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What level TTG?


Many pregnant doctor prescribes an analysis to determine the level of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). What does an elevated TSH level

On the overall health largely affectedthe work of the endocrine system. If the human hormonal background in norm - all the internal organs are working smoothly. When an imbalance of hormones can be observed all sorts of dysfunction and the development of various diseases. That is why one of the methods of diagnosis in modern medicine are tests to determine the level of certain hormones.

Why appoint analysis on TTG and is talking about the dynamics of this hormone?

What level TTG?In cases where a doctor has suspicions aboutthe initial stage of development of thyroid disease, pituitary or hypothalamus, an analysis to determine the level of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) may be assigned. What kind of analysis, and that means a deviation from the norm?

The rate of blood hormones of this typeIt depends on the person's age. In infants the level of thyroid-stimulating hormone should be 0,7-11 mkIE / l. The older the child, the smaller the index. In adults, the normal content is considered within 0.3-4 number mkIE / l.

If elevated TSH during pregnancy, it is notIt is considered a serious deviation, especially in the last months of life. In connection with the restructuring of the body of a pregnant woman lowering its concentration can be observed in the first trimester, closer to the birth rate increases and may be slightly higher than normal.

It should also be remembered that the hormone levelmay vary depending on the time of day. The highest concentration in the blood occurs in the early morning. The minimum value of the index is fixed around 5-6 pm.

What level TTG?If the analysis of these elevated TSH content, many are interested in what it means.

If the TSH level is high, the body is not going to develop in the right amounts of triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4), responsible for carbohydrate, fat and protein exchange in the body.

This may lead to malfunctions of the cardiovascular and nervous system, the digestive system.

Thyroid hormone is the first to react to changes in the thyroid gland.

At the initial stage of development of organ diseaseTTG will be increased, and the content of T3 and T4 is normal. However, quite soon begin significant imbalance of these hormones, which in turn, will lead to malfunction of various body systems.

Symptoms of elevated TSH

At the initial stage of raising the level of thyroid-stimulating hormone is almost does not manifest itself. If the deviation lasts for quite a long period, can appear some symptoms.

These include:

  • What level TTG?a sharp increase in the wanton, or weight loss;
  • constant chilliness;
  • intensive hair loss, brittle nails, pallor and dry skin;
  • reduction of hemoglobin;
  • menstrual disorders;
  • fatigue and apathy, lethargy, inattentiveness.

If you notice an increased level of TSH symptoms should make an appointment to a medical facility and undergo examination.

Causes of thyroid-stimulating hormone levels increase

Elevated TSH hormone indicates the development inthe body of certain diseases. These may be tumors in the pituitary gland, thyroid disease, or adrenal, preeclampsia in pregnant women. The hormone TSH in increased amounts present in the blood of patients who had undergone surgery to remove the gallbladder. To improve its results in the use of iodine content in large quantities, and lead poisoning. These are the main reasons for that are able to influence change in TSH.

In cases where the abnormality wasestablished for the first time, the patient is recommended to pass the second study. This is due to the fact that the change in the index can be affected by some medications. The study was conducted after the end of medication.

Assay for TSH: evidence and conduct

Assign this research in the following cases:

  • What level TTG?with enlarged thyroid gland;
  • in cases of mental retardation and sexual development of the child;
  • with sexual dysfunction;
  • with hair loss and a sharp change in weight;
  • in the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and to detect possible recurrence of the disease.

A special preparation before blood donation onhormonal analysis is not required, however, to obtain accurate results, we recommend two days before delivery to abandon exercise and smoking. Blood sampling was carried out in the morning and on an empty stomach.

In cases where it is necessary to tracedynamic changes hormone concentration in serum should be retested at the same time. This is due to the natural diurnal fluctuations of its level.

In case of low or highhormone levels, further research and consultations of doctors can be assigned. After the necessary treatment is given to establish the cause of low or high TSH.


What level TTG?elevated levels of TSH treatment is carried out onlyprescribed by a doctor. Before the invention of synthetic drugs used animal thyroid gland. It was dried, milled and used as a powder.

Today, this method is almost never used. Developed for the treatment of synthetic drugs are purer and have high activity.

At the beginning of treatment the patient is prescribed the minimum dose of thyroxine.

Subsequently, the dosage is graduallyincreased to normalization of hormonal levels. Once the imbalance is corrected and the patient feels well, treatment should be stopped. Successful treatment does not preclude the possibility of recurrence. In this regard, all who have at least once an increase in the concentration of thyroid-stimulating hormone was recorded, doctors recommend to undergo regular studies at a frequency at least once a year.

As you can see, the timely detection of hormonal imbalances and establish its causes contributes to the successful treatment of various serious diseases.

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