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Melissa during pregnancy - soothe and relieve morning sickness


Application of lemon balm. Melissa during pregnancy. Contraindications to receive a balm for pregnant women. Tea with lemon balm and mint in pregnancy

Some plants, we particularly appreciate theirmedicinal properties. One of these is a balm. Externally, it can be confused with mint, if it was not a pleasant lemon scent. Because of him, this medicinal weed is also called lemon mint, even though she no relation to the mint family has. With the Greek melissa language is translated as "honeybee". In culture it grew in ancient Greece and Rome, and now it grows on almost all continents.

Although southern origin, it is cold-resistant plant that is resistant to winter on the open ground. At one point, without change, the grass grows from 3 to 5 years, possibly up to ten.

Application of lemon balm

Melissa during pregnancy - soothe and relieve morning sicknessLemon mint used in cooking, folkand the official medicine, cosmetology, aromatherapy as a means in agriculture. As a condiment it is added to the dried and fresh as the first and second courses of meat, fish and mushrooms, as well as used in salads, pickling and canning, cooking liquors.

In pharmacology the plant is used in soothing teas and fees, and the essential oil is an aromatic additive in some unpleasant smelling drugs.

In agriculture, lemon balm is appliedbeekeepers. It has an attractive aroma to bees. This property, many beekeepers use for rubbing the new hives. A sprig of lemon balm, laid on the bottom of the hive, it is able to protect against intruders - earwigs, ants and wax moth.

But most commonly it is known as a plant, which has soothing properties. But is it possible to apply the balm during pregnancy? This is below.

Melissa during pregnancy

Lemon Mint is not only permitted, but also useful for pregnant women.

Its medicinal properties are:

  • The anti-inflammatory effects;
  • Have antispasmodic effect;
  • Analgesic effect;
  • Hypnotic effects;
  • Calming effect.

Due to soothing and antispasmodicproperties, it is used not only as a remedy for insomnia and anxiety, but also can improve appetite and salutary influence on the function of the stomach and intestinal tract.

Melissa during pregnancy - soothe and relieve morning sicknessDue to the high content of ascorbic acidlemon mint has antiviral protection and well strengthens the weakened immune system. There are at constant use of infusion of the herb, cases improve hormonal levels in pregnant women. It reduces mood swings, soothes with hysterical condition, relieves irritability.

Also, pregnant women can uselemon balm as a diuretic in getting rid of the puffiness. It has she fairly mild laxative effect. And the most common scope of the pregnancy - a reduction of toxicity of the morning. Beneficial acting and soothing the stomach, grass helps to relieve vomiting bouts, so that complicate the lives of pregnant women in the first trimester.

Contraindications Pregnancy Melissa

Like many herbs, lemon balm has some contraindications for use as pregnant women, and others.

Admission lemon mint prohibited:

  • When possible allergic reactions to it;
  • If hypotension - low pressure;
  • Ulcerative exacerbation of gastric and duodenal ulcers;
  • In renal failure;
  • By diseases of the central nervous system such as epilepsy, and others.

And pregnant women who have no contraindications, it is still before the use of tincture of herbs, you should consult a physician observing pregnancy. He will appoint an individual dose.

Tea with the addition of lemon balm in pregnancy

It is best to use the lemon mint asAdditives in tea. With the addition of a black or green tea in the teapot put some fresh leaf of grass, he brewed in the usual way. This tea is especially useful during seasonal outbreaks of influenza. It can be used in the form of tea and pure lemon mint broth.

To make it, take 2 tablespoonsmedicinal herbs, pour 200 ml of boiling water and allow to infuse for 10 minutes. Then the broth is diluted with a further 200 ml of boiling water. As an additive in the broth put a pinch of cinnamon or drink a bit of sugar with honey. Used melissovy tea in the evening, before bedtime.

Melissa and mint in pregnancy

Melissa during pregnancy - soothe and relieve morning sicknessSometimes soothing balm to strengthenexposure is recommended to use in tandem with mint. This tea strengthens the nervous system, uluchaet and normalizes metabolism, a positive effect on sleep, reduces anxiety and gently eliminates bouts of irritability.

However, undesirable long use of lemon balm and mint. Doctors recommend that after a three-month course soothing mint tea with Melissa to take a break.

In addition, there are still some limitations:

  • put in tea is not more than 3-4 leaves of herbs;
  • at low pH, add a slice of lemon broth;
  • before using herbal medicine as a sedative tea, obligatory consultation of the doctor.

So, lemon mint - a reliable soothingone for any woman, at those pregnant. As well as an invaluable assistant for colds. But eating it, please do not forget the sense of proportion. Be healthy!

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