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The mucus in the urine during pregnancy - rate or disturbance?


What is mucus in the urine, found in pregnant women? The causes and symptoms of urinary mucus. Normal mucus in urine. Mucus, bacteria and salts in urine. Treating the causes that provoke mucus

A large amount of mucus in the urine is a bad sign,Indicating a problem with health. If the tests showed an increase in her rate, you can suspect such serious pathologies as inflammation of the urinary tract or kidney.

Mucus in the urine may appear during pregnancy in theThe result of the rejection of epithelial cells from the urinary tract (ave after the injury when leaving sand, stones) or bacterial infection. Causes may be concealed in chronic autoimmune inflammation of the kidneys.

What does mucus in the urine, found in pregnant women, mean?

The mucus in the urine during pregnancy - rate or disturbance?Urinary tracts are covered with a layer of epithelium, cellsWhich secrete mucus. The latter is necessary to protect the body from irritation. In norm it is allocated as much as necessary to reduce the aggressive action of urea.

In this case, this kind of allocation can beSee only after an appropriate analysis, with the naked eye they can not be seen. Excess of the norm indicates a pathological process. To determine the level of this substance, a general urine test is performed.

The study allows you to set the levelVarious parameters that indicate the presence of inflammatory processes in the body. In a healthy person, this substance is not practically determined by urine tests.

Allocations, as a rule, indicate a pathologyUrinary system. If the values ​​exceed the allowed values, a reanalysis is assigned. If the results of the studies coincide, a number of diagnostic measures are required to identify the root cause of the disorder.

Causes of mucus in the urine and symptoms of impairment

The appearance of this substance is often associated with inflammation in the urinary system, which violates the outflow of urine and provokes increased mucus production by epithelial cells.

Pathologies of the urinary system can beLocal or general. The first are primary infections (usually caused by sexually transmitted diseases), the latter enter the organs of excretion from inflammatory foci in other systems.

The mucus in the urine during pregnancy - rate or disturbance?An increase in this indicator can also be observed with a banal violation of the collection rules
Material for analysis. The external genitalia should be clean, a cotton swab is inserted into the vagina beforehand in order to avoid the discharge of excreta into the urine when urinating.

Causes may lurk in prolonged confinement, which leads to stagnation and increased work of cells that secrete mucus.

It is worth noting that the increase in this indicator is not accompanied by any symptoms. However, there may be signs of underlying disease. The clinical picture depends on the latter.

Slime in the urine appeared moderately during pregnancy

This phenomenon can be provoked by infectious diseases, for example, mycoplasma, chlamydia, urinoplasm. Such pathologies negatively affect both the condition of the future mother and the fetus.

The amount of mucus may increase due toImpaired renal function. This is a very common phenomenon in pregnancy, as this paired organ experiences increased stresses, working for the body and the mother, and the fetus. In this period, nutrition plays an important role: excessive fatty foods increase cholesterol, urine becomes turbid, with a sharp odor and inclusions of mucus.

A healthy woman has odorless urine, hasLight yellow group. Its color changes to rich yellow with the use of sweets, white bread, pork and poultry. Mucous discharge may indicate an abnormal diet. In such a situation, the results of the tests will not reveal the disease and will not confirm poor hygiene. It is recommended to enter in the menu more milk, black bread, sour-milk products, cereals and vegetables.

Mucus and bacteria in the urine found during pregnancy

The mucus in the urine during pregnancy - rate or disturbance?The vagina in women is located quite close to the urethra. During the collection of urine for analysis from it can fall into the material pieces of epithelial tissue.

In this situation, the study will show a slight increase in the indicator. Therefore, such a - quite normal phenomenon.

Inadequate hygienic care, non-sterile dishes can also become a source of bacterial emergence provoking the appearance of secretions.

Bacteria and mucus in large numbers alreadyTestify to pathologies, for example, infectious-inflammatory, stones in the bladder or kidneys. Usually such diseases are accompanied by obvious symptoms: fever, soreness of urination, pains in the lower abdomen. Urine in pathology becomes turbid and gets a sharp smell.

The norm of mucus in the urine of pregnant women

This substance, present in urine,It is considered the norm if its number does not exceed the indicators established for a healthy person. Epithelium constantly allocates a secret, so its small amount can get into the material for analysis.

This indicator is estimated by the system of pluses. The minimum level (norm) is designated as one plus, and the maximum - four. Normally, urine is light yellow, clear, without protein, with a density of 1010-1025.

Sedimentation in the urine sediment often indicates the development of inflammation in the urinary system, sexually transmitted diseases, infections, prolonged urine retention or poor intimate hygiene.

Mucus and salts found in urine during pregnancy

Urine itself is essentially a solution of salts, so they are contained in it. However, their
The amount also plays a role in the diagnostic process. For example, salts of magnesia and calcium phosphate are of great danger, because they lead to the formation of phosphate stones.

The mucus in the urine during pregnancy - rate or disturbance?Isolations and salts can be observed with neurogenic disorders, unbalanced diet, infections of the genitourinary system, deviations in metabolic processes.

Almost always, tests show the presence of oxalates. The reason for their appearance is a diet or pathologies of various etiologies.

When the level of oxalate salts exceeds the allowable limit, pathologies, for example, poisoning or diabetes mellitus, occur.

Treatment of mucus in the urine during pregnancy

After the detection of an increased concentration of epithelial secretions, it is required to establish the cause and begin to eliminate it.

  1. If the cause is cystitis, appointAntibacterial drugs (Ave Nolitsin, Augmentin). During treatment, it is required to increase the volume of drinking, if there are no contraindications. It is recommended to give preference to the decoction of oats, dog rose, herbal teas;
  2. Inflammation of the kidneys requires more caution,Because the wrong treatment can lead to the transition of the disease into a chronic form. The therapy includes uroantiseptics, antibiotics, Biseptol, nalidoxic acid, nitrofuran preparations and a number of herbal remedies (Kanefron av.). At pregnancy, medicines are selected based on the severity of the pathology and the degree of their effect on the fetus;
  3. Stone formation, as a rule, is treatedsurgically. During seizures, antispasmodics and pain medications are used. Funds that dissolve salts may also be involved, but sometimes they are ineffective.

The mucus in the urine during pregnancy - rate or disturbance?When the urine test showed mucus, do not immediatelyThe same panic. This indicator only indicates possible violations in the functioning of organs. When it appears, a reanalysis is required to confirm the presence of secretions and eliminate the error (non-sterile capacity, insufficient intimate hygiene, long-term retention, improper preparation for collecting the material for the study).

Treatment is assigned only after the initial cause of the disorder has been established.

During pregnancy, if possible, it is postponed for the postnatal period.

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