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Reasons for leakage of urine during pregnancy


Can periodically urine leak during pregnancy? Symptoms and causes leakage of urine. How to eliminate urine leakage? Why do I have to do the exercises from incontinence

Under incontinence suggests pathology,which does not allow a person to control this process. In such a situation, a complete urination occurs spontaneously, without control sostorony person. However, incontinence during pregnancy has its own characteristics and causes of.

Can periodically urine leak during pregnancy?

Basically, this phenomenon - absolutelyphysiological condition caused by the body and yourself takes place after the appearance of a baby into the world. However, sometimes it indicates the presence of pathologies that require treatment.

How to distinguish between incontinence and leaking water, which occurs during pregnancy? What to do in such a case, and whether it is possible to cure this deviation?

Symptoms of urinary leakage in women during pregnancy

Studies suggest Otomi that such violation affects about a third of all women in the period of gestation, and in the last trimester - about half.

Moreover, this phenomenon may occur at any stage.

  1. Reasons for leakage of urine during pregnancySome women do not even notice it, becauseportions of urine are negligible and are mixed with the natural vaginal discharge. But sometimes women notice wet spots on the underwear, it happens that it does get wet. As a result, we have to constantly change clothes and wear pads;
  2. Often incontinence occurs when the muscle tensionabdominal wall: coughing, sneezing, blowing the nose, physical activity, etc. may become wet underwear when rising from a chair or bed, sit-ups and slopes;..
  3. The leakage of the symptoms include a feeling of incompleteemptying of the bladder during normal toileting, including night time. In the last trimester, especially before birth, desires become more frequent, the urine volume significantly increased, but the portions coming out at a time when it is reduced. In the last weeks of gestation discharge of urine becomes more difficult due to the strong contraction of the bladder.

Why urine leaks periodically during pregnancy

This phenomenon can be explained quite easily. The first reason - relaxation of muscles, including the vagina, bladder. This occurs under the influence of progesterone, which is beginning to actively produce before delivery. As a result, it becomes more difficult to restrain themselves. If the muscles of the perineum and so weak, the leakage increases considerably.

Reasons for leakage of urine during pregnancyIn the course of gestation increases the voltage of the bladder. On it presses grows with plodommatka that leads to compression of the body walls and relax his sphincter.

On the other hand, increases the amount offluid levels, respectively, increases the amount of urgency to the toilet, bladder regularly overflows. Often desires in a toilet there is very sharply, the woman did not even have time to reach it.

Incontinence can occur even in the early stagespregnancy and is sometimes regarded as one of the first signs of a successful conception. In the second trimester of this phenomenon is less common, but still sometimes diagnosed. In most cases, women suffer in the last months, when the bladder is experiencing the greatest load. In addition, urine may leak when wiggling toddler.

The problem is aggravated by incorrectfetal presentation, for example, obliquely or transversely, and when large amounts. The risk group includes women who are not different physical stamina that is less active and have given birth and those who have recently undergone childbirth. In the latter case the muscles simply do not have time to recover from the previous pregnancy.

How to eliminate urine leakage arising during pregnancy?

Since a similar phenomenon - temporary and doesphysiological etiology, the specific therapy is not expected. The exceptions are only infectious-inflammatory processes, which include this condition in their symptoms. If desired, sneeze, cough, you need to cover your mouth. This will reduce the pressure on the diaphragm and bladder. In the standing position should be slightly lean forward slightly bending your knees.

Reasons for leakage of urine during pregnancyMany pregnant practice restriction kolichestvapotreblyaemoy liquid, fearing
exacerbating the problem. However, this may have a negative impact on the woman's condition and her baby. Every day you need to drink up to six liters of plain water, unless, of course, there are no contraindications, such as edema.

However, in the evening you can try a little restrained, but not to give up drink completely. Your doctor may recommend the use of prenatal bandage.

This product will reduce the load on the spine, lower back, internal organs, including mochevydelitelnuyusistemu. You can not lift weights during this period, even if no leakage of urine.

At sensation of incomplete emptying cantry one effective method: the end of the procedure, slightly lean forward. This allows to empty the maximum. Oh, it is not necessary to suffer and to restrain themselves.

As for the recipes of traditional medicine, theany period of gestation is used only on prescription, as harmless at the usual time the grass today can be dangerous. It is worth noting that there are a lot of plants that help to cope with this problem, but first should consult a gynecologist about the appropriateness of their use.

Why do I have to do the exercises on urinary incontinence

World famous Kegel exercises helpback tone the muscles of the perineum and thus get rid of the problem. Gymnastics suggests some exercises that are permitted for use during the childbearing. For example, in this period allowed such training: starting emptied delayed stream for a while, and then continue to the end, but with the pressure. But before proceeding to the gym, you need to make sure that this is allowed during pregnancy. It is best to consult with a leading pregnancy physician.

Reasons for leakage of urine during pregnancyAs for the rest, when leaking urine requiredonly hygiene, timely change underwear or pads. It is worth noting that the panties have to be made only from natural fabrics. Gaskets better to use in extreme cases, for example, when leaving the city. This is due to the fact that such hygiene products contribute to the development of thrush, vaginitis and other gynecological diseases, which is extremely undesirable situation.

Urinary incontinence or leakage of water?

Pathological incontinence differs fromleakage of urine from pregnant modest portions allocated. Similarly, and leaking amniotic fluid. The first is not a dangerous condition. In this situation, only need to more closely monitor the intimate hygiene. However, in the second sluchaeneobhodima medical care.

When the urine starts to leak, it is presentcharacteristic smell and color, although the selection appear in small quantities, but to recognize them almost always is easy. When there is a gradual discharge of amniotic fluid, the fluid is completely colorless and odorless. In this situation it is impossible to independently set a diagnosis. At the first opportunity you need to apply to the consultation. If necessary, after a gynecological examination, the doctor will send an additional study and make recommendations based on the diagnosis.

Physiological urinary incontinence passes alone a few months after the appearance of the child. Otherwise, you must seek professional help.

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