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How compatible retrotservikalnogo Endometriosis and Pregnancy


Causes, symptoms and stages of cervical lesions. What happens if you do not treat endometriosis ?. Treatment retrotservikalnogo different stages of endometriosis. Pathology and Pregnancy

Retrotservikalnogo endometriosis - a diseasecharacterized by the abnormal growth of endometrial layer behind the cervix (cervical), the sacrum and the uterus. There is a disease resulting from the casting menstrual endometrial cells through the open ovarian cysts. Many patients have a history of abortion and childbirth, which caused cysts perforation, but often this process occurs due to hormonal imbalance, immune system disorders and genetic predisposition.

The reasons for the defeat of the cervical canal

  1. How compatible retrotservikalnogo Endometriosis and PregnancyLiving in an area with unfavorable ecological situation;
  2. Iron-deficiency anemia;
  3. Obesity;
  4. Cesarean section;
  5. IUD;
  6. Cauterization of erosion;
  7. Gynecological inflammatory diseases;
  8. Severe liver function;
  9. Operations on the uterus.

Retrotservikalnogo endometriosis: what will happen if it is not treated?

The majority of patients - women of childbearingage. If left untreated abnormal growth of endometrial, colon lesion occurs, overgrowing rectouterine space, the occurrence of adhesions.

The disease can spread to the nextlocated organs of the urinary system, the abdominal wall. In the future, there is a deformation of the walls of the rectum, like a tumor. In the process of diagnosing pathology resort to biopsy and retromanoskopii.

Symptoms of endometriosis retrotservikalnogo

The disease can manifest itself in different ways. Sometimes even experienced gynecologists may not recognize it without the appropriate tests, colposcopy, ultrasound. In the early stages of development of signs of violation, as a rule, lacking.

In the future, the following symptoms occur:

  1. Spreadable brownish discharge a few days before menstruation and after such;
  2. Pain in the lower abdomen, lower back pain, which intensified during menstruation, sexual intercourse, bowel movement;
  3. How compatible retrotservikalnogo Endometriosis and PregnancyMenses are becoming longer and more abundant;
  4. Spotting may occur between periods;
  5. Violated reproductive function, there is infertility;
  6. General weakness;
  7. High temperature;
  8. Nausea, vomiting, ending;
  9. Violations of the chair: alternating constipation and diarrhea, when pathology has affected intestine.

Often the disease is accompanied by and adenomyosisfibroid uterus. If untreated endometriodnyh tissue can develop into malignant, leading to the development of cancer with all the ensuing consequences.

Retrotservikalnogo endometriosis: the stage of the disease on ultrasound

  1. The first stage - pathological lesions localized in the rectovaginal tissue;
  2. Second - there is germination endometrial wall of the vagina, cervix, there are fine-cystic changes;
  3. The third - the disease spreads to the sacro-uterine ligaments and serous layer of the rectum;
  4. The fourth stage of endometriosis, the endometrial cells damage the rectal mucosa. Infiltrates extend to the peritoneum, adhesions are formed.

The treatment of different stages of endometriosis retrotservikalnogo

therapy tactics chosen separately in eachcase of illness. Treatment can be as conservative or radical (surgery), but more often it is necessary to combine both of these methods. Conservative option is long-term use of hormonal drugs. For this prescribed oral contraceptives, androgen agents, derivatives norsteroidov, progestins, and so on. In addition appointed vitamins, antispasmodics, enzymes, anti-inflammatory agents.

How compatible retrotservikalnogo Endometriosis and PregnancyIf cervical endometriosis is provokeddisruption of adjacent organs such as the intestine, complicated myoma and adneomiozom, there is suspicion of a malignant process, resorting to surgery.

Now all the laparoscopic method is used more oftenOperations using electrocautery or laser. Foci of endometriosis are removed or cauterized. In severe a laparoscopy is not enough and you have to cut the abdominal wall.

Hormonal therapy is prescribed either before surgery or after.

During rehabilitation with a favorable prognosisrestored reproductive function, significantly reduced pain during menstruation. But the disease tends to recur, so at least once a quarter, you need to prevent visiting a gynecologist. Women need to correct daily routine and diet.

It is also not recommended during menstruationuse tampons as they contribute casts endometrial cells with blood in the Fallopian tube, which consequently leads to a recurrence of disease. Therefore, the same reason it is necessary to abstain from sexual intercourse during the monthly bleeding.

Treatment depends on the stage of the disease

The mandatory first helddifferential diagnosis of ovarian cancer and colon. The first stage of treatment - excision of the pathological focus through the vagina for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The resulting material was sent for histological examination to rule out the presence of malignant cells.

The first and second stages involve excisionpathology within healthy tissue, then superimposed separate catgut sutures. It is advisable to carry out cryotherapy (using liquid nitrogen) bed endometriosis, to prevent further spread of the disease.

At the third stage of the disease is carried backcolpotomy, excision of the lesions, laser or cryo-processing area sacro-uterine ligaments. At the same time, doctors examine the status of other pelvic organs and peritoneum.

How compatible retrotservikalnogo Endometriosis and PregnancyThe fourth stage of endometriosis requires diagnostic excision of the pathological center for further diagnosis.

This is followed by a massive hormoneprogestins treatment norsteroidnogo series (dienogest, norgestrel), antigonadotropiny (Danol) angonistami or gonadotropin-releasing hormone (Diferelin, Zoladex). Patients showing a bath with iodine, bromine and radon, sedation, symptomatic and spa treatment.

Retrotservikalnogo endometriosis and possible pregnancy

The consequences of the disease include various types of infertility, miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy.

Quite often endometriosis is diagnosed infertility. It caused usually hormonal disorders and various complications that remain after the treatment of the disease.

Hormonal disorders in endometriosisare active in the production of estrogen, that leads to suppression of ovulation. This becomes a cause of infertility at an early stage of the disease. However, pregnancy can occur when hormonal glitch is expressed not too much. This often happens in the early stages of the disease, as well as after treatment.

How compatible retrotservikalnogo Endometriosis and PregnancyWhen protracted course of the disease formed adhesionsprocesses that increase the risk of infertility. Especially dangerous adhesions in the epididymis - tubes and ovaries. In the first case, the egg can not meet the sperm to reach the uterus and, or whether it is fertilized, but as a way to shut the womb, strengthened in the fallopian tube, respectively, formed ectopic pregnancy poses a threat to the health and even the life of a woman. When repeated ectopic pregnancy and the defeat of the two fallopian tubes used IVF.

If ovarian adhesions reached, there is a highthe likelihood of developing endometriosis, these bodies, which is dangerous development of cysts, heavy bleeding and other pathological conditions. However natural conception in this case quite impossible. In this situation, as in the previous resort to IVF.

prevention of endometriosis

Preventive measures consist in the exclusion of provoking factors. For example, you must use contraceptive methods to prevent abortions.

An important role is played by the correct therapy for injuriesbirth canal, as well as the method of applying postnatal seams. It is necessary to correct the hormonal disturbances and timely treat inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system.

Any manipulation of the uterus and genitals area should be carried out strictly on prescription!

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