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Sunburn during pregnancy - how to tan?


How should the right to sunbathe during pregnancy? What useful properties of tanning during pregnancy? The tanning is dangerous for pregnant women? Advice to future mums on holiday in the sun

Almost all women love to bask in the sun, soak up the sun after a long winter, and it does not prevent pregnancy. But how to sunbathe so as not to hurt yourself and your crumbs?

How to get healthy tan during pregnancy?

Sunburn during pregnancy - how to tan?With the proper calculation of the time the sun has beneficial effects on the body of the future mother and her fetus.

Solar ultraviolet rays as if animatethe activities of our endocrine and nervous systems, increasing the defensive power of the body. It is produced and vitamin D, which takes part in the exchange of phosphorus and calcium. This is good for the fetus skeleton and warns him develop rickets.

If women regularly drink vitamins, theycrumble teeth, hair fall out, exfoliate nails with harboring crumbs, which means that the body is necessary calcium and vitamin D3. However, if you take pills, they are not metabolized in the required amount, therefore, sunbathe - it is a necessity for the future mother.

If you want to sunbathe in early pregnancypregnancy, it is necessary to first prepare the body, it is necessary to: rarely go out in the sun (no more than 15 minutes), and more to be in the shade or under a canopy. After a couple of days, you can increase the time for about 5 minutes and be sure to wear a headdress. Excessive exposure to the sun causes the baby's problem with the intestines, bladder, and nervous system.

It is necessary to observe safety rules when Sunpregnancy. It is necessary to limit the heckling on the beach half an hour, and then under an umbrella in the shade, not sunbathing on an empty stomach and crowded. Wear beach clothes only from natural fabrics, always take a hat and water without gas.

On the body should apply a sunscreen with maximum protection, which can also be used for pregnant women, and to return home to wash off in the shower cream and apply on skin moisturizer.

What danger is waiting for expectant mothers if properly sunbathe?

When a woman bears her child, in this period, her body is particularly sensitive, often appear spots on the neck, face, arms, back and neck area.

Ultraviolet rays increase blood circulation,heart rate, respiration and metabolism, but if an expectant mother have such diseases, then it is strictly forbidden to stay in the sun and go to the solarium.

If you long to find the sun pregnant, it may be dehydrated or may be heat stroke.

Why is it useful to sunbathe during pregnancy?

The sun's rays - this is the best anti-depressants,that help pregnant women to survive the depression. As we all know, if mom will be okay nervous system, and the baby will be calm. Also, the sun's rays stimulate metabolism. A small number of them during pregnancy will help to increase hemoglobin in the blood.

Bones of the crumbs are formed even with a small periodpregnancy that affect the future on baby teeth. Expectant mother constantly need to walk in the park, in the woods and the sea to be the morning until 11 o'clock in the evening starting from 17 o'clock, sunbathing should be no more than one hour a day in the shade. But doctors forbid pregnant women to sunbathe in which a strong toxicosis, and cardiovascular disease, kidney infection, and liver.

The tanning is dangerous for pregnant women?

However, it should be remembered and contraindications. Prolonged exposure to the sun causes bleeding in the uterus, a faint, overheated in the sun, because the heart is pregnant is very fast, and the sun of his load. It may also be varicose veins, can relax smooth muscle of the uterus, lower blood pressure, which can lead to bleeding.

Long stay pregnant in direct sunlight can cause such consequences:

  • increase in hormones, especially estrogen, age spots, which disappear after childbirth and may remain forever;
  • insolation - this is the temperature rise in the internal female organs, as well as fruit and overheating of the brain;
  • reduction of folic acid level, if this happens, the child may be born with a defect of the neural tube.

Pregnant women should avoid tanning and visit the beaches, if they are diagnosed:

  • diabetes;
  • breast;
  • hypertension and coronary heart disease;
  • acute heart disease;
  • blood diseases;
  • Disorders of the thyroid gland.

All other future mums allowedsunbathing on the beach, but be sure to be careful. It is also possible to sunbathe if you have more short term pregnancy, but in the case only if there is no threat of termination of pregnancy, and the above-mentioned cases.

Compatible whether tanning in the sun and pregnancy?

Sunburn during pregnancy - how to tan?All's well that in moderation. As we explained above, the exposure to the sun has both positive and negative sides. Properly to understand them and armed with our recommendations, you can safely sunbathe.

The sun's rays give pleasure to many, they contribute to the improvement of the endocrine glands, enhance metabolism, increase hemoglobin.

The thickness of the surface layer of the skin is increasedthrough sun exposure, skin cells and accelerate the production of melanin pigment that gives it a brownish light that is called - tan. Melanin determines the color of the skin and the reaction in the sun - phototype. Depending on your phototype, you can choose a sunscreen that protects you when you stay in the sun.

How to choose a sunscreen for pregnant women that used to sunbathe?

Almost all sunscreens includechemical filters, but you can use only the expectant mother sunscreen cosmetics for children with lots of SPF. SPF is the protection from sun exposure. When applying sunscreen, do not worry about what will not miss the cream of vitamin D.

Get vitamin D may be the norm for half an hourweek without cream. When a woman is pregnant, her skin on her stomach ceases especially sensitive and thin, so it is necessary to protect the belly and baby, and to impose more cream.

Sunblock protects the body during pregnancya woman and her child from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Before you go to the beach, you need 20 minutes to put the cream, and should definitely check it or not allergies. On arrival home from the beach, you need to put the cream after sunburn.

Useful if instant tan during pregnancy?

A lot of pregnant mothers are not afraid ofthe effects are instant tan. When pregnancy is used for instant tanning, tanning creams, they give the skin a beautiful tanned color is in the natural tan. When using such creams the skin undergoes the action of dihydroxyacetone, which penetrates through the skin into the bloodstream. You can not use this cream, because it harms the child.

Bronzing or instant tan - itnice and quite popular procedure in which the skin gets a nice bronze color in a single session. It is carried out without the ultraviolet rays is performed for 20 minutes. But to get the desired shade is unlikely to happen, since the long stay skin is covered with pigment spots and can burn.

To get an instant tan do not need anycreams and lotions, but you need to know the rules. First you have to warm up the skin and perform its cleansing and moisturizing. Thanks to them, instant tan lies evenly over the body. All women are concerned about how much w instant tan lasts?

Sunburn during pregnancy - how to tan?The answer no one knows, because the tan dependson skin type, from the experience of the master and bronzed composition. Longer-lasting tan that you need not wash for 24 hours, to drink the liquid from the tube, avoid physical exertion, that is not sweat, do not use creams and lotions, then tan will last up to two weeks.

Woman with instant tan is not on the seaswim as the water is very salty skin dries and dehydrates it, so wash off tan within a few hours. But if you want to save an instant tan, it is necessary to put a lot of moisturizer.

Choose the correct methods and tan, watch your well-being, and then the sun will give you a great benefit and pleasure. Enjoy your pregnancy, childbirth and lung health to you and your baby!

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