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Everything you need to know about toxoplasmosis during pregnancy


Where does toxoplasmosis during pregnancy, and how to protect themselves from a possible infection? Diagnosis and treatment of diseases

Toxoplasmosis is a fairly simplea disease that carries almost every person in my life. It is characterized by asymptomatic, and is safe for the human body. However, for a pregnant woman is a disease that can turn into a disaster.

Toxoplasmosis during pregnancy can befatal, but may instead be transferred is surprisingly easy and does not harm the future baby. Let's see what kind of disease, and how they are infected?

How do you get infected with toxoplasmosis?

There are factors that can really hurt you in the gestation period, even if seem completely harmless, and even familiar at first glance. The first such factor - your pets.

Everything you need to know about toxoplasmosis during pregnancyThey not only provoke allergic reactions to their saliva and wool, but also other, less dangerous not disorders and disorders.

The main source of toxoplasmosis are ... cats! Yes, your favorite may well carry the disease and are potentially dangerous during pregnancy for you the most. Toxoplasma - pathogens live in the intestines of the animal. Their sexual reproduction occurs only in this environment.

Initially, it is believed that this disease cats infect birds and rodents. Especially dangerous for "Baleen-striped" Dead rats and mice. For this reason, cats, even the Rat-traps, do not eat those. If this happens - the cat may die.

Nevertheless, she lives in Toxoplasmadigestive tract of the animal in an inactive form and contaminates the surrounding. The most dangerous factors in this regard are a pet feces, you take away from the tray every day. The oocysts are found precisely in the intestinal environment, and do not die right away, coming out of it. They get into the soil where the cat defecates, and infect humans. However, infection can occur even with banal close communion with the pet.

Also "Swallow" ootsista you can by eating infectedmeat or fish raw. And even when cutting meat Toxoplasma eggs remain on your hands - if, after this procedure, you are not thoroughly clean them, the probability of toxoplasmosis infection increases to the maximum threshold.

Man and other pets are only intermediate hosts for Toxoplasma. The final host is always a home becomes male or female.

Guile this disease isthat even a pregnant woman can not feel the symptoms thereof. In some cases of toxoplasmosis diagnosis takes place in an outpatient setting laboratory or clinic. However, in the analysis of the disease is considered to be mandatory for all new moms, and it reveals quite rapidly in the presence of.

If IgG antibodies are present in the blood of pregnantwomen and IgM while there (which is the most frequent and common situation) - nothing to worry about, because it says that once you have previously had contact with the infection, and you have transferred its symptoms. Now that you have immunity in the body, and you can not get infected during gestation. If the situation is reversed, probably you will have to get rid of the pet cat during pregnancy, as well as to comply strictly with all rules and regulations prescribed by the doctor.

If the infection has already occurred ...

Everything you need to know about toxoplasmosis during pregnancyDiagnosis "Toxoplasmosis" terrible even to hear during the magicChild expectations. But if we ignore all paranoid thoughts and dig deeper into the problem, perhaps you will find it is not as terrible as you might think initially.

The potential danger for the child can beonly a primary infection of the mother during the period of gestation. Simply put, if you have already had toxoplasmosis in the past, you and your child is not in danger right now.

If we talk about the primary infection, the percentage of pregnancy, it looks like this:

  • First trimester - 15% of all cases;
  • Second trimester - 30% of all cases;
  • Third trimester -60% of all cases.

At the same time, despite the increase in the probability of the risk of infection, toxoplasmosis effect on the fetus is suppressed in the same chronological order. And it is not the infection occurs in 100% of all cases.

This means that immediately after thepregnancy, ie in the early its terms, the placental barrier is not sensitive to the diverse pathogenic microorganisms, and passes them to the fetus in rare cases. However, if this happens, the child often gets a pathology incompatible with life. Usually Toxoplasma affect his brain.

Infection in the second trimester has more likelybut pathogenic effect on the fetus is reduced. And in the third trimester, even if the infection (which is most likely in this period of gestation), the child is almost never gets serious diseases. Toxoplasmosis is asymptomatic and his mother, and he has.

Toxoplasma, they enter into the body of the fetus in the first and second trimester of development primarily affecting the brain and nervous system.

Although many nerve cells may remain intact, and the child is still capable of life, at birth he can be identified pathologies such as:

  1. Everything you need to know about toxoplasmosis during pregnancyMental retardation;
  2. Blindness;
  3. Increased intracranial pressure;
  4. Epilepsy;
  5. Deafness.

Fruit infected in the third trimester, mayborn perfectly healthy. However, there is a possibility of its latent carriers of the virus toxoplasmosis. In this case, the disease may manifest itself in the first months, and even years of life.

Pathology Diagnostics during pregnancy

Analysis for toxoplasmosis is included in the standard packageResearch during pregnancy. And he usually gives up twice - in the first and second trimester. Less often - in the third. If in the first trimester was discovered toxoplasmosis with avidity of IgG, further tests can not pass, because it says that in the mother's body has a high immunity to infection. Avidity - a characteristic of showing, with the force which is associated with the antibody corresponding antigens.

Estimated transcript analysis for toxoplasmosis:

  • IgG positive, IgM negative - the mother and the child is not in danger, as the disease was transferred to "Non-pregnant" period, and now it has a strong immunity;
  • IgG negative, IgM positive - the most unfavorable situation, indicating a high risk of primary infection during gestation;
  • IgG positive, IgM positive - says that infection has occurred during the past year. This result requires observation and re-checking. If the disease was transferred to "Non-pregnant" period, then an offensive conception in the mother's body has developed antibodies. However, it does not rule out the possibility that the infection occurred after conception the baby.

Positive IgG toxoplasmosis during pregnancy is not "Harsh verdict"It is considered by many young moms. And you can see this first hand, looking at the transcript. The analysis that you will take or have already passed, is performed by PCR (polymerase chain reaction), and it is highly informative. Its only drawback is the fact that he is not talking about prescription infection with precision.

So if toxoplasmosis IgG antibodies have negative and IgM - positive, the doctor will tell you about preventive measures during the period of gestation.

Everything you need to know about toxoplasmosis during pregnancyAlso, if you get such a result,analysis for toxoplasmosis IgG and IgM will be further unfolded. Upon confirmation of infection, your doctor will prescribe the appropriate therapy.

Often the woman is invited to interruptpregnancy, especially if obvious danger to the fetus. If she refuses to such events, an obstetrician-gynecologist, who is in charge of its gestation process, appoint adequate therapy.

I must say that it is not always effective, and infection at the early stages of a child can still be born handicapped in most cases.

You know what that means - toxoplasmosis IgG positive, and now you can own to orient in the results of his own research. Health to you and your child!

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