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Laxative in pregnancy: safe and prohibited items, useful products


In pregnancy, constipation is a serious danger to life and health of the fetus. Take only safe products, or products that have a laxative effect

Constipation during pregnancy - enoughcommon, which can be a serious threat to life and health of the fetus and the mother. Often this pathology arising during the period of gestation of the child does not pass a long time and the postpartum period.

Laxative in pregnancy: safe and prohibited items, useful productsThe bowels should be emptied every day, if it does not happen, there is a lot of problems, which could affect the state of health of mother and child.

First of all, irregular stool danger lies in the fact that the stool can cause intoxication fetus. Often long constipation becomes the cause of many complications of fetal development.

Causes of constipation

The emergence of disease caused by a changeactivity of the digestive system in pregnant women. Violation regular bowel movement in the first half of pregnancy may result from receiving calcium and iron preparations, improvement in progesterone.

Women under the threat of miscarriage is recommendedcomply with bed rest, according to gynecologists, a sedentary lifestyle and prolonged recumbency or sitting position also cause a violation of stool. Because of the physiological changes that occur in the body of the future mother, the occurrence of constipation is normal, because the increasing uterus presses on the intestines.

However, the norm will be the process toa certain point, so you should find out what laxatives can be taken during pregnancy women to improve their own health and prevent complications.

Secure laxatives

Constipation is treated with medicationpregnancy should be extremely careful, agent should be administered only by a physician, as a list of safe medications is limited. In addition to being selected laxative during pregnancy should be effective, it is important that it meets safety criteria for the expectant mother and her baby.

If you have a problem with a bowel movement, you are safe and effective laxatives can be assigned:

  • Medications based on lactulose. The most popular are Prelaks, Dufalak, Normolakt, Tranzipek, Forlaks. These funds belong to the saline laxatives, but the concentration of salt in them is minimal, so they can be applied to pregnant women on any terms fetal development;
  • Bifidobacteria. There is a group of laxative drugs, the basis of which are the bifidobacteria. They are mostly prescribed for diarrhea, but these drugs are well cope with the problem associated with delayed gastric emptying. In their application improves the intestinal microflora and normalizes the process of digestion, which is especially useful for pregnant women. It is best to take these medicines in combination with yogurt;
  • Laxative in pregnancy: safe and prohibited items, useful productsCandles. Such medicines are manufactured primarily based on glycerol, under its influence to soften the stool and out of the intestines. Security laxative suppositories during pregnancy due to the fact that the active substance does not penetrate into the bloodstream.

The dosage of drugs, and do anti-constipation, selected gynecologist for each woman individually.

Illegal drugs

All dangerous laxatives can be divided into three main groups:

  • Annoying. Such agents may provoke reflex contractions. Among them is castor oil, senna preparations, Carlsbad salt, bisacodyl. It is found that the reception of such anti-constipation leads to degenerative changes in the enteric nervous system. Furthermore, they have a mutagenic effect on the body and the toxicity. All these funds for the normalization of bowel activity is strictly contraindicated during pregnancy;
  • Bulk laxatives. To this group belong drugs medicaments consisting of containing dietary fiber and hydrophilic colloids. Such preparations are also not recommended for pregnant women because the treatment of constipation is necessary to drink a lot of liquid, which leads to severe swelling;
  • Detergents. detergents group consists of mineral oils. When used they are deposited in the gut wall, liver and spleen, this process can cause inflammation and impaired absorbability soluble vitamins.

Dangerous for the expectant mother may be drugs,made on the basis of natural components such as flax seed, agar-agar, cellulose, and seaweed. Their damage is that they retain fluid in the body, quite undesirable in pregnancy, particularly in the second half.

Funds belonging to these three groups of drugs for constipation, are not given to pregnant women. What medicine can take the expectant mother can tell a doctor.

What is the danger of laxatives

Laxative in pregnancy: safe and prohibited items, useful productsThe strongest harm to a pregnant woman and herthe child may bring saline laxatives. This not only Carlsbad salt, but solutions of magnesium, potassium, sodium. These substances are endowed with laxative properties, so they can easily break the water-salt balance of the body and lead to a number of complications.

It is unacceptable the use of fatlubricants, since mineral oil, which is their foundation, although soften stool, still impede the absorption of vitamins A, E, D, K, necessary for the formation of the child's body.

You should also know that prolonged uncontrolled intake of laxatives can cause the opposite effect - to strengthen constipation.

Proper nutrition

Solve the problem of irregular bowel workPregnant women may be correctly picked up food. Diet and physical activity of women the entire period of gestation of the child are the key to good health and proper bowel activity.

Follow these guidelines for nutrition, and you do not have to take during pregnancy laxatives:

  • follow the five-time meal;
  • Take food in small portions;
  • It should be balanced diet consisting of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals;
  • for breakfast and lunch, eat protein foods, and for dinner - dairy and vegetable;
  • the last meal should be no later than two hours before bedtime;
  • Drink 2-2.5 liters per day of liquid;
  • Eat vegetable fibers, cellulose;
  • daily eat liquid hot dishes - soups, borscht, broths;
  • enter laxative foods on the menu;
  • do not eat foods that can cause constipation: boiled eggs, rice, strong tea, walnuts.

Your diet should be as easy anduseful. If a woman was inclined to delay gastric emptying before pregnancy, her diet requires correction especially in the initial terms of the child bearing.

People's treatment

Treat constipation folk remedies can only be atprovided that they become natural foods. The use of these herbs in order to be unsafe, many weakened muscles of the uterus smooth, which can lead to abortion.

Expectant mothers who have the infringement occurredintestinal activity, it is useful to build your diet on products of laxatives during pregnancy. They effectively fight constipation, providing an activating effect on intestinal motility by stimulating its timely emptying.

Irreplaceable may be the following products:

  • prunes;
  • beet;
  • apples;
  • kiwi;
  • potatoes.

Laxative in pregnancy: safe and prohibited items, useful productsYou can eat in a day more fruit steamed prunes, or mix it with beets. This salad will be tasty and useful.

However, the most effective is the infusionprune: to fill 5 pm berries washed prunes cup of boiling water, cover and leave to infuse overnight. Immediately upon awakening on an empty stomach, drink a glass of infusion and seize its prunes.

If every day to eat an apple, you simplifythe process of defecation. And kiwi will be useful, but this tropical fruit to be careful, he is among the strong folk remedies.

Make sure your diet is still at the stage of planning of pregnancy, and then you will be able to protect themselves from constipation and use of laxatives.

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