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Childbirth without pain - a pleasant and long-awaited event in the life of a woman


Pregnant women are eagerly awaiting the birth of their baby, but almost everyone is afraid of the pain of childbirth. To avoid possible discomfort, if prepared for this process,

Pregnant women are looking forward to the birthchild, but most of them are afraid to attack this point, since childbirth accompanied by pain. However, if you properly prepare your body physically and mentally, you can do childbirth enjoyable process.

Why is there pain?

Childbirth without pain - a pleasant and long-awaited event in the life of a womanMost pregnant women are turning to midwives toto conduct a caesarean section to give birth without pain. According to obstetrician-gynecologists, such abdominal surgery brings more discomfort, as characterized by a prolonged postoperative period.

In addition, children born naturally, much stronger and healthier, so you should make every effort to pass over natural childbirth without pain.

Even before the onset of labor activity,pregnant women are wondering what kind of pain during labor they have to move. Pain in the first half of births, when only start fights, arises from the fact that there is cervical dilatation, which are a large number of pain receptors.

Is reduced and the uterus itself, stretched her ligaments changes the pressure inside the abdomen. In gynecology such pain is called visceral, it is stupid, can not have a specific place of localization.

Pain in childbirth during their second half, when itstart attempts, caused by stretching of the ligaments in the lower part of the birth canal in promoting the fruit. This pain is called somatic, it is an acute, localized in the vagina, rectum and perineum.

Experts note that the discomfort in pregnant women may be worse in these situations:

  • painful menstruation;
  • first childbirth;
  • long-term and preterm labor;
  • use of oxytocin;
  • lack of psychological readiness of mothers.

The threshold of pain sensitivity in many women decreases fears and experiences in the prenatal period, so the pain they may seem very strong.

Its main reason is the tight muscles,and that interfere with the natural physiological changes that occur in the body mothers. Great fear and experiences expectant mother can lead to amplification of pain. To generations have passed without pain and fear, you should learn to relax.

Can I give birth without pain?

Childbirth without pain - a pleasant and long-awaited event in the life of a womanEven during the childbearing many womenlooking for the answer to the question of how to give birth without pain a healthy baby? Currently, almost every center of obstetrics and gynecology conducted special courses to prepare expectant parents for this important event. At these sessions, you can learn how to give birth without pain, and rid yourself of stress and postpartum depression.

First of all, we should take into account such recommendations of specialists:

  • Childbirth does not frighten a woman, if they do not represent something unknown to her. To do this, you must gather all the information about the birth process and its stages;
  • It is important to learn to relax. If during labor and delivery itself, you can relax, you will have a positive attitude, it will be easier to bear because the pain will be less pronounced;
  • During contractions think about the baby, because at this point it is also scary. Do not forget that the harder the fight, the closer the meeting with a welcome baby;
  • Pain will not be as strong,if you use water. That is why among the modern methods are popular water birth. If you're not ready for this, not necessarily to give birth in the water, you can immerse yourself in the bath only in the first half of the generative process;
  • During labor you need to take the most comfortableposition: you can walk, stand, sit or lie down. It is best to be on all fours, because in such a situation a significant portion of the load is removed from the back, and the pain is reduced;
  • Try to relax between contractions;
  • With the start of each bout begin to breathe deeply and count breaths. With a slow and deep breathing you will be able to calm down and through to 10 will learn, when will the fight;
  • Some women find it becomes easier when they do the massage of the sacrum and neck;
  • The presence of a loved one at the time of labor will provide you with psychological assistance in overcoming fear.

If you are mentally ready for the pre-born child, feel uncomfortable compared to the joy of visiting the baby born will seem insignificant.

Anesthesia: Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many synthetic methods of pain relief, namely:

  • analgesics;
  • local anesthesia;
  • epidural anesthesia.

Some doctors question if women how to give birthpain, they recommend the use of epidural anesthesia. Introduction of special preparations blocks the transmission of nerve impulses from the brain to the pelvis. Selecting a method of anesthesia, the lumbar region of the catheter via a syringe and injected anesthetic drug.

Several years ago, an epidural is only used for women with painful shock, but today every woman can use painkillers if desired.

This anesthesia has many advantages: new mother remains conscious, anesthetic does not penetrate into the blood and the baby is characterized by a minimum number of side effects. However, epidural anesthesia has one drawback - it slows down the process of labor.

During labor a woman is rarely correctlydetermine the degree of pain, so she may request to increase the dose of anesthetic. In addition, the anesthetic effect immediately, but after some time. The anesthesiologist must strictly adhere to the permissible dosage, or full sensitivity to the loss of the pelvis will slow labor, and after all attempts to require active participation of mothers.

Childbirth without pain - a pleasant and long-awaited event in the life of a womanA woman in childbirth is to feel your body,reducing pelvic day and abdominals. If the new mother is not ready to leave the conscious, the doctors have to spend an additional stimulation of labor.

Specialists found that children bornunder epidural anesthesia, difficult to get used to breastfeeding, and have a weak immune system. Epidural anesthesia is not allowed if the woman is prone to allergic reactions, has low blood pressure, back problems, blood clotting problems.

To birth went without complications for the newborn and mothers, it requires a good psychological preparation of the future mother.

Remember that labors for you will last a few hours, and how it will take place, will determine the future life of your child. Easy and fast delivery to you!

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