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The risk of diarrhea during pregnancy


Loose stools, arising during pregnancy in the morning one-time, does not require treatment. If diarrhea occurs more frequently than 5 times a day, you need to start treatment

intestinal disorder is dangerous in any state,and during pregnancy, it is a particular threat to women's health. Useful substances are not absorbed to the extent necessary, and their impact on the deficit of the general condition of the mother's body and affect the formation of the fetus. Most fluid loss leads to pathological changes in the organic systems, breaks the water-electrolyte balance.

The risk of diarrhea during pregnancyLoose stools may occur during pregnancy because of hormonal changes in the early stages and because of the pressure on the stomach of a pregnant uterus - the later.

If it appears, the temperature rises,or there is a general weakness, indigestion can already be seen as a sign of an infectious disease. During gestation baby immune status and the risk of falls "Pick up the infection" - Increases.

Loose stools with early pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy - usually in the morning - there is diarrhea and nausea. So the body of a pregnant responds to the new status. Appears toxemia - a painful condition of the adaptation process.

Begins to form the placenta, and because of this,violated the functions of other organic systems. disruptions in the digestive process all most seriously affect the operation of the gall bladder, pancreas, occur. Any pathological changes are accompanied by a shift of the carbohydrate and protein balance.

Disposable liquid chair in the mornings during pregnancyin the early stages is not a morbid symptom, treat the condition requires. If the weight is not reduced, the woman feels well, wary of eating disorders is required.

Loose stools at birth abortion

At the end of the III trimester of diarrhea may be a sign of imminent delivery. The body tries
rid of all "Superfluous"To tribal activities took place more successfully.

The risk of diarrhea during pregnancyLoose stools before labor - such as naturalphenomenon as a harbinger - a short battle, emerging 1-2 weeks before the major. But keep in mind that the precursors may occur up to 2 weeks before delivery, but the diarrhea - only for a day. At this time, it should be collected in the hospital and cause "Fast".

If a deadline to delivery a further 2 weeks, and diarrhea increases, you should not consider diarrhea as a symptom of the end of the pregnancy, and to take steps to remedy it.

Self-medication is not necessary to pick up - you need to consult a gynecologist.

When there are additional symptoms - mucus infeces, blood, a general rise in temperature - it is necessary to seek medical help. Intestinal colic can trigger uterine tone and contractions start before it was due - at this time it is desirable to be under a doctor's supervision.

No one will leave a healthy pregnancy in the infectious disease department, and on the analysis to determine the cause of the diarrhea suddenly arisen quite easily. In any case: in "Special state" to be under medical supervision is much safer than the one at home.

scatological analysis

Diarrhea is dangerous for pregnant women or not, you can define your own color and consistency of stool.
The risk of diarrhea during pregnancyIf the chair is slightly darker than usual, and itThere are lumps of undigested food, most likely - is a goiter. Tar-black liquid stools during pregnancy with an unpleasant smell - a symptom of gastrointestinal bleeding in the upper digestive departments. On their own to deal with such a state is impossible, requiring hospitalization.

Dark brown stool with putrid odor and pieces of undigested food may indicate a problem with the pancreas.

Defecation occurs in the morning or in 20-30 minutes after food ingestion.

Grayish-white aholichny cal appears whendiseases of the liver or gall bladder. If the temperature rises further - even to febrile values ​​- and darken the eyeballs - they are light yellow, you must consult your doctor immediately. Hepatitis pregnant is very dangerous, regardless of its etiology caused. In most cases, jaundice, pregnancy is terminated.

The increased amount of liquid or graylight yellow chair with a smell of rancid grease - a sign of enteritis, amyloidosis, scleroderma. While diarrhea is not of such a nature is the assimilation of fats and carbohydrates, the fetus is disrupted formation of the skeletal system.

Dyspepsia is classified in two types:

  • The risk of diarrhea during pregnancyputrefactive - products stagnate in the intestine undigested state;
  • fermentation - defecation rate increases due to the acceleration of metabolism.

All painful conditions require medicationadjustments. With regard to the treatment required to consult with the attending physician. Self-medication should not pick, can harm unborn babies.

Special attention and require immediate hospitalization of diarrhea that occur with fever, vomiting in the background, in which the blood in the stool detected streaks or clots.

This chair indicates infection infection.

Types of diarrhea during pregnancy

There are several types of dyspepsia during pregnancy:

  • secretory - in the gut lumen get an increased amount of fluid and electrolytes;
  • osmolarity - disturbed digestion and absorption process difficult;
  • gipokeneticheskaya and hypokinetic - stimulation of intestinal contractions caused by hormonal changes or neurogenic factors;
  • exudative - inflamed intestinal wall under the action of pathogenic flora.

Osmolarity or indigestion often hypokineticdevelop early in pregnancy, continue no longer than 3 days and do not require special treatment. When the diarrhea does not stop using "Home" funds and streamline supply for 3 days, you must seek help from official medicine.

Treatment of diarrhea during pregnancy

The risk of diarrhea during pregnancyTo eliminate diarrhea during pregnancy is necessaryfirst normalize the power. From diet food should be withdrawn, irritating the intestines. If 3-5 days to give up fresh fruits and vegetables, on the child will not be affected.

It is impossible to eat fat during acute diarrheaand spicy food, drink milk, eat fat sour cream and cottage cheese, strong broths. The menu is based on rice, buckwheat and oat cereals, cooked lean meat and fish.

Medication for pregnant women.

  1. White and black charcoal. These drugs are well absorb the toxins and remove them from the intestines in a short time. They only affect the mother, act only in the intestine;
  2. "Smecta". The drug increases the amount of generatedintestinal mucus that coats the bacteria, viruses and toxins and removes them from the body naturally. Through the placenta does not penetrate;
  3. "Enterosgel" or hydrogel drug refers toenterosorbent. Harmful substances it outputs not only from the intestine, but also prevents their absorption into the bloodstream. In addition, it improves the stomach, liver and kidney, normalizes indicators in urine and in blood protects the gut wall from inflammation and suppresses the formation of erosive mucosal defects digestive organs.

The risk of diarrhea during pregnancyWhen diarrhea should drink "Regidron".

This drug helps to avoid dehydration
the body, restore water and electrolyte balance and correct acidosis. Its main components: sodium and potassium chloride, sodium quotes and dekstoza.

If the hand is not packing the powder, means you can prepare yourself. To do this, 500 ml of boiled and cooled water is added tablespoon of salt and sugar as much.

If there is suspicion of poisoningsubstandard products, you can enter a part of another ingredient - a teaspoon of baking soda. Drink the liquid in small sips after each loose stool for 80-100 ml.

Home remedies permitted during pregnancy:

  • blueberry jelly;
  • infusion of pomegranate rind;
  • decoction of mint and motherwort - brewed herbs in equal amounts.

Last resort for the treatment of neurogenic diarrhea.

Take care of your health! If there is a suspicion on the development of an infectious disease, or diarrhea for 3 days could not be treated, you should immediately consult a doctor!

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