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Tomatoes in pregnancy - can or should be?


Due to record the content of vitamin C and lycopene, tomatoes have become leaders among the products recommended for pregnant women. But how to use the tomatoes without harm to health?

During pregnancy and after a woman shouldeat right. Such obvious things nevertheless need to be constantly reminded. The body rebels. And because he always wants something strange and often unprofitable. But for various reasons, many women simply forget to take care of themselves.

Tomatoes in pregnancy - can or should be?Extract the maximum benefit for themselves and the baby,get a stock of components to help tomatoes. On whether it is possible to use tomatoes, and in what quantities they are allowed during pregnancy, will be discussed further.

We do not eat for two, but both

To eat it is necessary so that there is enough for each- In proportion to the complexion. So down the stereotypes that increase the servings can we not just half. You and your child will be enough about 300-500 extra calories per day during almost the entire pregnancy. And these calories should be only good.

Pregnant women need more vitamins and nutrients than the recommended daily allowance for the average person. Make sure you get enough.

Vegetables, fruit or berries?

Keep in mind that tomatoes are useful, but they are only one of many fresh and healthy foods that should be included in daily diet.

In everyday life we ​​used to take the fruits of tomatoesvegetables. But they are biological determination as watermelon, to berries. For a time, they were regarded as fruit. Apparently, because the Italians came to be called the external similarity of it as "Golden Apple" pomme d'oro. But stick and the second name "tomato"Which is translated from the language of the Peruvian Indians means"large berry".

But no matter how we call these fruits, denied thatthe use of tomatoes, including during pregnancy, we will not. Long ripening fruit in the sun allows them to absorb the most of natural energy, and then give the mother and the child as much as possible of healing properties.

Nutritional value of tomato:

  • The high content of vitamin C (more thancitrus and grapes with a similar title). Tomatoes - an excellent source of ascorbic acid necessary for you and the baby are healthy. This component helps in the formation of bones, teeth and gums. He copes with the problem of iron absorption, the right for a woman and her child. doctors often prescribe drugs or a separate special supplements to help absorb iron. But because tomatoes are useful and that they all do naturally;
  • Potassium, magnesium, iron, silicon, iodine - these minerals Tomato care about the health of the cardiovascular system, the normal metabolism and immunity;
  • Beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin - suchantioxidant-rich tomato. Its fruit - this is the best source of lycopene, another antioxidant that protects cells from damage. This is a good tool that can provide support to the cells in the fight against cancer. And while the doctors say that eating tomatoes with lycopene is safe for the health of pregnant women, say the same about the synthetic analogues of this antioxidant can not.

We need more good ...

But if you and this is not enough, here are some arguments to prove that the tomatoes that can be consumed during pregnancy, good for health.

They are well, "clean" the blood, contribute to improvingcirculation, act as a natural preservative and thus protect the organism from infection during the childbearing. Nicotinic acid of natural origin contained in tomatoes, helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, thereby preventing heart disease in pregnant women and the development of heart disease in children. These juicy fruits can be used as a means for the prevention of hypertension.

Tomatoes in pregnancy - can or should be?Vitamin K makes tomatoes during pregnancya good way to prevent bleeding and blood loss during delivery. Daily consumption of tomatoes reduces oxidative stress (cell damage), characteristic of diabetes type 2.

If you want to receive a daily dose of vitamin A, which is also found in abundance in these fruits, to eat at least four medium sized tomato.

These products are useful in the fight against blistering,problems of the gastrointestinal tract are effective for constipation, which is important during all pregnancy. Eaten on an empty stomach 50 grams of fresh tomatoes can be an alternative to a portion of laxative drug.

Precautionary measures

Tomatoes tend to react withaluminum, thus they should not be prepared and stored in containers of this metal. The result of the reaction - the bitter taste of tomatoes, and utensils will be painted. It should be noted that frequent consumption of these fruits can lighten the skin.

Due to the high content of malic and citricacid tomatoes can cause discomfort. In the second half of pregnancy is one of the major challenges of the future moms getting heartburn. The fact that the excess produced hormone progesterone relaxes the valve that separates the esophagus from the stomach.

Thus, comes the acid reflux, why from time to time there is a burning sensation. Eating acidic foods, tomatoes and other (yogurt, lemons, apples) May aggravate the problem. Therefore, even tomatoes and helpful, with a propensity for such reactions, women should limit their intake.

To benefit from all the components became apparent,per day should eat at least 1 kg of tomatoes in a fresh or cooked. You can eat a couple of pieces on an empty stomach, and after some time, the better an hour later settled other products.

Remember that the benefits to the body can be different. You can either increase the effect by eating tomatoes correctly and run the risk of self-harm.

Tomatoes are not recommended, and in some cases are contraindicated for people with urolithiasis!

In all cases, even if you consider yourselfabsolutely healthy, talk to your doctor about whether you can do to eat tomatoes. The information provided on our website, as well as on most other online resources can not be a substitute for professional advice from a qualified medical professional.

Take the time to consult with a couple of experts before you decide to get your dose of tomato use, changing diet or taking any supplements.

Of course, when we talk about the form in which the tomatoes can be eaten during pregnancy and whether they are useful at all, we are talking about fresh farm products and cooked dishes from it.

Tomatoes in pregnancy - can or should be?Preserved in the form of ketchup and factorytomato sauces use will not bring. And the question about whether we can eat tomatoes when you really want, the answer is unequivocal: "Yes, only if you are sure that the processing methods used during cooking, not only will not cause harm, and will be useful for your health .

Processed "tomato"Foods should be avoided especially those whoHe suffers from gout, arthritis and even swelling. Treatment involves the use of preservatives and other additives which increase the level of acidity in the stomach, leading to a decrease in the excretion of uric acid. That is, the violation rate of its elimination from the body, often the cause of the swelling.

Also, even if you really pregnantI want to tomatoes, but after drinking you have noticed small red rash or itching, especially on the hands, you have watery eyes, give up tomatoes. An allergic reaction always says one thing: the body is not need this product.

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