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How to deal with urinary incontinence during pregnancy?


Pregnancy gives a woman is not only joy, but also unpleasant moments. For example, toxemia or incontinence. Why there is urinary incontinence during pregnancy?

Many beautiful moments of motherhood brings. Anticipation and expectation of the birth of a child - is truly the most exciting process in the life of every healthy woman. But as you know, those nine months of waiting, too, are filled with different and not very pleasant, moments.

How to deal with urinary incontinence during pregnancy?Every future mom must necessarily followHealth - his own, and his future toddler. Therefore, such a prosaic problem as incontinence during pregnancy can not be ignored. According to different statistical studies, about 70% of pregnant women face this problem.

Of course, not all are aware that the causes of this phenomenon are different from simple physiological changes in the body, to urogenital diseases.

In order to protect pregnant women from ignorance and to warn about the possible consequences, should focus on the causes and eliminate any unwanted effects.

Starting problems

Basically, during pregnancy, in the second -the third trimester there is urinary incontinence. Basically, this figure relative, and only the very expectant new mother will be able to track down and feel how her frequent visits to the toilet. Of all the changes a woman's body prenatal period, it is not the worst, it does not cause any visible harm to the health of the mother and her unborn, child.

It is safe to allocate some reasons of incontinence:

  • How to deal with urinary incontinence during pregnancy?As the fetus occurs and increase uterine distension which presses on uric
  • Progesterone - a hormone, active eye-catching body during pregnancy, alters and relaxes the muscle tissue and weakening of the bladder wall;
  • The activity of the child, which has arms and legs, often changing position in the womb, also affect the process of involuntary urination;
  • Rapid weight gain may contribute to the uncontrolled release of urine;
  • In giving birth several times women will also be present this uncomfortable symptom.

Do not be scared of these manifestations of the body, but the required reception at the urologist, to avoid unnecessary pathologies.

To prevent panic in pregnant women, it is recommended to determine what the actual type of incontinence in each separate, case:

  • The weakening of the walls and the nerve endings of the bladder, which is caused by hyperactivity "Pregnancy hormone". In this case, a pregnant just do not have time to get to the toilet, and desires, sharp and strong, forcing the bladder to push out urine spontaneously;
  • Incontinence during stress. All that makes the strain weakened pregnancy, the muscles clearly also lead to the release of liquid;
  • Overcrowding of the bladder, due to the inability of the pregnant entirely his release.


Properly assessing the situation and condition at the time of carrying the fetus, you should definitely inform your doctor about urinary symptom.

Appointment, in this case, mandatory, surveys reduced to quite reasonable foresight and prevention measures, and usually consists of the following procedures:

  • How to deal with urinary incontinence during pregnancy?compulsory examination by a gynecologist;
  • general urine analysis;
  • the passage of ultrasound procedures;
  • check urine flora;
  • keeping a diary in which the required level of all kinds of urination, including timely and uncontrolled.

It is worth paying attention to new mothers on the fact thatPregnancy aggravated urogenital diseases, the normal time lingering or chronic. So do not put off a visit to a specialist who diagnosed the disease or lack of time.

When not detecting pathologies, recommendations will berelate mainly hygiene and thorough care. It is advisable to use gaskets, wear panties made from natural materials, without decorative details, with elastic support the abdomen, and do not neglect water procedures as the need arises. When sneezing also pronounced urinary incontinence during pregnancy.

Prenatal time may at last monthsmarked by more frequent urination, but it is in these moments need to be extremely careful and not confuse leakage of amniotic fluid with usual and harmless urinary incontinence during pregnancy in young girls and mature ladies. Care will retain a child's health, and his mother.

Zoom effects

To more thoroughly as possible to empty the bladder, it is necessary, during a visit to the toilet room, to lean slightly forward, creating pressure and maximize reveal urinary channels.

During coughing and sneezing, it is desirable to open your mouth wide, reducing the impact on the diaphragm. The same would be effective easy folding legs and torso slightly forward tilt.

How to deal with urinary incontinence during pregnancy?A very effective exercise for the compression andvaginal muscle relaxation and perineum. But they need to practice, as well as during pregnancy, and after that the queen quickly declined and returned to its normal state.

For nulliparous useful to know that postpartum uterine contraction exercises should be done before the drill press.

This is not just advice, but a doctor's prescription for proper recovery.

Probably have to change the drinking regime,reducing fluid consumption by up to one and a half liters a day. It also favorably affect the absence of swelling that occurs in the last months of pregnancy. It is appropriate to carry prenatal bandage supporting the uterus, and not giving her too much pressure on the bladder.

When running and extreme symptoms may beassigned to drug treatment, but only drugs of plant-based, so as not to have harmful effects on the developing fetus. Herbal treatment or herbal, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Antispasmodics help the body to better respond to stressful situations.

postnatal manifestations

From urinary incontinence, women are not safe even after pregnancy. Basically, it depends on how the past generations.

Here are just some of them:

  • How to deal with urinary incontinence during pregnancy?incorrect position of the baby in the abdomen during pregnancy;
  • the structure of the pelvis in childbirth - a narrow and underdeveloped, it can not bear the load during pregnancy, there is a displacement of the bones;
  • rather large baby can cause lacerations and cuts, which also negatively affects the muscles;
  • kidney disease in a chronic form or the easiest cystitis also have a negative impact on the bladder after childbirth.
  • Of course, there is still such an occasion as multiple pregnancy, which weakens the nerves pelvic floor muscles.

In the postpartum period, the treatment can beassigned depending on the type of incontinence. Typically, enough of medical gymnastics, but prescribed and medication, and sometimes surgical care as necessary.

To summarize: incontinence during pregnancy may occur during coughing, sneezing, due to increased intra-abdominal pressure due to stress or even laughing.

The main thing - do not let the process take its course, and in time to see a doctor, especially in the later stages, when you can take for urinary leakage of amniotic fluid.

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