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Leaves raspberries during pregnancy: Is it possible to use tea made from them


Do you want to know about the benefits of tea from the leaves of raspberry? This can be read in our article. In it you will also be able to learn and about the possibility of using such a folk remedy and pregnancy

Pregnancy - is the period in the life of everywoman, when she is not only responsible for their own health, but also for the well-being of your baby. It is for this reason that during the gestation of the child, every woman is trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and to fuel your body with all sorts of vitamins.

Leaves raspberries during pregnancy: Is it possible to use tea made from themAnd today we will talk about the use ofraspberry leaf during pregnancy. First and foremost, we want to tell you this: at present no studies concerning the positive or negative impact on the raspberry leaf woman's body during pregnancy have not been conducted. This means that handing out such advice may be only those people who are competent in the field of traditional medicine.

So before you start to use these leaves for brewing tea, you should consult your doctor.

And only if it considers that suchaddition is appropriate, you can try to use raspberries for brewing tea. And now let's look at what is so good raspberry leaves during pregnancy.

Leaves raspberries during pregnancy: benefit and assistance

Almost all women experience duringpregnancy morning sickness phenomenon. Traditional medicine says, if you drink in the morning weakly brewed tea with raspberries during the first trimester, it can ease the painful like morning. In theory, this tea can reduce nausea due to the presence in its composition of vitamins of group B.

Attention! If you have severe pregnancy isthe risk of threatened miscarriage, toupotreblyat such agent is not recommended. This limitation is due to the fact that part of the raspberry fragrin substance that is capable of causing not strong contraction of the uterus wall.

Leaves raspberries during pregnancy: Is it possible to use tea made from themBy the way, in the last weeks of pregnancy candrinking tea from raspberry leaves regularly. People say that in this way can ease childbirth. But, again, scientific research this claim is not supported by.

Also worth noting is the fact that otherraspberry leaf vegetable components can thicken the blood, which minimizes the likelihood of bleeding after childbirth. In folk medicine, it is believed that due to the trim use a decoction of the leaves of raspberry, a woman will give birth on time and without complications.

But unfortunately, such an optimistic forecast for reducing the number of premature births are also not confirmed by scientific facts.

Contraindications raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy

And now we'll move on to the scientific facts,through which we can form a clear idea of ​​when the use of this broth is not recommended. As we have said the systematic use of this decoction can raise the tone of the uterus. And it is fraught with premature birth.

But do not forget about the general contraindications to use raspberries. After all, they also apply to its leaves.

For such restrictions include the following diseases:

  1. Leaves raspberries during pregnancy: Is it possible to use tea made from themChronic gastrointestinal disease, gastritis and ulcers;
  2. Kidney stones or gout;
  3. liver diseases such as acute and chronic.

Do not forget about the individual intolerance raspberries. Therefore, you must consult with your doctor before you start to drink like broth.

After all, the consequences of such selfreceived treatment can be quite serious. And the views of traditional medicine with traditional often diverge. And this is another argument in favor of a mandatory consultation with a doctor.

Use raspberry leaves when planning pregnancy

It turns out that such tea can help in the treatment of heavy uterine bleeding. It helps like broth and normalize the menstrual cycle, making it less abundant and painless.

Also, decoctions of the leaves of raspberry in gynecology is used for irrigation. Their effectiveness is due to anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of plants.

Leaves raspberries during pregnancy: Is it possible to use tea made from themWith constant use in conjunction with pharmacological treatment can improve the work of the ovaries and infertility as a result disappears.

Attention! Decoction of raspberry leaves are justaids the treatment of such serious diseases. But full recovery treatment based on the medications need to agree with the doctor. Also in folk medicine it is recommended to drink a decoction of the leaves of raspberry and to improve blood circulation in the pelvis.

Helps similar means and in building layerendometrium in the uterus, which in turn regulates the flow of blood. And all these healing processes are bound to be useful for you during pregnancy planning.

How to make tea from the leaves of raspberry?

Now that we have discussed the pros and cons of drinking tea from raspberry leaves, let's find out how to brew it.

The classic version of brewing: Pour a tablespoon of dried leaves of raspberry cup of boiling water and let the tea brew for this fifteen minutes. Then add a little honey or sugar to taste. Drink this infusion is recommended that two or three times a day.

Leaves raspberries during pregnancy: Is it possible to use tea made from themWhen heavy and painful periodsIt recommended the following brew a mixture of three tablespoons of raspberry leaves and few berries of wild rose. A mixture of boiled water and leave to infuse for fifteen minutes. Drink the broth should be for half a cup four times a day before meals.

But before giving birth it is recommended to usea tea from raspberry leaves, one teaspoon of leaves brewed cup of boiling water and infused for 15 minutes. Then strain the infusion and cooled. Drink this remedy should be for one cup a day.

Attention! Before the use of such a drink be sure to consult a doctor.

currant leaves during pregnancy

Of course, if you try to search the Internetinformation on currant leaves, you know that they are quite beneficial for the human body. But during pregnancy decoction of them to take it is not necessary. Although specific contraindications for the use of it does not exist, but at the time of its use can dramatically decrease the pressure. And it is able to do much harm, and your health and your baby's health. Therefore, with such traditional methods need to be very careful.

But in preparation for pregnancy usesuch infusions is not something that is possible, but even necessary. Because of this wonderful berry huge amount of vitamins and minerals that can dramatically improve your health and your body to prepare for such a difficult period, what is the bearing of a child.

Brew tea from the leaves of currants should be as follows:

  1. Leaves raspberries during pregnancy: Is it possible to use tea made from themIn the first case take leaves currant, raspberryand cranberries in equal amounts. To prepare the vitamin infusion, we need two or three tablespoons herb collection. For even greater effect you can add a few berries of wild rose. The resulting mixture is brewed using half a liter of boiling water and put on a few minutes on the fire. Infusion bring to a boil, remove from heat and leave to infuse. Ready drink should drink half a cup twice a day;
  2. In the second case it is necessary to prepare teause a tablespoon of leaves of blueberry and currant. It took us a few berries of mountain ash. Further procedure is the same as in the previous case: pour boiling water, put on five minutes on the fire and leave to infuse for half an hour.

As you can see, and the leaves of raspberry and currant able to perfectly prepare a woman's body for pregnancy and childbirth.

But while carrying the child better such folk remedies do not use it.

One more thing: even when planning a pregnancy before the use of such teas and infusions should consult with your doctor, because the probability of individual contraindications still has not been canceled. Good luck to you!

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