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Diuretic herbs during pregnancy: benefit or harm?


Pregnant women use medicinal herbs for the purpose of healing the body and feel better. Please be aware that some herbs are beneficial, while others - harm

During pregnancy, a woman tries to protectthemselves, and especially their children, from the harmful effects of chemicals. For this reason, it tries to eliminate the intake of medicines, replacing them with herbs.

Diuretic herbs during pregnancy: benefit or harm?However, be aware that not all plantsThey are completely safe for the body of the future mother and the fetus, and some of them - even deadly. If you decide to carry out the treatment of any disease, you should learn what the grass can be during pregnancy, but from a need to completely abandon.

Useful herbs for pregnant women

Many medicinal plants are muchcertain medications effective in the treatment of various diseases. For example, ascorbic acid in a wild rose much more than in tablets. In addition, the fruits have vitamins, citric acid - a unique combination of very useful for colds.

Medicinal plants are able to deal with such problems:

  • Toxicosis. Occasionally when the expectant mother while carrying the child does not experience nausea, dizziness, vomiting, seizures, cramps in the legs. In such cases, and will be useful some medicinal plants, improves the general condition of the female body. If you are worried about nausea and vomiting hurts, you can make yourself tea with peppermint, lemon balm, ginger, fennel, liquorice. The collection of such plants will have analgesic, sedative, mild laxative effect;
  • Salivation - unpleasant phenomenon faced by many pregnant women. Cope with it will help a decoction of sage and oak bark, they need to rinse your mouth 3 times a day;
  • Anemia occurs in more than 50% of pregnant womenwomen. This process can adversely affect fetal development, so it is important to deal with its manifestations. It helps in this decoction of leaves of strawberry;
  • Constipation. As a natural laxative in violation of the digestive system activity, you can use a decoction of the roots of rhubarb, drinking 100 grams per day;
  • Headache. If you often a headacheTwo weeks, take a decoction of pink clover. Take 2 tablespoons of flowers, fill a glass of water and boil for a few minutes. Take 2 tablespoons of 3 times a day. This tool is useful and weakness caused by toxicity, in this case, the infusion should be taken not less than one month;
  • Cardiopsychoneurosis. This state of the vascular system caused by high blood pressure. To normalize it, you can use the collection of valerian root, grass Leonurus and peppermint. From this mixture to prepare the infusion and consume 100 grams three times a day before meals;
  • Swelling, high blood pressure. Such characteristics, together with the detection of protein in urine indicate pregnancy gestosis. This process occurs in the background of the kidneys, which is very dangerous for the health of the expectant mother and the child. In this case, it will be useful to take a decoction of the leaves of cranberry, need to drink a tablespoon 3 times a day. The good functioning of the kidney helps the broth still strawberry leaves.

Women who have been threatened miscarriage,strengthen the muscles of the uterus can be through the use of a decoction of elecampane. For the preparation of medicines must be a spoonful of this herb useful in pregnancy pour a glass of water, boil water bath for 30 minutes, take a spoonful three times a day.

Herbal medicine - an effective method of treating the common coldduring pregnancy, however, if you know exactly which herbs can be used. Well it strengthens the immune system herbal tea from rose hips, black currant leaves, blueberries, mint, raspberry.

How to prepare for childbirth

Some herbs help the body pregnantwoman prepare for the upcoming birth. However, you should know that to take them before 34 weeks is strictly prohibited, as they can affect the development of the child. These plants belong to coriander, its shoots can be added to salad or drinking tea from its seeds. The elasticity of the perineum muscles also helps decoction of the leaves of raspberry, such tea can drink the entire pregnancy.

Herbs useful to drink, not only before birth, but after them:

  • Diuretic herbs during pregnancy: benefit or harm?Tincture of lavender, St. John's wort, calendula in the form of compresses promote healing of wounds and fractures postpartum;
  • Caraway, dill and fennel contribute to increase lactation, and the sage reduces the process of developing breast milk, so it is taken, if desired, to separate the child from the breast;
  • Deaf nettle is used for recoverypostpartum uterine musculature. For this purpose from its flowers make a tincture: 2 tablespoons plant pour 0.5 liters of cold boiled water, leave for the night, to drink? cup 4 times per day.

Birch leaves, collected in mid-May,to help accelerate the process of cleansing the uterus after childbirth. From 3 tablespoons of dried leaves and 3 cups of boiling water to prepare the infusion, to endure it for 2 hours in a thermos, add a pinch of baking soda. Take half a cup three times a day.

Diuretic herbs against puffiness

Swelling often troubled pregnant womenespecially if the swollen feet. For this purpose, useful to know what can be used diuretic herbs for pregnancy to withdraw excess fluid from the body.

Diuretic action endowed with birch buds andleaves, because these herbs are used extensively in the kidneys from the expectant mother. To this end, you can prepare infusions and decoctions of bearberry and horsetail.

By agreement gynecologist pregnant may takeinto the tea of ​​lime and mint. Safe diuretic are lingonberry leaves. They are used for the preparation of the broth 2 tablespoons leaves pour two cups of boiling water, boil a mixture of a few minutes, cool and drink as a tea.

Feel can be used diuretics,prepared from these herbs for pregnancy, the leaves of bearberry and Ivan-tea. However, do not get involved diuretics during pregnancy, because they violate water-salt metabolism, derive from the body of calcium, potassium and other micro and macro elements necessary for full development of the embryo.

Dangerous herbs during pregnancy

Not all herbs can bringfavor of the expectant mother and her baby, and some of them might even threaten the life of the fetus. Many of the plants are endowed with abortifacient properties, and therefore can cause miscarriage.

The people known to use these herbs for abortion, such as:

  • Agave. This strong immunoukreplyayuschee means of natural origin, but aloe can cause a rush of blood to the pelvic organs, which in turn can cause uterine bleeding;
  • Berberis vulgaris. The fruits of the plant increases the blood coagulation, which causes blood clots;
  • Oregano. The plant is widely used in gynecology, but during pregnancy is absolutely contraindicated, since increases blood flow to the uterus.

Diuretic herbs during pregnancy: benefit or harm?Buckthorn fragilis, ergot, smellage, tansy, curly parsley - all these herbs contraindicated in pregnancy, as they have an abortifacient effect.

Herbs help many womenpregnant, apply them at the stage of conception planning. To improve the reproductive capacity of the female body through the collection of herbs for pregnancy, which includes a red brush and upland uterus.

They also may be administered separately in a certain phase of the menstrual cycle. It promotes fertility and Salvia officinalis, which effectively struggles with infertility.

Skillful use of many herbs will help you facilitate the course of pregnancy and prepare the body for labor.

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