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Ripple abdomen in pregnancy: is there cause for concern?


Pulsation in the stomach during pregnancy can be quite harmless, and indicate serious pathology. Each case should be considered individually

Pulsation in the stomach during pregnancy - not uncommon. What is this condition? Kid reminds himself not to forget?

Women waiting for a meeting with the baby veryreverently listen to what is happening inside, mark each wiggling baby, analyze the slightest feeling in his body. What happens to the baby when the pulses in the abdomen during pregnancy?

Pulsation in the abdomen during early pregnancy

In most cases, this pulsation is painless, and can not say that this is a very unpleasant feeling. Although, if it happens often, it can cause concern.

But if they are painful, and at an early stage of pregnancy, we can assume the following states:

  • Ripple abdomen in pregnancy: is there cause for concern?intestinal spasms that often accompany the body to adapt to the new situation;
  • the uterus is part of the tone;
  • the first fetal movements.

If spasms throbbing pain may occur on the left and the right, localized around the navel. When uterine hypertonia - in the lower abdomen.

If the throbbing pain in the lower abdomen on the leftIt is pronounced, but still appeared allocation - it is necessary to address immediately to the doctor. This may indicate a pipe rupture due to an ectopic pregnancy. Exactly the same feeling there, if the pipe bursts in the abdomen on the right.

If throbbing pain periodically appears infield of the womb, the doctor must also be made aware. hypertonicity of the uterus in early pregnancy may later lead to a miscarriage, it is necessary to take action.

Spasms of the intestines, flatulence, colic - need to get pregnant more attentive to their own nutrition. Constipation, colitis, unstable chair - all it harms pregnancy.

Attempts during defecation may violateearly pregnancy, when an unstable chair and frequent diarrhea baby receive less nutrients. An urgent need to revise your diet: Add it useful products and remove harmful, after which there are unpleasant sensations.

Ripple abdomen in pregnancy: is there cause for concern?Rapidly help to rectify the situation and get rid offrom flatulence and constipation daytime menu that will include porridge. The main component of grains - fiber, it helps to cleanse the bowel by flatulence.

Fruits and raw vegetables should not be abused. They, like beans, cause the digestion of excessive flatulence.

If annoying constipation - recommended porridge of oatmeal, diarrhea - rice porridge.

Pulsing the stomach for intestinal spasms, regardless of gestational age.

Hiccups in the Child

What happens if the pulses in the abdomen, and this pain is not observed, and the time limit for more than 28 weeks?

At this age a baby begins to makeswallowing - before the advent of trains in the big world. These swallowing develop the digestive tract and strengthen the muscles that are in the area of ​​fetal larynx. However, as the fetus is in a liquid medium, then swallows the amniotic fluid. This makes it hiccups, which may last from a few minutes to an hour.

Ripple abdomen in pregnancy: is there cause for concern?When the fetus hiccups, it bounces all the expectant mother stomach, causing discomfort and stress. In some cases this is reflected back pain, lumbar muscle stiffness.

To stress is not felt, you just need to calm down - and then the pain will not be felt.

Getting used to the feeling, to understand why ithappens, stop taking strain, and will relate to what is happening with emotion. It is so touching - kid, reminding me of themselves, makes independent action.

Rhythm ripple AC

Sometimes feeling ripple caused perturbationfetus. This movement increases the intensity of the blood flow of abdominal organs, stimulating massage - sometimes very sensitive - jerks, metabolism in the gut.

In this case, the first sensations arise, albeit painful, but different in intensity and direction, and then for 5-15 minutes can feel the pulsation.

But there are kids who demonstrate perseverance and persistence in utero - they can "jerk"Pretty long, fulfilling and directed periodic movement.

Dangerous ripple

Throbbing pain in the stomach, extending to the lower back,It may indicate the beginning of labor. This condition, if insufficient time for delivery, is extremely dangerous. In this case, tighten all the muscles, including the abdominal muscles and back muscles, can appear frequent urge to urinate and defecate.

Ripple abdomen in pregnancy: is there cause for concern?Throbbing pain disappears as soon as the musclesrelax, and reappears. Do not expect that all this will pass by itself, if for less than 37 weeks. Then precursors - test fights - a normal phenomenon. At an earlier stage it is necessary to cause "ambulance".

Throbbing pain in the right side of the abdomenjamming can be caused by branches of the abdominal aorta. He is a major blood vessel, which is located on the right side in the lower abdomen. It transports blood to the uterus, oxygenated, and if pinched, fetal blood supply is broken.

Additional symptoms of compression of the abdominal aorta:

  • blood pressure jump;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea, which can cause vomiting;
  • disturbance of consciousness.

The aorta is clamped during the execution of any actions in an inclined position, if they require a considerable effort, or if you lie down on your back in pregnancy in the later stages.

To avoid this condition, which significantly violates the blood supply to the organisms that are in a symbiotic relationship, you should try to lie on your side and not make any sudden movements.

If when changing body position all the unpleasant phenomena of retreat, then do not worry - they were caused by benign factors, and seek medical attention is required.

Ripple abdomen in pregnancy: is there cause for concern?When the painful ripple retreats, noattitude to a positive and soothing teas do not help, and the pain and rhythmic tension intensifies - to resort to medical care is necessary.

Even if the pregnancy is not in jeopardy, these sensations may indicate a state of hypoxia - inadequate oxygen supply to the fetus.

Any pain in pregnancyThey are a significant cause for treatment to the antenatal clinic. Child Health - is the most important thing, and false delicacy must not force a pregnant woman to bear the pain and discomfort during those critical times - gestation unborn child.

At the level of development of modern medicinedetermine what happens in the uterus, simply using a conventional ultrasound studies. These devices are now equipped with all the antenatal clinics. expectant mother any discomfort such inspection does not deliver.

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