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Why should I be tested for homocysteine?


When planning a pregnancy, among other indicators, and measured the level of homocysteine. Not everyone knows what it is and why you need to take this analysis

Homocysteine ​​- an amino acid that is not synthesized by the body. The body converts it from methionine, an amino acid, too, which is replenished food supply - especially in dairy products.

What is the rate?

This amino acid "Responsible" for the condition of blood vessels, prevents atherosclerotic lesions. During the life of his level changes - increases with age. In men is higher than among women.

Why should I be tested for homocysteine?Homocysteine ​​in pregnancy at the beginning of the firsttrimester below standards - it helps normalize the placental circulation. In the future, it remains below the norm and aligned within 2-4 days after birth.

Norma homocysteine ​​for women - from 4,6-12,44mol / l, the rate is determined invirto - in vitro. Preparation before you donate blood, do not need to - not necessarily come to the lab in the morning and give blood on "Fasting".

If the doctor will refer you directlyat the reception, the specially attending medical institution, do not have to. If pregnancy elevated homocysteine, the state requires mandatory adjustments. This gives the condition of vessels, accumulated in them: cholesterol, platelets deposited on the walls of calcium. The risk of rupture of the vessel or the formation of thrombotic plaques.

Pregnancy and homocysteine

Be sure to measure homocysteine ​​when planning pregnancy. His rise or
decrease negative impact on the state offetus. In some cases, enough to change the normalization of the diet - to exclude from his coffee and products that stimulate its production. It helps to align the level of reception of B vitamins and folic acid.

Why should I be tested for homocysteine?If in the first trimester homocysteine ​​ininvitro assay increased, then continue the pregnancy seriously. In order to bear a child, his level should fall between the first and second trimester, and will not rise. Due to such a change in the blood supply to the fetus by placental circle becomes stable.

Increased homocysteine ​​leads to the following adverse effects. The risk of interruption occurrence of missed abortion.

After an interruption occur complications: recurrent miscarriage or infertility.

Particularly dangerous is that the rate of increase inend of the second - the beginning of the third term, against the background of general stability. In this case, there is a late preeclampsia. Complications cause fetal developmental disorder of organic systems, violation of their functions. Especially dangerous is the development of apnea - when breathing listen to the fetal heartbeat stops. That is, the blood supply for placental range of pathological changes.

Why should I be tested for homocysteine?Children are born underweight, immunethe status of their low, can be diagnosed disease - cerebral palsy, reduction of the natural reflexes, body toning. It affects the future of babies, their mental and emotional development.

Women hatched baby, usually leadpregnancy calendar, which analyze their own condition, noted indicators of different tests at different times. In the calendar you must make and the level indicator of homocysteine. It is very important for the health of mother and unborn child.

How to lower homocysteine

Since this amino acid the body draws fromfermented milk products, it can be concluded - to limit in the diet of cottage cheese, cheeses, yogurt, and the condition is normalized. In no case can not be reduced in the diet of the number of these products - thanks to them replenished supply of calcium in the mother's body, which is almost entirely "Picks up" fruit for the formation of bone. Excess amino acids into the blood stream and excreted from the cell tissue.

If a pregnant woman has a history: endocrine diseases; homocystinuria - a disease based
which is a hereditary factor;hormonal imbalance; thrombophlebitis or impaired renal function due to disease or inflammatory diseases, the protective mechanism fails, and homocysteine ​​in the blood begins to accumulate, destroying blood vessels.

Why should I be tested for homocysteine?The protective function of the organism is destroyed under the influence of drugs: antibiotics from the group of cyclosporins, nitrous oxide, sulfazalina, "Methotrexate" and some others. Pregnant women should use any means to negotiate with medical observing gynecologist - the consequences of self-treatment can be unpleasant effect on pregnancy. This pathology is detected, and in pregnant women who have not given up bad habits - smoking and alcohol abuse.

The risk should be made, and women whoThey consume a lot of coffee and lead a sedentary lifestyle. Normalize indicator easier in pregnant women, which are allocated in the last group - it is enough to lead a healthy lifestyle, and the problem will disappear.

In the presence of chronic diseasestherapeutic measures should be aimed at the normalization of the state, bringing the disease in remission. In some cases, vitamin complexes - Vitamin B and folic acid are essential injection.

Why should I be tested for homocysteine?The level of this amino acid during pregnancyundergoes a continuous monitoring, not all, but only in women with chronic diseases and above suffering from late toxicosis, or already have a history of miscarriage.

They need to regularly give blood and, in the case ofdeviations from the normal figure, immediately contact a gynecologist. The deviation shall not be more than 0.5 mmol / l. In some cases, pregnant women admitted to hospital, where they are under constant surveillance.

Condition requires mandatory treatment - it can affect not only the future health of the mother but also the baby.

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