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Antipyretic in pregnancy: what is possible and what is not?


What antipyretic can be pregnant. Can I take "Paracetamol" and "Ibuprofen" during pregnancy? Folk remedies temperature for pregnant women

The woman in the period of gestation significantlyreduced immunity. Particularly dangerous viruses and bacteria in the first trimester. This is because the body weakens the immune system specifically to the fertilized egg has not been torn away as a foreign agent. However, colds are not insured by anyone at this time. The problem arises when choosing a treatment, since many of the usual means for women during gestation contraindicated.

What antipyretic drugs can be administered to pregnant women?

Antipyretic in pregnancy: what is possible and what is not?As is known, the need to reduce theTemperature is not always available. However, the increase of this indicator in the future mother can threaten the fetus. Unfortunately, the list of pharmaceutical drugs is very limited and includes only a few tools.

As for the popular recipes, then their usefulness should be discussed with your doctor, because at first glance harmless herbs can also be dangerous.

The first thing to note - The temperature can rise to backgroundhormonal changes (natural phenomena in this period). However, you can rise on 0,5-1 °. In addition, it is necessary to take into account their condition, for example, if there are no other symptoms of a cold, the expectant mother feels good, then do not worry.

If you have any other warning signs, causing discomfort, you should immediately contact the leading pregnancy doctor.

Can I take acetaminophen?

This drug is the most common.

Antipyretic in pregnancy: what is possible and what is not?Its use during pregnancy in alltiming, as it is believed that he was safe. Doctors confirm its effectiveness and lack of side effects, but in overdose, chronic administration of these can occur. In principle, it applies to any medication being taken uncontrollably.

Regarding safety of paracetamol in the periodPregnancy studies were conducted. It is proved that when used for 28 days may be a violation of the motor and communication skills of the child.

However, the common cold or flu even use it such a long period is not necessary, so we can say that this tool is safe.

Antipyretic candles with paracetamol forpregnant women, as well as other forms of the drug have also analgesic effect. They are prescribed for viral infections, flu, sore throat and other illnesses. It is used at any stage of gestation.

Safe dosage

Antipyretic in pregnancy: what is possible and what is not?It is worth noting that pregnant women are recommendedminimum effective doses of medication, and the same treatment duration. The inserted doctor dosage in any case should not be exceeded. For example, the daily dose for a future mother up to 2000 mg (1 tablet 4 times a day). Preparations based on paracetamol: Panadol, Dolamin, Efferalgan, Alvedon, Taylenon.

Antipyretic Maternity containingparacetamol is not always safe. Before you buy any of them, you need to carefully read the instructions for use. For example, contraindicated substances such as phenylephrine, caffeine, pheniramine.

Like any other medical drug, paracetamol has contraindications. So the choice of antipyretic best left to the doctor, who is required to take into account all the nuances.

Adverse effects of paracetamol: allergy; anemia; agranulocytosis; asepticPiura; renal colic; thrombocytopenia. Side effects are very rare, but the likelihood increases with prolonged use and high doses.

I can ibuprofen during pregnancy?

Antipyretic in pregnancy: what is possible and what is not?This drug is approved for use only in the last trimester.

In the first week, if based on the resultsresearch may be at risk of spontaneous abortion. However, candles and other forms of medications prescribed only for those who have a contraindication to receiving acetaminophen or other fever have been ineffective. In the first and second trimester of ibuprofen administered with caution when the benefits to the mother outweigh the possible risks to the fetus.

on the basis of the ibuprofen drug is contraindicated inthe last week of pregnancy. In addition, it can affect the production of hormones responsible for a generic process. Ibuprofen affects the uterine myometrium. Relatively safe for the reception is the period from the 14th to 27th week.

The daily dose ranges from 1200 to 2400 mg,It is divided into 3 or 3 doses. When naznacheniietogo means is recommended to start treatment with the lowest effective dose. Preparations containing ibuprofen: "Advil" "Nuprin". "Nurofen". "Ibufen".

Antipyretic drugs, prohibited for pregnant women

  1. Antipyretic in pregnancy: what is possible and what is not?"Aspirin" (acetylsalicylic acid);
  2. "Analgin";
  3. "Nimesulide" (Nicita, nimesil);
  4. Biologically active additives (BAA).

These funds are strictly forbidden to receive women during gestation, because the effect on the prenatal development of the child can provoke bleeding.

In addition, they are not recommended to use during breastfeeding.

Natural antipyretics for pregnant women

Antipyretic in pregnancy: what is possible and what is not?A good remedy is different teas with berries.

Dried, frozen and canned fruits are probably many, but if not, then you need to stock up on those still at the planning stage.

Tea from natural fruits, such as raspberries orblackcurrant, well suited for the treatment of colds. In addition, this drink is rich in vitamins and trace elements that will enhance the body's defenses.

Raspberry, lime, honey and lemon - all these productssuitable for controlling the temperature. By reducing the performance of the latter, we must not forget about replenishing fluids. Copious warm drink will allow faster sweat, and then would be displayed along with the toxins and harmful. You can drink green tea, cranberry juice. However, in recent weeks, often have swelling, so plenty of fluid intake is undesirable.

Folk remedies - Is not only all kinds of teas and infusions, andother activities, such as water and air baths. For example, you need to ventilate the room, and then take a cool shower. It should be noted when the thermometer rises above the mark of 38.5 °, can not dress warmly and hide heavy blankets.

Antipyretic in pregnancy: what is possible and what is not?Effective will and cold compresses, whichplaced on the forehead, or ice pack. Especially good wiping vinegar solution. They are harmless at any stage. To prepare the solution needed vinegar concentration of not more than 5%, the essence is not allowed.

Do not use any alcohol-based solutions. Vinegar is suitable for wiping and compresses. The latter can be put on the large arteries, such as the popliteal, chest, elbow.

Sponging, air baths and water treatments are permitted only in the case when there is no fever, and the skin is not pale. Otherwise dispense medication intake.

What to do with an increase in temperature?

Antipyretic in pregnancy: what is possible and what is not?When cold symptoms should bebe sure to visit a doctor, as it can be a disease that requires the use of antibiotics, such as angina. In this case, the earlier treatment is started, the faster the recovery will come.

Expectant mother must remember that cough,sweating, sore throat, persistent fever may indicate a serious infection process, which is more impact on the future health of the child, rather than a woman.

All measures of therapy should be directed to the protection of the child and relief cause.

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