portion of food reflex;
  • Try to always be in the same range of women's position - if the appetite, joint trips make you have for the company;
  • Food walk on their own, often at the store, inhaling the aroma of delicious food, a desire something to eat;
  • the early and late pregnancy eat special vitamin complexes that make up the body with essential substances;
  • always closely engaged in laying the table, to the smallest detail has been developed its menu - so you create a holiday experience and will be able to regain a little interest in food;
  • possible after consultation with the doctor to drink a variety of herbal extracts that help eliminate a little aversion to food and stimulate the desire to eat.

Loss of appetite during pregnancy: causes and ways to improveIf you are already in the early stages of pregnancy has no appetite, do not hesitate to see a doctor, tell him about their problems.

It will help determine the reason for thisproblems and help make the right decision, if your state does not have the desire to eat something. After all, do not forget that in this period of growing your unborn child, and it can be so easily hurt.

You may need to get tested and to determine blood levels of minerals and vitamins. After replenishing their stock of the problem may disappear by itself.

In any case, take care of herself and her unborn child, so you will be able to cope with any problems.

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