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Hawthorn during pregnancy: indications and contraindications


Can I use hawthorn during pregnancy. Indications and contraindications for use. How to drink hawthorn: tea, not alcohol tincture, decoction. Precautionary measures

Hawthorn has long been used in bothOfficial, and folk medicine. It is used both for the treatment of diseases, and as a preventive measure. For medicinal purposes, inflorescences, berries and plant leaves are used. At first, he was valued for his blood healing properties, and also treated him with diseases such as dysentery and diarrhea. Now the fruits and inflorescences are prescribed to people suffering from cardiac pathologies.

The fruit of the plant contains many vitamins,Microelements and other useful substances, as well as coffee, ursolic, chlorogenic, ascorbic, citric and tartaric acid. Also included in the composition are cobalt, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, copper and magnesium.

Can I use hawthorn during pregnancy?

Hawthorn during pregnancy: indications and contraindicationsDuring pregnancy, a woman should avoid fatigue, stress and closely monitor health. But since the body experiences heavy loads, this is not always possible.

Especially often the nervous system suffers, soThere are mood swings, excessive irritability. These factors lead to pain in the heart, rhythm disturbance. As a result, the woman experiences the same stress and anxiety.

Everyone knows that the usual drugs haveContra-indications and pregnancy in overwhelming majority refers to their number. In general, during this period it is better to refrain from taking any medications. Therefore, it is preferable to use safer recipes of traditional medicine, based on natural ingredients.

Hawthorn, like valerian, has a calming effect. It lowers blood pressure and reduces the burden on the myocardium. It also has an antispasmodic effect.

The fruits of hawthorn, taken before bedtime, during pregnancy will help make sleep deeper and calm. They also make tea, which has the same effect.

But you need to use this plant extremelycarefully. At the same time during the period of gestation you can drink only decoctions and infusions. In no event can you use tincture. Carefully apply to the poultices, because they can reduce the amount of milk during feeding. It should be noted that excessive use without evidence increases the risk of miscarriage.

Indications for use:

  • Pathologies of coronary vessels;
  • Weakening of the myocardium;
  • Edema;
  • Poor blood circulation;
  • Nervous overstrain;
  • Cardiovascular diseases.

Hawthorn during pregnancy is not always permitted, there are contraindications:

  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Toxicosis;
  • Nadzheludochkovaya tachycardia;
  • Extracorporeal;
  • Vegetosovascular dystonia;
  • Atrial fibrillation;
  • Individual intolerance.

How to use hawthorn?

The plant has several methods of use,For example, it can be added to baking. Dried fruits are ground to a state of flour and cooked from it buns and cookies. It gives confectionery products a unique fruit flavor. And mixing fresh berries with honey, get a wonderful filling for pies.

During the gestation of the child, preference is given to compote, decoction, infusion and tea from hawthorn. It is not recommended to eat fresh berries of hawthorn, jam, alcohol tinctures during pregnancy.

To strengthen immunity, tea is prepared from the dried fruits of the plant. To do this, you need about 15 berries and 3 liters of water.

For a good sleep, for insomnia

Hawthorn during pregnancy: indications and contraindicationsHawthorn during pregnancy can be usedTo solve problems with sleep. To do this, make a cocktail from the infusion of hawthorn and honey. For its preparation, the above ingredients (1 tbsp.), Banana, 2 tsp. Kefir, cinnamon and vanilla to taste. All the ingredients are blended in a blender and drunk about an hour before going to bed.

An alternative option is a non-alcoholic tincture: 50 g of flowers are mixed with 300 ml of hot water, cooled and filtered. The resulting remedy is drunk 15 ml three times a day.

With nervous tension

  • You need 80 g of leaves and 0.5 liters of hot water. The ingredients are mixed, insisted for half an hour and filtered. Drink 100 ml three times a day;
  • You will need berries (1.5 tablespoons) and 300 ml of hot water. Insist 1,5 hours, wrapping the container with a towel, then filter. You need to use it for 30 ml, but no more than 3 times a day.

To reduce heart rate

Broth of hawthorn is cooked during pregnancy as follows: 5 dried berries pour 400 ml of hot water and cook for 15 minutes. Drink a remedy for? Glass twice a day (after breakfast, an hour before going to bed). The same broth is used and if necessary removing from the body excess fluid (with edema).

Precautionary measures

It is necessary to take seriously not only the medicines, but also medicinal herbs, which, in turn, have side effects and contraindications.

Hawthorn during pregnancy: indications and contraindicationsAbuse of hawthorn during pregnancyCan provoke drowsiness, decreased reaction speed, weakness, cardiac rhythm failure, pressure drop. For example, if you eat a whole glass of berries, then there will be quite noticeable malfunctions of the heart rate, and pressure will drop sharply and strongly.

Tincture, decoction, tea from hawthornPregnancy should not be used on an empty stomach. It is recommended to drink them 10-20 minutes after a meal. It is worth noting that some people who are prone to allergies may experience negative reactions, so hawthorn is strictly contraindicated.

This plant is not toxic. Hawthorn is useful and safe with proper application, observance of dosage.

Adhering to all precautionary measures,Having consulted a specialist, you can use it to strengthen the vascular system, reduce the burden on the heart, get rid of high cholesterol in the blood. Pregnant he helps well from edema, insomnia and nervous tension.

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