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Nutrition during pregnancy


Nutrition during pregnancy should be a full and rational

Nutrition during pregnancy should befull and rational. It often happens that during pregnancy diet is broken. The reason for that can be morning sickness, food cravings, as well as unusual taste preferences of pregnant women. Some people manage to pull yourself together and start to eat properly, and someone can not cope with them and take care of your diet.

This leads to such consequences as overweightand disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. From the moment you found out about her pregnancy, you must take care not only about their body, but the body of the baby, so be a responsible approach to their nutrition.

How to eat during pregnancy rationally?

Nutrition during pregnancyUnder a balanced diet to understand set of different foods that should be consumed in this case, depending on gestational age, and of course the distribution of meals throughout the day.

It is desirable, if your daily diet will consist of five meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon snack, dinner. Proper nutrition involves moderation.

If you are pregnant, it does not mean that we must have "for two".

Just food that you consume should be rich in all essential nutrients and trace elements.

Let's look at how to eat atpregnancy. In the first trimester of pregnancy, the body really needs folic acid (B9), which in sufficient quantity is contained in legumes, liver, avocado, asparagus, celery, fish, spinach, nuts.

Protein-rich foods such as fish and meat,You must be present in the diet of expectant mother. It is advisable to use them during breakfast and lunch, as they provide energy for a longer time.

Nutrition during pregnancyBut dinner is better to eat something from dairy products, moreover, it should be easy, because the abundant food may not be the best way impact on sleep and well-being.

In vegetables, fruits and berries is not currentlyrefuse. But it is not necessary to exhaust yourself rigid diets. Especially contraindicated reduced diets that completely exclude the use of one of the components (proteins, carbohydrates and fats).

Proper nutrition during pregnancy - the key to a healthy baby and mother's good health.

How to eat during pregnancy is not necessary?

Nutrition during pregnancyIn the second half of pregnancy, try to eliminate from your diet is too salty and spicy foods, fatty and smoked, a large number of spices and herbs.

Well, probably not necessary to explain that alcohol and tobacco are generally better to refuse from the beginning of pregnancy, and even better - during planning. It is necessary to limit the intake of caffeine.

It is also desirable to be on those products which have been insufficient heat treatment or which may become a source of poisoning and infections.

These include a variety of Chinese and Japanese cuisine,which include in its composition raw fish, raw eggs, fungi, mold cheeses. With seafood, especially oil, is also worth to be careful. Be sure to check that your food was fresh and contain as few preservatives as possible.

Be extremely careful with the medicines. Before use, be sure to consult with your doctor. Take vitamins that I recommend as your doctor.

Nutrition during pregnancyAs we said above, during pregnancy, women are often drawn to some specific
foods, weird flavor combinations. If that does not inflict damage to your health, do not deny yourself this pleasure, but be sure to know the measure.

If you want to chalk, earth or lime, thenYour body simply does not have enough calcium, which help to make up for dairy products: cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, cheese, and greens, almonds, cabbage and broccoli. In this article, we looked at what needs to eat a pregnant woman.

But your health and the health of your child depends not only on food. You have to get enough sleep, do not prevent fatigue.

More likely to be outdoors, go hikingwalking, only it should be done in comfortable clothes and shoes and dust away from the city roads. In general, do everything that was born a healthy baby.

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