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For what purpose the immunoglobulin during pregnancy


In some cases it is advisable to introduce the immunoglobulin during pregnancy?
What are the consequences of maintaining pregnancy in this way

Immunoglobulin - a drug that increases the immunityorganism. Despite the fact that pregnancy is considered to be the natural state, provided by nature for the woman's body, it is stressful. Reorganization exposed to organic systems, natural immunity falls.

We are looking for a reason

For what purpose the immunoglobulin during pregnancyWhy is this happening? Fruit, strengthens the woman's body, it is for a foreign body. The body, lowering the overall immune system, trying to keep it from exclusion.

In sometimes the immune system is so weakened due to this factor that the woman is no longer able to resist infections that pose a threat to the future baby. It then shows the introduction of meat: for the relief of immunodeficiency during pregnancy to save it.

But this is not the only reason for the use ofdrug. If the parents of the future baby different blood group and Rh factor, increasing the threat of rejection of the fetus. Immunoglobulin helps in this case.

Information about the preparation

The substance is a protein immunologically active fraction, which is released from blood donors.

Prescribe drugs during pregnancy in the following cases:

  • expectant mother became ill, and the body does not respond to treatment with antibiotics;
  • there is a serious risk of miscarriage;
  • Rhesus-conflict mother and fetus.

There are 2 types of medication: human immunoglobulin and Rh immune globulin.

The first fraction is the main action -immunoglobulin G. It has a non-specific immunoregulatory activity. This substance acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, and restores the overall immunity.

Rh drug manufactured by the sametechnology, but to obtain it selected Rh-immunized donors. The main components of this type of immunoglobulin - antibodies to human Rh.

It is administered:

  • in case of contact with the mother's blood into the fetal bloodstream;
  • post-abortion care;
  • Women with immune deficiency.

Indications for use of different types of immunoglobulins

Human immunoglobulin is administered during the first pregnancy to strengthen the immune system and increase the possibility of bear fruit.

If the drug is applied in time, the amount ofJgG antibody increases, and the woman's body alone can fight the virus penetrating from the outside. This is very important as the use of drugs during gestation, especially during the first trimester, it is undesirable.

The drug can be administered intramuscularly or intravenously. When using it, it is desirable to be under a doctor's supervision. Rh immune globulin is used for the second and subsequent pregnancy for preventing Rhesus conflict.

Even if a woman is Rh negative, andthe child is positive, during the first pregnancy, the fetus is not rejected - do not have time to develop antibodies. If the introduction of Rh immunoglobulin to happen within 72 hours after delivery, then the second and subsequent pregnancies there are no problems.

For what purpose the immunoglobulin during pregnancyWhen there is a risk of miscarriage when mismatch monkeys, the drug is administered at 28 weeks.

In this case, the body gets ready antibodywhich destroy fetal red blood cells, if they fall into the mother's bloodstream. Sensitization - occurrence of hypersensitivity - does not occur, the fetus is not rejected, pathological changes it does not have.

D antibodies saved immunoglobulin during pregnancy in the mother's body for 12 weeks and then eliminated independently. Eliminated - are excluded from the general circulation system.

This type of immunoglobulin in pregnancy is administered intravenously, slowly, and only in a hospital. If this is done, the rest of the time before the birth of the woman are watching more carefully. The reason is that the effect on the fetus the drug has not yet been fully studied.


Effects of injection of immunoglobulin during pregnancy are rarely negative, especially if it is administered with the necessary caution.

In some cases within the first 60 minutes it is noted:

  • fever;
  • the appearance of a headache;
  • chills;
  • weakness;
  • pain in the joints;
  • tachycardia;
  • drowsiness.

In this regard, an injection made only in the hospital in time to arrest the side effects. One of the contraindications to the appointment of a human immunoglobulin injection during pregnancy, the patient is an individual intolerance to the drugs, having in its composition of blood components.

Not studied the effects of administration of the drug for those who have a history of diabetes, heart and kidney dysfunction, polyvalent allergy.

How dangerous Rhesus conflict

One can wonder: Implications immunoglobulin injection is not fully understood, but it is administered to a pregnant woman?

For a child Rhesus conflict is very dangerous. Antirezus - antibodies cross the placenta into the fetus, destroy its red blood cells and cause persistent lack of oxygen. Struggling for survival, the body stimulates the formation of new blood cells - reticulocytes.

In the fruit begin to swell abnormally liver andspleen. New red corpuscles are produced in the liver, in connection with which it starts to wear. Fatalities erythrocytes collect in the spleen. As a result of the abnormal development of certain organs most sensitive cells - and it is primarily the brain cells - die en masse.

In addition, decaying produce red blood cellsbilirubin, which is dangerous for the child toxin. If not arrest its origin, the neural centers of the brain damaged irreversibly, leading to cerebral palsy. Due to the excess of bilirubin in children manifests itself neonatal jaundice.

But this is not all the consequences of Rh-conflict. Under its influence is marked accumulation of pleural fluid in the internal organs:

  • in the abdominal cavity;
  • pleural area;
  • pericardium;
  • in the brain.

For what purpose the immunoglobulin during pregnancyThere are state of ascites, respiratory and heart failure. That is why the woman Rh immunoglobulin is administered with a second pregnancy. The first pregnancy these diseases in the fetus are formed rarely.

It must be remembered: appointing immunoglobulin doctor must compares the risks of complications of its use. This applies to any medicinal product which is assigned to a pregnant woman.

No need to worry that after usesubstances with blood components may be the chance of infection severe infectious disease. Blood donors are carefully checked for HIV-1, and 2 different types of hepatitis.

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