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Delicate problems during pregnancy


Why can hurt labia during pregnancy? Is it normal when the pregnancy had an itch in the genital lips? Do I need to treat cold sores on the labia during pregnancy?

Some of the changes in a woman's body afterconception occur in the first few days, others a little later. Not all of them, she feels, but that the swell of the outer genitals, feels in the first week.

Delicate problems during pregnancyThis is a normal reaction to hormonal changes. Increased rate of local blood flow, increasing the uterus, pain in the genital lips.

In pregnancy, reduced immune status,so the swelling of the vulva may be due not only to increased production of progesterone. It creates favorable conditions for the exacerbation of chronic diseases - genital infections that are dormant at the usual time, and cause vulvovaginitis and Bartolini. In the later stages of varicose veins can begin.

What to do in this state and as the discomfort can be removed if the labia during pregnancy swollen and sore?

Physiological changes

Normal physiological changes in the outer part of the genitals in the first weeks after conception - it changes color and a slight swelling.

Lips may become brown, bluish-purple, even black. It may feel tingling, but in most cases it appears, if a woman is wearing, that is, there is the usual overheating.

Bleeding during pregnancy labia, theythere were ulceration, change the color and character of the secretions, cyanosis and edema pronounced strengths - it's not normal. Easy discomfort for example, a strong pain, inconvenience - a reason to see a doctor.

Infections of the genital organs

Itching and swelling of the labia majora during pregnancy can be caused by infection, which many women are even considered a sign of this condition in itself - candidiasis.

The vaginal flora consists of different types of bacteriaand fungi - Candida - there are always present. While the normal immune system, they are in balance with beneficial lactobacilli, but it is worth it to fall, fungal flora begins to actively proliferate.

Symptoms of candidiasis:

  • typical white discharge resembling curd;
  • swelling of the vaginal mucosa;
  • pain and severe itching in the perineum.

Do not expect that the thrush disappears by itself - it requires therapeutic interventions. Thrush in pregnancy treated with topical medications, which appoints the gynecologist.

The fact that during pregnancy swollen labia, can be guilty not only thrush. "Wakes" and other pathogenic flora, which was suppressednormal immunity - gandarelly, Trichomonas vaginalis. If the first microorganisms are opportunistic, the latter is transmitted sexually. vulvovaginal arises.

Symptoms of this condition:

  • Delicate problems during pregnancyburning and intense itching of the labia;
  • swelling of the outer part of the vulva;
  • strengthening precipitates, which become grayish or greenish;
  • dry mucous membranes;
  • pain in the perineum, which is enhanced by load - walking or during sexual intercourse.

Therapeutic scheme to eliminate vulvovaginal assigned individually.

It requires sure to find out what triggered it - during pregnancy can not be blindly drink the broad-spectrum antibiotics - and to hand over the analysis of the smear.

The inflammatory process is stopped viaof the local action - destroy the microbial flora with the help of irrigation, ointments, suppositories. Selected drugs aimed at the destruction of microorganisms, is the culprit of disease. Antibacterials administered rarely, especially in the first trimester.

If the labia are not only swollen, butemerged liquid discharge, which extend up to a week, she felt weak, she had a fever, there was itching in the genital lips - like symptoms can be a sign of acute genital herpes.

Not always in pregnancy herpes rash onlabia take the form of papules with serous liquid content, it can occur almost asymptomatic. Any changes to the state - it is an occasion to see a doctor.

Still, the most common symptom for which detect herpes, it is rash. They can be localized in the labia, vaginal wall, cervix.

For the developing fetus is very dangerousdisease - if herpes appeared first time, it is a sufficient reason for termination of pregnancy by artificial means. But even if the herpes virus is dormant, and there was an exacerbation due to lower immunity, treatment of pregnant is required on a mandatory basis. The acute form of herpetic infections can disrupt the formation of the fetus, cause birth defects - defects of the brain and central nervous system abnormalities in physiological development, cause miscarriage.

Malaise and rashes in the genital areadisappear in 10-14 days alone, but a wait should not be accepted. At the first sign of genital herpes is necessary to consult a doctor.


Sometimes pregnant swelling is most pronounced on the oneside, and appear sharp pains in the perineum. It manifests itself Bartolini - a disease in which clogged glands that produce vaginal lubrication. Bartholin's glands - paired organ, which is located in the interior of the labia majora.

Symptoms bartholinitis:

  • Delicate problems during pregnancypronounced swelling of labia;
  • pain in the surrounding tissues;
  • redness of the lips;
  • pain on movement and at rest.

During pregnancy, the inflammatory process is shown on a background of low immunity.

It can cause:

  • E. coli, which in normal immune status, beneficial bacteria are suppressed;
  • staphylococci and streptococci, which were "Dormant" able - for example, if the body had chronic pharyngitis or caries, and pathogenic bacteria penetrate through the bloodstream;
  • specific microorganisms, stimulating sexual infections.

In most cases treated with bartholinitisintegrated effects - surgical and conservative. To eliminate infection selected antibiotics which are secure to the fetus. antibiotics penicillin, especially in the first trimester, most frequently used.

Varicose labia

From the middle of the second trimester discomfort women can bring another disease that causes swelling of the external gynecological organs - varicose veins in the labia.

In pregnancy, the local blood flow in the areapelvic increases, there is a third circulation - placental on vessels located in the pelvis and genital lips, the load increases. First, a woman may only feel a small weight in the perineum, then the skin gets purple hue appears soreness when walking, urination and sexual intercourse.

If varices expressed slightly, during thepregnancy, it can not be treated. The doctor will advise pay more attention to intimate hygiene, often rest in the supine position. Just avoid the possibility to injure the outer genital area, so as not to cause a breach of the integrity of the blood vessels.

If the state gives a pronounced discomfort, topical agents can be assigned to improving blood flow - ointments and gels.

Delicate problems during pregnancyAt the end of the third trimester, treatment of varicose veins is not carried out, so as not to provoke bleeding during childbirth.

To reduce discomfort from swellinglabia majora during pregnancy, women are advised to wear comfortable cotton underwear, plenty of rest in a horizontal state, to dress for the weather, regularly hygienic measures, abandoning perfumed means of intimate hygiene.

If swelling of the genitals increases, have appeared allocation, weakness or fever - is required to address to the gynecologist.

Easy discomfort - physiology, pain and discomfort - a sign of gynecological diseases.

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