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What is HSV and what he is dangerous for pregnant?


What is VPG? A female carrier of HSV: a planned pregnancy? Treatment of HSV during pregnancy. Keeping labor with HSV. Carriage of CMV and HSV: hazard to the fetus. HSV types 1 and 2

HSV - an abbreviation simplex virusherpes - an extremely common infection that is worth noting is rarely causes complications, but quite dangerous for women during pregnancy. HSV, penetrating into the body of the fetus in utero or at birth, it may be a negative impact on it.

HSV type 1 and 2: What are the symptoms of pregnancy

  1. What is HSV and what he is dangerous for pregnant?The first type is usually manifested in the form of diseaserashes having the form of bubbles. Most often, the last are located on the lips. Infection in the vast majority of cases occur in childhood / adolescence, during contact with saliva zarazhennogocheloveka, for example through kissing, sharing utensils;
  2. The second type is more likely to provoke a painful rashon the genitals. It is also called sexual or genital. Infection occurs only when such sexual contact. It is worth noting that this infection is the most common among sexually transmitted.

Both types are a threat to the future of the baby, but the second is more dangerous, as it causes serious complications three times more likely than the first.

HSV: What is dangerous during pregnancy?

The infection may trigger the development of the setvarious diseases in the early stages lead to miscarriage, missed abortion. In utero infection of the child may experience complications such as skin rash in the newborn period, of the system damage, cerebral hypoplasia, delayed mental and physical development.

When transmission of the virus from mother to child duringpossible delivery complications such as encephalitis, eye damage, skin rash and mucous membrane of the mouth, disseminated herpes infection, leading to death in 80% of cases.

If a woman is a carrier of HSV: Diagnosis when planning pregnancy

A woman can optionally pass the relevant tests for the baby stage of planning.

What is HSV and what he is dangerous for pregnant?As a rule, the analysis includes herpes vstandartnyeobsledovaniyaTORCH infections: the four most dangerous during gestation, this number includes cytomegalovirus, rubella, toxoplasmosis and herpes. Know in advance whether a woman's immunity to these diseases, the doctor will be able to make recommendations that will help to protect the unborn child from infection and serious consequences. Analysis of the presence of the virus it is recommended to hand over to his father and unborn child.

Diagnostic process includes analysis for antibodies to HSV first and second type. Interpretation of the results should only deal with a specialist, but we will give some tips.

If the result of the presence of IgM antibodies IgGinegative - women's health, her body did not have the virus. No cause for concern, but it is necessary to carry out preventive measures to be infected during gestation baby.

If the result of the presence of IgG positive, andIgM negative - in the body of the virus is present, but there is immunity. A woman can plan the pregnancy. The risk of infection of the baby inside the womb or during birth is extremely small - about 3%.

If the presence of IgG are negative, andIgM positive - indicates that infection has occurred recently, is still in the body is not strong immunity. It is recommended to postpone pregnancy for some time, consult with infectious diseases. You may need antiviral treatment.

If the result of the presence of IgM positive IgGi- There are two options: the infection occurred recently or long ago, but at the moment the virus intensified. Pregnancy is better to postpone. Recommended advice infectious disease and antiviral treatment.

HSV infection during pregnancy directly

What is HSV and what he is dangerous for pregnant?Herpes of the lips (the first type) usually does not causecomplications for the unborn baby. The risk is further reduced if the rash does not appear for the first time, that is, the episodes occurred before conception. This means that women already have immunity to this type of disease and the chance of its penetration to the baby is very low.

If the first episode of the disease occurred in the period of gestation, the risk to the baby increases.

Expectant mothers need to see a grabber and a blood test for antibodies to HSV. It is also a leading gynecologist pregnancy may take a second ultrasound.

Genital herpes is manifested in the bubblesperineum, labia minora, the mucous membranes of the cervix and vagina, pain during sex and when urinating, fever, change in vaginal discharge, headaches. Typically, such a second type of virus is caused, which is more dangerous.

When these symptoms should visit a doctor as soon as possible and pass tests to verify the existence of a risk to the unborn child.

Positive HSV: primary infection during pregnancy

The risk of transmission depends on the period wheninfection occurred. For example, when the woman was up to 20 weeks, then the probability of infection is very low, but if it does happen, the consequences will be severe, including missed abortion and miscarriage.

If the infection occurred in the third trimester, the threat is extremely high for a child, as HSV on this term passed almost half of the cases.

Infection can occur in utero baby induring and even after the delivery thereof. Almost 90% of cases the infection is transmitted to the baby during childbirth, if a woman at this point there is a rash in the genitals area.

What if herpes manifested during pregnancy?

What is HSV and what he is dangerous for pregnant?First of all you need to see a doctor to confirm the diagnosis. If the woman had not handed over analyzes on antibodies to herpes, they certainly need to go.

those results will reveal immunity tovirus and assess the degree of risk of transmission of herpes baby. If the tests previously surrendered, the doctor re-evaluate the results and determine whether the need for additional studies there or risk to the baby is quite low.

Therapy in the treatment of herpes simplex performed during gestation antiviral agents such as "Acyclovir" and "Valacyclovir". Of course, the estimated fetal risks, including those that may arise in the absence of treatment. The dosage and duration of use is prescribed individually.

As generations pass, if there is a herpes infection

The big danger is genital herpesduring primary infection before birth or when activated at this point. To reduce the threat, you can use preventive measures, such as the above-mentioned drugs, which are beginning to take 36 weeks and up to birth themselves. Rashes on the genitals increases the risk of transmission of HSV, raises the question of cesarean section.

Profilaktikazabolevaniya during pregnancy

If the planned tests have shown that there is no immunity to herpes, you must comply with certain rules in order to avoid infection during pregnancy.

  1. Do not share food and drink with others;
  2. Do not drink up and do not eat up over others;
  3. Use separate utensils. This is especially important when a simptomovzabolevaniya in any of the family members;
  4. Avoid contact with people who have the characteristic symptoms: Do not kiss, do not use common utensils, etc .;.
  5. If something were muzhakogda disease orvirus is activated, it is better to give up sex for all 9 months of gestation, or to use condoms. Especially important this rule is the presence of genital lesions;
  6. Unsubscribe from oral sex if the partner lesions on the lips.

If a woman is a carrier of HSV and CMV, what to do during pregnancy

What is HSV and what he is dangerous for pregnant?CMV - a cytomegalovirus infection. Its like a virus for herpes. It is worth noting,
if a woman is a carrier of two of theseinfections in exacerbations of the one of them there is a second activation. The aforementioned study in TORCH-infection to determine if the body has a CMV what immunity thereto. The test results give physicians the ability to assess the risks to the fetus. If a woman of CMV carrier means, there are antibodies in her body, respectively, the concentration of virus in blood is much lower.

This is a very important indicator, since the amount of CMV in the blood is directly related to the chance of transmission to the child.

Subject to all rules and recommendations, and pregnancy and childbirth will be successful. Take care of yourself!

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