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Hormonal contraception


Hormonal contraceptives are highly effective. With proper selection and regular monitoring of the reception time, these funds are absolutely safe for the female body

Many women question arises, how to choosebirth control pills. can prevent pregnancy in other ways, but hormonal contraceptives (SOEs) have many advantages. They are reliable, easy to use and safe for women. But coitus interruptus and condoms - are less effective, though more popular.

GP ensure that any time spent inpregnancy test will show one strip (in 98-99% cases). Naturally, such a degree of protection is only possible in compliance with the main guidelines for the use of drugs.

Operating principle

Hormonal contraceptionIs there a test that can be used to understand how to choose the contraceptive pill? Yes, to determine the best preparation is easy, knowing how to act on the contraceptive hormones.

The basic principle - Replanting in the female body is artificialanalogs sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. The twin brothers are needed in order to form specific hormones, similar to the state of pregnancy. During childbearing egg in a woman's body is not mature, so ovulation does not occur.

The same effect occurs when receivingbirth control pills, which make the mucus in the vagina thick and viscous, preventing the penetration of sperm into the uterus. Hormones influence on the uterus and by changing the structure of its inner layer.

Hormonal contraceptives leads to the impossibility of pregnancy. Thus, when used regularly, they are extremely effective.

Disadvantages: Myth or Reality?

Not knowing how to choose the pill, many refuse to use this method of protection.

In addition, the views are prevalent not in favor of SE. Until recently it was believed that hormonal agents have a negative effect on the body. Indeed, the first artificial hormones given the side effects due to high content of synthetic substances. Today their number is kept to a necessary minimum.

Instead of hormonal contraceptives women oftenhesitant to put a spiral. This convenient method of protection for doctors, as is no need to consider in detail the features of action of various drugs and recommend patients barrier means taking into account the individual characteristics.

Hormonal contraception

The doctor is required not only to tell whatdifferent pills and what side effects are possible, but also take into account the results of the analyzes to track whether the recommended medication is suitable in a particular case. But we should not overestimate the difficulty of choice. The table helps to identify the female phenotype is quite simple. It helps to carry the patient to one of three types: estrogen, progesterone, or intermediate - balanced.

Even without special knowledge by answering the questions listed in the table, you can quite accurately determine to which category you belong and to choose birth control pills correctly.

There are girls who stops the need to visit a gynecologist.

Indeed, consulting a doctor can not be avoided, because the examination before prescribing a contraceptive will contain the following elements:

  • examination on a gynecological chair;
  • analyzes of hormone levels in the body;
  • a blood test for sugar and coagulation.

Only after passing all of these procedures (a kind of a test of endurance), you can get a definitive answer to the question of what to choose birth control pills and how to use them correctly.

Varieties of hormones

several types based contraceptive hormones can be identified:

  • oral (OK) - a pill or pills;
  • Parenteral - means circumvent intestine (injections, implants, patches, vaginal rings, intrauterine devices, containing hormones).

The most popular oralcontraceptives. If you stick to the instructions and take the pills on time, pregnancy does not occur. Common side effects that may occur when they are used, - failure of the female menstrual cycle and a decrease in sexual desire.

In the group of oral contraceptives release:

Hormonal contraception

  • Combination Therapies (COC) - contain analogues and estrogen, and progesterone;
  • progestin products (mini-pill) - in its composition has only one artificial analogue - progesterone.

Depending on what will be the resultanalysis, the gynecologist may prescribe a monophasic preparations (with the same content of hormones throughout the month), or two-, three-phase (fit girls who need to align the hormones during different phases of the cycle).

Analyze the situation on their own without any special knowledge is very difficult. Therefore, the question of how to choose the contraceptive pill, only an experienced gynecologist will be able to answer.

Features of use of COC

Among the combined oral contraceptivesdistinguish the same amount of progesterone with different content means a synthetic estrogen. To prevent pregnancy more important level of progesterone in the body.

Which means select - mikrodozirovannoe (withlow estrogen content), low-dose or vysokodozirovannoe (with the highest dose of estrogen)? It all depends on the individual characteristics: age and test results.

Microdozes can confine ourselves to the girls who have not yet given birth and those who are over 35 years old.

Hormonal contraceptionIf a woman has children or appeared sidethe effect of using a drug with micro-doses of estrogen (eg, spotting), the low-dose appointed agents. In this case, there is a pleasant side effect of beauty. Reviews of this COC most positive group. Big estrogen content of contraceptives can cure serious hormonal disorders. These pills can be prescribed only by the doctor and made with great care.

To fit the mini-pill?

Unlike COCs, the mini-pill contains a low dosesynthetic progesterone analogue. This method of protection is suitable, for example, nursing mothers and those who are contraindicated for an increase in estrogen levels in the body.

These drugs are somewhat less effective than the combined group. Having opted for the mini-pill, you must meticulously adhere to the regimen of pills.

"Fire" means

It happens that sexual intercourse took place withoutUse protective equipment. Postinor - a rescue medication, a kind of "fire" tablet with a shock dose of progesterone. Her take within two days of unprotected sex, and then another one exactly 12 hours after the first.

Due to the high level of progesterone occursreduction of the fallopian tubes, the endometrium undergoes changes, and the fertilized egg has no chance to attach. The tool has many side effects, so it is used only in extreme cases.

Parenteral contraceptives

Unlike OK parenteral contraceptivespreparations razovo ingested in large quantities, and then slowly absorbed into the bloodstream. These contraceptives are recommended to use parous women who are not planning a pregnancy in the near future.

Convenience method is that you do notaccounts on a daily basis to control the reception of the GP. The subcutaneous implants, injections, spirals with the addition of synthetic hormones, contraceptive patches and vaginal rings - all of these tools are highly effective, but have a number of pros and cons, which you describe in detail a gynecologist during the consultation.

The choice of hormonal contraceptives is wide, so you can stay on the protection method of birth control that is right for you.

You can not experiment on your body, so it is important to seek advice from a doctor before you go to the pharmacy for medication.

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