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Why am I having headaches during pregnancy?


Why there are headaches during pregnancy, are they dangerous for the mother and child, how to treat them and how to avoid their appearance

Headache during pregnancy is not uncommon. Most expectant mothers suffer from them in the first trimester. In cases where a woman has often experienced this ailment, this phenomenon may even more intensify.

Official medicine still can not respond toThe question: why pregnant women are so prone to headaches. There are many hypotheses. Most scientists are of the opinion that they arise against the background of changes in the hormonal background and the nature of blood circulation.

Why am I having headaches during pregnancy?Among other common reasons is:

  • Hypotension or hypertension;
  • Fatigue;
  • Hunger;
  • Dehydration of the body;
  • stress;
  • Lack of physical activity and fresh air;
  • With a decrease in caffeine consumption, abstinence syndrome is often observed, accompanied by a headache;
  • Changes in eye pressure;
  • Sinusitis (inflammation of the paranasal sinuses);
  • Migraine. It arises because of disturbances in the work of the brain vessels. If migraines were previously associated with the menstrual cycle, then there is a high probability that during the period of bearing the child they will disappear.

Treatment of headache that occurs during pregnancy

Many drugs that an ordinary person can take are contraindicated in pregnancy, for example, ibuprofen, aspirin. But the doctor can prescribe them if the woman suffers from migraines.

Future mothers can take paracetamol, but it is recommended to try to eliminate this phenomenon by non-pharmacological methods:

  • Relaxation. Rest can help get rid of stress. Doctors are advised to take a pill and sleep, but you can try only the second part of this recommendation. Very often a good sleep helps and pain "how to take it off". If a woman is exposed to regular stress, it is very good to learn any of the special relaxation techniques, such as meditation or yoga;
  • Address to the physiotherapist. When pain arises from excessive muscle tension or stiffness, a professional physical therapist can help. Most often appoint massages, manual effects, as well as a number of mobilization techniques and exercises that a woman can perform at home;
  • Why am I having headaches during pregnancy?Mode of eating. Any doctor will say that pregnant women should eat a little, but often. Headache during pregnancy can occur because of a drop in blood sugar levels. If the whole day you need to be on the road and on your feet, then it is absolutely necessary to take food with you. In addition, the food should be balanced. It is necessary to give up alcohol and caffeine;
  • Regular physical training. They can help cope with pain caused by stress or severe overexertion. The exercises normalize the amount of sugar in the blood, adjust the respiratory rhythm, the breath disappears. In this case, the body produces endorphins - hormones responsible for vivacity and a surge of energy;
  • Acupuncture. Modern science has not yet studied acupuncture in detail, but there is evidence that it has a good effect on the general condition, relieves headaches and nausea in the mornings;
  • Compresses. In warm water, a piece of bikini or cotton cloth is wetted, squeezed and applied to a sore spot. If a woman suffers frequent pain due to stress, she should apply compresses to the base of the neck. Use both cold and warm;
  • Cool shower is an effective and simple procedureWith migraines. It promotes vasodilation and quickly eliminates discomfort. You can just wash yourself with cool water several times. Thus, even a severe headache quickly recedes;
  • Use small pads filled with wheat or herbs. They are heated in a microwave oven and applied to a sore spot;
  • If an unpleasant phenomenon is caused by sinusitis orNasal congestion, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of dairy products (cheese, yoghurt, milk), because they increase the release of mucus and consequently worsen the condition.

Severe headache caused by migraine, withPregnancy is quite difficult to treat. The doctor can prescribe painkillers, stopping seizures. However, not all can be used, for example, tryptamine-based drugs are strictly contraindicated.

Headache - as a symptom of serious pathology

In very rare cases, it really canTestify to serious pathological processes in the body. For example, if accompanied by pain in the stomach, weakness, vomiting, swelling on the hands, face and feet, this suggests pre-eclampsia - a serious condition that is associated with increased blood pressure.

For pregnant women, this pathology is very dangerous, so if you have the above symptoms, you should urgently call your doctor or call an ambulance.

But in the vast majority of cases this is a temporary and easily eliminated phenomenon.

Frequent headaches that occur whenPregnancy, usually worried about women only until the second trimester. After that, they can completely disappear or appear very rarely. According to experts, this is due to the stabilization of the hormonal background and the completion of the adaptation of the body to pregnancy.


To begin with, you can try to track the pattern between lifestyle and the onset of headaches or migraines.

It is worth noting that it is not always possible to avoid provoking factors, and during pregnancy their number is further increased:

  • Why am I having headaches during pregnancy?Slow walks in the fresh air;
  • Sleep or rest;
  • Use of aromatic oils of mint and lavender. The latter should be used with caution. You can drop a couple of oils on a handkerchief and periodically inhale, when the pain has already manifested itself. And also they are added to creams and oils for massage, used in aromatic lamps;
  • Position of the body. It is necessary to avoid uncomfortable poses, and also is not long in one position;
  • Soothing decoctions based on herbs. Before using them, a specialist consultation is necessary;
  • Avoid stress and overwork;
  • Set the mode of the day and the order of food intake;
  • There are some products that provoke a headache. They should be abandoned;
  • Intensive training. During pregnancy, it is worth avoiding high loads.

If you can not determine the cause yourself,Or it requires the adoption of operational measures, then it is necessary to consult a doctor without fail. Only he can prescribe the correct, effective and, most importantly, safe treatment during pregnancy.

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