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How to lose weight during pregnancy: tips for future mummies


Everyone knows that it is impossible to lose weight without proper nutrition. But how to lose weight during pregnancy?

Many say that the period of gestation of the child -not the best time to experiment with appearance and weight loss. Like, in the "family way" a woman should eat delicious, hearty and plentiful. But this statement is far from the truth.

How to lose weight during pregnancy: tips for future mummiesIt also happens that for a normal gestation of his young mom crumbs should carefully monitor the weight, and may also reduce.

In such difficult situations, the question of how lose weight during pregnancy It is very serious. Yes, and those beauties who just want to look good after delivery and superb during gestation crumbs need to take care of their menu.

Therefore, women who have decided to lose weight in pregnancy should understand all the nuances of power during this period, in order not to harm your child and their own health.

How to lose weight in 1 trimester of pregnancy?

In the first trimester, a pregnant woman is rarelyrecovering, as a strong toxicosis and weakness, caused by changes in hormonal levels, are not conducive to appetite. In this period is considered to be a normal gain of 1-1.5 kg. Of course, there are those lucky ladies who from the first trimester of pregnancy want something to chew on. Such beauties quickly appear extra weight, which not only complicate life, but can also have a negative impact on the course of labor.

At the beginning of gestation crumbs important to go to a proper diet, it will not only help to control weight, but also contribute to the harmonious development of the fetus.

From the diet should be removed fast food, toofatty and fried foods, pastry. From hot and spicy foods should be avoided, it is not necessary to burden the liver and kidneys, these organs and so much work. Well, if the daily menu are salads with the addition of green vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil. It is very useful to eat fish during this period.

Discard the fat sour cream, butter, cream, curd give preference to a minimum percentage of fat.

Consuming fruits and vegetables, do not forget about the bread, not only wheat flour and wholemeal. In such products there are fiber and vitamins.

With salt during pregnancy should be careful. This white additive to water retention in the body, which is fraught with edema and inflammatory processes.

As for drinks, the future mother should abandonalcohol and coffee, strong tea ladies, too to anything. Very often during gestation crumbs ladies suffer from iron deficiency, in order to avoid such problems, turn to the diet of buckwheat and nuts. The latter do not abuse, they are high in calories.

By following these simple rules, you can notonly not gain excess weight, and even lose a few unwanted kilograms, if any. Those ladies who feel well and have no contra-indications of the physician is to do gymnastics. Exercises should be smooth and not traumatic. From jumping and running in the tremulous period should be avoided.

How to lose weight in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy?

How to lose weight during pregnancy: tips for future mummiesFrom the second trimester, a woman begins to gainweight of about 300 g per week. Stronger growth should be a wake-kg bell, which notifies that the lady should review your diet.

In general, changes in a woman in the second menutrimester will be minor. Future moms should minimize the intake of carbohydrates. And we are not talking about complex carbohydrates: cereals, etc., and about simple: sweets, cakes, etc.

One should not eat foods that contain a lot of cholesterol. For this food can be attributed yolk of eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese, etc.

In the second trimester should be completely excluded from all kinds of pickles menu, to minimize the addition of white seasoning and limit the amount of fat consumed.

Fruits and vegetables it is possible and necessary. But try to keep the fruit were not strong allergens. For example, excessive consumption of strawberries can cause a number of unpleasant consequences.

The diet should be a lot of dairy products: milk, cheese, yogurt. All these products nourish the body with calcium, which is so necessary now, and the fat layer from such delicacies will not grow.

If your doctor will "good"You can once every 7 days to arrange afasting days. During pregnancy, you can practice an apple or kefir. In the first version allowed to eat no more than 1 kg of green apples a day. If you decide to sit on the kefir, then it is allowed to drink 1.5 liters of drink or replaced by 1 kg of cottage cheese.

If there is a desire and there are no contraindications, continue to engage in sports. However, at this period should be to reduce the intensity of your workouts and no sudden movements. All gently, gently.

How to lose weight in 3 trimester of pregnancy?

During the third trimesterpregnancy and in the last weeks of gestation crumbs dietary recommendations most stringent. Such restrictions do not allow to dial extra kg and develop toxicosis - a very rare occurrence in the later period.

To this period, there was edema and likeconsequence of an increase in weight, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of liquid to 1 liter. Moreover, doctors are advised to consider not only drinks, but also Zizkov in soups as well as the water contained in fruit.

To enhance the metabolic processes and the prevention of edema should be possible to limit, and ideally exclude from the diet of salt.

From the menu should be excluded first courses, cookedon meat or fish broth, as well as fatty gravy on the meat. Prefer vegetable soup, and meat and fish boil, cook for a couple, bake.

No fat, lard and other animalfat should not be consumed. The only thing that is acceptable - a bit of butter. If necessary, cook in vegetable maslitse. It contains many vitamins and nutrients, and will benefit the organism.

If your doctor will not mind, ustaivayte yourself once, and then twice a week, fasting days. They will help you gain a sense of lightness.

If you are wondering how in the last weeks of pregnancy to lose weight even though a couple of kilos would then consider the following tips:

  • How to lose weight during pregnancy: tips for future mummieseliminate from the diet or reduced to a minimum consumption of fast carbohydrates: Medco, sugar, jam and other things;
  • Discard the flour and bakery products;
  • thoroughly clean out fatty foods menu.

Following this advice will not just throw a little weight, but also facilitate the process of childbirth.

Today, we discussed how to lose weight during pregnancy, and to eat in each trimester to a pipsqueak developed normally, and no extra kg stuck.

Perhaps someone tips may seem inefficient, but to experiment on the body, and even more so to sit on a rigid diet in the period of childbearing, it is strictly prohibited.

Any changes in your diet, discuss with your doctor. Take care of the future baby's health and your own. Have fun and light delivery!

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