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How to use vasoconstrictor drugs during pregnancy?


Often women during pregnancy are the same medications as before. Doing this is highly undesirable, side effects of drugs can adversely affect fetal development

The fact that a woman's body changes whenpregnancy, known to all. No need to be a medical professional to understand - the body has to work for two. Again, it is not necessary to have a medical education, to imagine that all the products and medications used by women, are reflected in the fetal position.


How do vasoconstrictor drugs, is clearalready by name. In the body of the pregnant woman appears 3 circulation - placental, on it a plurality of thin vessels - since this is a temporary phenomenon - the blood is pumped into the uterus to the embryo at first, then to the fetus.

How to use vasoconstrictor drugs during pregnancy?If large vessels action vasoconstrictors minimum, the small blood vessels react to it, which means that the blood supply to the placenta will be violated.

"galazolin" - Is one of vasoconstrictors, itprescribed to ease breathing as a symptomatic treatment - that is, the effect of the disease itself, he has little, it eliminates symptoms - nasal congestion.

Use it if you want to treat suchdiseases of the nose, as bacterial or allergic rhinitis - sinusitis already at its prescribed with caution. If the swelling of the nasal passages will then discharge will not be able to get out, and there will be the risk of complications - frantita.

A-agonists - xylometazoline hydrochloride - is in its structure, causes local vascular narrowing of the arterial bed - that is, the vessels of the nasal sinuses.

Edema removed, breathing is restored, the general condition is facilitated. At the same time stopped by the inflammatory process and reducing the amount of mucus produced ... until the drug acts.

On the question of whether "Galazolin" during pregnancy in the treatment of bacterialrhinitis, respond positively, many gynecologists. If the medication drip into each nostril 2 times a day, 3-4 days medication will not have time to accumulate, and on the development of a fetus use drops virtually no impact.

More harm has on the body during pregnancy rhinitis.

She can not breathe, the fruit is short of oxygen, there is a risk of fetal hypoxia due to placental insufficiency.

How to use vasoconstrictor drugs during pregnancy?But keep in mind that this drug cancause addiction, and very quickly, if it is used for other purposes or for a long time. If the drops easier breathing, do not cause side effects, why not take advantage of them once again to relieve nasal congestion?

And as common physiological rhinitis during pregnancy, dependency "Galazolin" It reflected on the child.

Effects of the use of vasoconstrictive drops

In the annotations to the "Galazolin" clearly stated - is contraindicated in pregnancy.

The effect on the fruit of any drug depends on such factors

  • dose of the active ingredient;
  • gestational age at which it is used;
  • individual female response to this facility;
  • use duration;
  • pregnancy status.

If the light effects of an allergic reactionin the normal state is possible to stop taking antihistamines and heavy - intravenous injections of hormonal drugs, during pregnancy salvage therapy for the mother can seriously affect the child - up to abortion.

The effects of an allergy to "galazolin"Pregnancy can be the following:

  1. How to use vasoconstrictor drugs during pregnancy?The death of the fetus in early pregnancy - up to 3 weeks after conception;
  2. 3-13 weeks - fetal development structure anomalies. At this time the embryo is so sensitive that even a single exposure causes his pathology;
  3. Week 13 onwards. The fetus is fully formed, and the possibility that the effect of this medicine in small doses cause abortion, is improbable. But constant exposure can lead to functional damage to internal organs, causing chronic diseases in the future.

Excess dosage or vasoconstrictor dropstheir long-term use causes persistent vasoconstriction with each impact not only in the nasal sinuses, but also throughout the body. This leads to oxygen deficiency placental circulation.

The nuances of the use of medicines

Doses often are calculated by weightpatients. If the instruction to children's medicines are often clearly indicate the amount of active ingredient per kilogram of body weight, the adult dosage drugs sold without prescription, without carefully calculated.

How to use vasoconstrictor drugs during pregnancy?It can be specified - up to 45 kg of weight so much, after the usual dosage.

Physicians often individually calculated dose - possible to assume that the patient with a weight of 50 kg and 120 need to improve the different amounts of drug.

Children's drug on the body of a normal adult human therapeutic effect was not able to, but the side effects, if they are destined to occur, manifest fully.

"Galazolin" child during pregnancy is able to facilitate breathing only in double dosage, so buy it impractical.

Rhinitis during pregnancy

Treatment of rhinitis during pregnancy is always required to carry out under the supervision of a gynecologist, not to take risks, not to buy drugs in the manual which clearly states: Contraindications - Pregnancy.

How to use vasoconstrictor drugs during pregnancy?Doctor, assigning a particular drug comparesthe risks of the disease and the use of a medical device for general - on their own, without medical education, it is not recommended to assess the impact.

There are a lot of drugs,removing congestion, and safe for pregnant women - it sprays to wash the nose, drops of natural ingredients, silver colloid. Why do not you stop them?

Yes, if it is difficult to breathe future mom, it is also difficult to account for, and the baby, who is protected by it.

Relief of breath and swelling of the mucous removal is necessary, but the process has to choose the doctor treatment. Even if a pregnant before "I have always been" galazolin " and this is her "Favorite drug"She must understand - now think should be not only about themselves.

This means choosing not that comfortable and familiar, and those drugs that do not harm the future baby.

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