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Fainting in pregnancy: causes, symptoms, dangers and precautions


During pregnancy a woman feels a lot of unpleasant symptoms. Especially dangerous are fainting during pregnancy is a threat to the health of mother and child

Many women learn about pregnancy occurson grounds such as malaise and weakness. This process is caused by the changes taking place in the female body, which is necessary to get used to. However, apart from the weakness in women can occur dizziness and even fainting during pregnancy.

Such a condition causes significant experience in the expectant mother. Let's find out what dangerous fainting and whether there is reason for concern!

Causes of syncope

Fainting in pregnancy: causes, symptoms, dangers and precautionsFainting is a short-term lossconsciousness arises as a result of insufficient supply the brain with oxygen. In this case, the brain loses many nutrients and oxygen.

Why female body is subject to major changes, which appear transient loss of consciousness, especially in early pregnancy?

Causes of dizziness and loss of consciousness may be different, among them experts call the following factors:

  • Changing circulation. During childbearing vasculature in the pelvis increases, the uterus begins to intensively supplied with blood. In the early stages of pregnancy fainting may occur due to the fact that the body has not had time to reorganize and these adaptive mechanisms do not have time to provide the new needs of the female body. It is for this reason is often brain hypoxia;
  • Lowering blood sugar levels. Insufficient amount of glucose in the brain may also trigger fainting during pregnancy. sugar level in the body can be reduced as a result of long breaks between meals;
  • Sharp movements. A pregnant woman is desirable to avoid a sharp change in body position, because it causes a decrease in blood flow in the cerebral vessels and lowering blood pressure;
  • Fug. Pregnant may lose consciousness, is in close and stuffy rooms, because under these conditions is not enough blood is supplied with oxygen
  • The increase in the uterus. With the growth of the fetus and the uterus increases, it compresses large blood vessels, the blood circulation gets worse, and blood flow to the heart and the brain slows down;
  • Toxicosis. Many expectant mothers during childbearing observed toxicosis. He is accompanied by dehydration, which resulted in much worse vascular blood supply, there are disturbances of brain power.

In addition to the reasons caused by the new position of women,can provoke fainting and physiological problems, unrelated to pregnancy. Among such causes fainting in pregnancy related illness, causing a violation of cerebral circulation.

Determining the causes of loss of consciousness at the time ofpregnancy is a must, because of this depends on the child's development. Knowing the causes of this state of the expectant mother, experts are taking measures aimed at their elimination.


A woman may feel faint approximation, it can help identify these symptoms:

  • blurred vision;
  • standing on unsteady legs;
  • dizziness;
  • weakness;
  • blurred consciousness.

When syncope is approaching, there are features such as desudation, Chills or fever, a feeling of pulsation in the temples, the formation of dark circles under the eyes, paleness of the skin, decreased blood pressure.

What is the danger of such a state

The appearance of signs of fainting during pregnancy is very alarming a woman, because such a state really can be dangerous for her and for the baby.

Fainting in pregnancy: causes, symptoms, dangers and precautionsIf the entire period of gestation of the child suchCases have been observed several times, they do not constitute a danger to the expectant mother and her baby, but still important to try to avoid fainting.

Specialists with frequent cases of loss of consciousnesssee the danger for pregnant that worsens blood flow to the entire body, in addition, a fall may cause serious injury. For a kid his mother fainting dangerous insufficient supply of oxygen in his body.

Doctors also suggest raising the risk of miscarriage andpremature birth. Even if the baby is developing properly, during labor and delivery may be some problems caused by the weakness of the female body.

How to help a woman

Regardless of what caused the loss of consciousnesswhile carrying a child, a woman is required to provide first aid and call a doctor. If a pregnant woman fainted, it is necessary to put on the bed so that his feet were on the same level with his head. Then you need to rastegnut tight clothing and open the windows. Sprinkle the woman's face with cold water or wipe with a wet towel.

To the woman quickly lead to feelingsbring to a nose ammonia. As soon as she regains consciousness, give her a sweet tea or a glass of water with a valerian. From medication should be discarded, determine the cause of fainting and prescribe treatment can only physician.

Features of treatment

If a woman has several times during pregnancyfainted, it is essential to treatment. It refers to the elimination of the reasons that caused the fainting. Your doctor may allow a treatment in the home, if he does not see serious reasons for this phenomenon. In this case it is important normalize blood pressure and lead a healthy lifestyle.

According to the majority of gynecologists, the expectant motheruseful to carry out feasible exercise. Expecting the birth of the baby, not necessarily lie on the couch, after pregnancy - is not a disease. Expectant mother will benefit walks, light gymnastics, swimming, however, if there are no contraindications.

A well-chosen exercises favorablyaffect the condition of blood vessels, tones the body and strengthens the heart. Light exercise normalizes blood circulation and prevent the occurrence of loss of consciousness.

Low pressure can drink tea from these herbs,like St. John's wort, rose hips, strawberries, juniper. However, they can not make their own, it is important to consult a specialist, because the herbs are potent agents.

Precautionary measures

Women often faint during pregnancy,so if you started to notice dizziness and malaise, spend prevention of loss of consciousness. Start strengthening your body better as soon as possible, even in the first trimester or even at the stage of conception planning.

It is known that a well-rested and sleep woman less amenable to risk-headed appearance. The daily duration of the expectant mother should be rest for about 12 hours.

Also, fewer women swoon,adhere to a balanced diet. Everyone knows how important in this period of nutrients to the female body, especially it should not require folic acid and iron. For pregnant dairy products are useful, lettuce and meat.

Doctors recommend eating rabbit meat, after allit is most minimal amounts of saturated fatty acids, which adversely affect the blood vessels, causing atherosclerosis.

In order to avoid in the first or second trimester of pregnancy fainting, keep still and expert advice are:

  • eliminate a long stay on his feet;
  • not dramatically change the position of the body;
  • regularly ventilate the room;
  • avoid persistent odors with them, try to have the ammonia;
  • Fainting in pregnancy: causes, symptoms, dangers and precautionsdo not skip meals, drink plenty of water;
  • Do not overheat in hot weather cools;
  • less use public transport, give preference to pedestrian walks;
  • feeling the approach of syncope, notify the people around you, they will help you;
  • Do not wear tight clothing and do not sit cross-legged;
  • remember that you are categorically forbidden hot tub.

If all of these simple tips, you can minimize the risks of syncope to fend for herself and her child from danger.

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