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Losing weight during pregnancy: harm or benefit?


Is it possible to lose weight during pregnancy? Many women are afraid to gain weight during the childbearing, so interested in the question, is it possible to lose weight during this period

All women are unique in nature. Some learn that waiting for a child immersed in caring for their health, begin to eat and drink for two handfuls of vitamins. Others will give beginning to torment fears for the harmony and beauty of the figure, they are looking for ways to reduce the weight during gestation crumbs.

Is it possible to lose weight during pregnancy?

expert evidence

Losing weight during pregnancy: harm or benefit?Probably, to find at least one doctor who would recommend a woman waiting "Miracle" adhere to a strict mono-diet, will not succeed. Gynecologists claim that the gestation period of crumbs - not the best time to experiment, it is very important the correct and balanced diet.

Those ladies who are worried about their weight,experts recommend not to get hung up on terms, but just watch out for his gain, it is in any case should be. Only here will exceed or not the rate of the number dialed kg, it depends on the expectant mother.

In general, the beauties who value figure during pregnancy do not need to get rid of excess, but just keep control of gain - and everything will be fine.

If you rely on a recent study, the onthe question of whether it is possible to lose weight to pregnant ladies, some doctors give a positive response. This is true only for the mothers who were obese before conception. Such women with the right approach and a strong desire can get rid of excess weight.

However, the entire process must take place under thesupervision of a physician, as the wrong approach to weight loss during childbearing may affect both the mother's health, and the development of the baby.

There are occasions when the obstetrician-gynecologist appointsexpectant mother losing weight for medical reasons. In such situations, the doctor develops a clear set of recommendations for their patients and oversees its implementation, results.

Is it possible to lose weight early in pregnancy, and whether to do it?

Some women believe that in early pregnancy can be to lose weight, but then, when the stomach is already round, this can not be done.

In fact, everything is very difficult. First, to reduce weight-bearing child without consulting a doctor is prohibited. Second, drastically change your diet to adhere to strict, starving diets and impossible. The fact that it is very important to get the crumbs from food necessary vitamins and minerals, if the child will experience a shortage of some utilities, it increases the risk of health problems in the unborn man. So before you starve yourself, ladies should think hundred times.

If you want to keep a beautiful figure, good spirits, feel good, then listen to these tips, they will help to keep the figure:

  • give preference to healthy eating. Pregnancy in women - the perfect time to get rid of bad habits and to reconsider their diet in favor of proper nutrition. If you are over 9 months train yourself to eat healthy food, then after the birth will not want to return to the fast fudam. And this is the first step on the way to a slim figure;
  • Losing weight during pregnancy: harm or benefit?Exercise, of course, only with the permissionand the doctor, which is suitable to future mums. Physical activity not only helps maintain skin and muscle tone, but will give courage. By the way, women who exercise during gestation crumbs, do not suffer from insomnia. In general, pregnant women can and should deal with, most importantly, without fanaticism.

Some women are more interested in the question ofwhether it is possible to lose weight, here is the answer before planning pregnancy to be positive, as there are times when to conceive without weight loss is impossible. Still, choosing a diet or any special tools recommended after consultation with a specialist.

Basics "diet" for expectant mothers

If you have seriously decided to monitor their weight inDuring pregnancy, remember your diet is not starvation, and the correct and balanced diet. Only in this way can not gain too much extra kilograms and not to harm the baby's health and your own.

The menu must be present:

  • vegetables and fruits. They can be boiled, stewed, steamed or raw nibble. The main thing is not to be used in the preparation of a lot of oil and grease;
  • milk products;
  • complex carbohydrates, such as buckwheat.

Drinks and food with artificial ingredients betterexcluded from the diet. There are recommended 5-6 times a day, small portions. Dine better what some light food for several hours before lights out. This approach will not work to get fat, and acid reflux at night is not torture. If the rest day, not to load before going to bed.

Following this simple advice, you canmaintain excellent shape and learn how to eat tasty and healthy. However, there are women who say that during the period of gestation crumbs they just wanted deadly salt, and because such products can not be abused on any diet.

Pregnant women should not lean on pickledproducts. It is believed that if a person is something very much wants something in his body lacks a particular vitamin. So, if the expectant mother is very eager to eat a pickle, it indicates potassium deficiency.

Losing weight during pregnancy: harm or benefit?In this case, more useful regale dried apricots, watermelon and any fruit orange. These products contain potassium and are much healthier for the body than the salty food.

Besides spicy foods provoke thirst, drink more than is necessary, which can lead to edema. And awaken the appetite pickles.

Try to make a menu for the day from a variety of foods: eat fruits and vegetables, drink homemade fresh, cook soups, cereal, do not forget about meat and fish, choosing low-fat varieties.

If you eat on the proposed scheme, and at leastmove a little, you get to save a beautiful figure and skin. Even if the doctor has forbidden you to engage in some active sports: yoga, water aerobics and other, try at least a little more walk in the fresh air. It is very useful.

And remember important information: during pregnancy to drink tea, coffee, eat a variety of supplements and dietary supplements for weight loss is prohibited.

If you are not serious about this warning, the consequences could be disastrous for the crumbs, and for the mother.

Advice on how to eat on trimesters

Basics of the diet during the childbearing wererecited above. If you adhere to these recommendations, the figure is not more than zaplyvet Zhirkov. Moreover, a proper diet is not only positively affect the appearance, but also allows the body to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals for the harmonious development of the fetus. Each trimester, there are certain foods that are worth paying attention to energize yourself.

Discuss nutrition secrets, depending on the trimester:

  • the first time the majority of the ladies heldeasy, toxemia, and weakness are not conducive to a normal diet. If the mouth does nothing to climb, make the foundation of your diet fresh fruits. They will be an excellent source of vitamins;
  • in the second trimester there is active growthcrumbs, so it is vital nutrients. At this time, it is important to eat meat, apples, drink juice from tomatoes. These products make up for iron deficiency, which is observed in the majority of future mothers in this period. Also it is necessary to add to the menu of green plants, because they contain folic acid useful for pregnant women;
  • third trimester - the final straight. Eating should be delicious, balanced and correctly. It is recommended to exclude completely from the menu sharp spices and minimize the use of salt. Nutrition should be a fraction: at least 5 times per day in small portions.

No matter when you want to lose weight: before planning pregnancy in early pregnancy or all of 9 months while wearing the crumbs under the heart, most importantly, do it wisely.

Non-serious approach to this issue can cause to weep in the future, be sensible, take care of yourself and your baby. Have fun and light delivery!

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