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The causes of and ways to treat itching during pregnancy


Itching of the skin and genitals - very common during pregnancy. The reasons for its occurrence are many and will be able to determine the true doctor. How to get rid of the itch?

With the onset of pregnancy in a woman's bodyIt starts to happen restructuring of the work of all organs and systems. These changes are so ambitious that affect not only the appearance of the woman in the second half of pregnancy, but also on her emotional state and feeling all of the world from the very first week of the "interesting situation." Future moms are very sensitive, they react to the slightest, seemingly for other minor irritants.

In addition, pregnant women are exacerbated all the feelings, many smells and tastes become unpleasant and even unbearable.

The causes of and ways to treat itching during pregnancyAnd one of the most frequent discomfort that occur during pregnancy, is itching.

It may appear at different stages of pregnancy and often worried about a pregnant woman in the night, when no distracting thoughts of affairs and no.

The localization of this phenomenon can be quite varied, but most future mothers concerned about itchy skin legs, chest and abdomen, as well as discomfort in the vagina and anus.

Why do I get the unpleasant feeling and whether you can deal with them?

Causes of pruritus

Unfortunately, pruritus during pregnancy, as well as the discomfort of the vagina and the anus, may be not only a kind of "Complication"Occurring against the background of the restructuring of the future mother's body, but also a symptom of a serious disease.

The most common cause of itching in the chestand abdominal distension is a result of Skin preparation mammary the period of lactation and growth of the fetus in the uterus. The skin becomes very dry and loses its elasticity and begins to itch.

The causes of and ways to treat itching during pregnancySometimes there is a fine red rash - a polymorphic dermatosis pregnant. This phenomenon in addition to the discomfort any harm to the woman or her unborn child does not and often resolves itself.

Itching can be a woman's body's response to the consumption of food allergens, especially in spring and autumn, when the woman in the family way try "Eat" as much as possible "Vitamins" to provide their growing bodies in her womb.

Therefore, the preparation of its menu for pregnant women should be approached with great responsibility.

Often the cause of itching during pregnancythe third trimester may be bile stasis occurring due to increased estrogen levels. From normal skin irritation it is different localization of the place - on the feet and hands. In addition, unpleasant itching sensations are added such alarming symptoms such as discoloration of feces and urine stain in the dark. If there is at least one of the above symptoms should immediately seek medical attention, leading pregnancy.

The reasons for discomfort in the vagina

With the phenomenon of periodic allocation ofvagina faced by all women. During pregnancy, the phenomenon is considered normal. The intensity of these selections may be different, as it depends on the duration of pregnancy. Allocating themselves are not hazardous, but excessive "Humidity" in the genital area, they become breeding ground for a variety of disease-causing organisms, whose activity and causes itching in the vagina during pregnancy.

The causes of and ways to treat itching during pregnancyIn addition, accompanied by itching and burningsecretions similar to cottage cheese and foul odor, it should alert the mother-and be a signal that it is necessary to urgently seek medical advice.

Often, a woman concerned about the discomfort andanus. It gives a woman a lot of discomfort. Underwear, which is the expectant mother, also quite often the cause of itching during pregnancy in the anus and around the genitals.

In most cases, this synthetic linen and clothes, not by size selection.

To avoid itching in the intimate areaduring pregnancy, doctors recommend additional maternity planning stage undergo a thorough examination and to treat all the chronic diseases of the genital and urinary systems. It is also important to organize your food and personal hygiene.


The first thing to make a woman suffering fromthese unpleasant sensations - to calm down and go to the doctor. It is important to understand that only a doctor is able to establish the true cause of the itching and discomfort in the intimate area and advise on how they can fight and how to facilitate its state.

Self-treatment or neglect of this problemthis situation can be a fatal mistake, which entailed negative consequences that can affect not only on the state of women, but also on the future health of your baby.

The causes of and ways to treat itching during pregnancyIn the case where the discomfort caused by the skinthe malfunction of the liver, after passing a series of examinations the doctor will prescribe intake of drugs such as karsil or Essentiale that support the liver, and if he is accompanied by cramps, it will be additionally prescribed the drug no-spa.

The choice of tactics of treatment of itching in the vagina depends on the cause of its occurrence.

If the discomfort caused by anyallergen recommended by doctor can use topical medicinal ointments and gels based on glucocorticoids having antiallergic and anti-inflammatory properties. The range of therapeutic measures is also recommended to include hypoallergenic diet and to avoid further contact, or eating the allergen.

If you are faced with an inflammatory fungalgenital lesion, then the required use of antibiotics to facilitate suppression of pathogenic microorganisms. When recognizing Candida vaginitis require the appointment of local antifungal drugs.

How to ease the condition?

As mentioned above, it is important to recognize thedisease and prevent it from worsening. When the true cause of itchy skin or genitals set can be made with a clear conscience for his treatment under medical supervision.

The main ways to combat skin itching and other are:

  • The causes of and ways to treat itching during pregnancyexception of skin contact with cleaning detergents and household chemicals that contain fragrances, including toilet soaps;
  • regular showering and cleansing;
  • Use gentle soaps;
  • rinse problem areas herbal decoction;
  • Regular moisturizing problem areas using a neutral funds without perfume additives;
  • wearing loose clothing made of cotton fabric.

In addition, during the summer to avoid overheating and drying out of the skin to the sun.

Fight strong, not giving to sleep the night itchingwill use weak tea with valerian or motherwort. Irritated skin can lubricate the special means of pharmacy, which must appoint a physician or treatment areas sverbyaschih castor oil.

It is worth to reconsider your diet out of itbetter to remove the salty, sweet, smoked and spicy food as everything returns to normal. Be sure to include in your diet eggs, nuts, cereals, vegetables and fruits. It can also be used for cleansing the bowel adsorbents, such as activated carbon. His reception will not only help reduce the itching, but also alleviate morning sickness, often arising during pregnancy.

Itching really able to spoil the mood of a woman, bringing a lot of discomfort in this wonderful and exciting period of her life.

However, it can and should fight, the main thing - to see a doctor in a timely manner and comply with all its recommendations.

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