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Do I need to be protected during pregnancy?


Do I need to be protected during pregnancy? Gynecologists recommend doing this, as the vaginal mucosa can harbor bacteria that lead to thrush

For future parents, the waiting period for the baby -One of the happiest in their life. Especially if the baby is welcome and long-awaited. A woman begins to take a more responsible attitude to her health, and any changes are alarming. She tries to protect herself from unfavorable situations and make her life as comfortable as possible. Proper nutrition, the regime of the day, outdoor walks are needed, but the couple is worried about another, no less important issue.

Not only men, but also women are interested in whether it is necessaryTo be protected during pregnancy. Young couples worry that a multiple pregnancy can result, and also think about whether the unprotected sexual intercourse will cause harm to a woman or a fetus.

What is the danger?

Do I need to be protected during pregnancy?Opinion of gynecologists about whetherTo be protected by means of a condom at pregnancy was divided: someone considers or counts what to do or make it it is completely not obligatory, others are assured, that such measure is necessary.

In preserving the health of mother and childImmunity plays an important role. If it is weakened, then any cracks in the mucous membrane of the vagina can inflame, which will lead to thrush, cyst and other problems.

The danger arises even in the case when a manAnd the woman does not observe the rules of personal hygiene. Infection and bacteria quickly take root in the body of a woman and can harm the fetus. To live an open sex life is possible in the event that partners do not have sexually transmitted diseases, a woman does not have allergic reactions to sperm, and there is no threat of abortion.

When a woman is in a position, the acidic environment of the vagina can change. Therefore, with any alarming symptoms, unpleasant discharge, you must always use a condom.

Thrush and Candidiasis of Pregnant Women

Do I need to be protected during pregnancy?Thinking about whether you can protect yourselfPair during pregnancy, it is worth remembering that women who like to eat sweet, eat a lot of smoked foods and do not follow a diet, the work of the adaptive mechanisms of the body is disrupted. Therefore, thrush, and sometimes candidosis of pregnant women, may appear. Such an environment creates favorable conditions for pathogenic microorganisms that take root on the mucous membrane. They are present in the partner's sperm, so multiple infections are possible.

To avoid the risk of infection, you must use a condom. Moreover, such a situation is dangerous to her only for a woman, but for a man - he too can get a thrush or candidiasis.


In medical practice, there were cases when during pregnancy in the body of a woman there was another conception. This phenomenon is called "Superfetation".

Do I need to be protected during pregnancy?If another healthy egg appears during the menstrual cycle, then, under certain circumstances, it can also impregnate.

A comparison of the set of chromosomes can be made afterChildbirth. Such babies are not twins, although they are born on the same day. As a rule, they develop in different ways, and one of them is much weaker than the other. Steam, past superfetation, very little, but still they are. Therefore, it is advisable to protect yourself during pregnancy.

When you can not have sex?

Although pregnancy can not be called a disease, there are situations when sex is contraindicated for women:

  • Do I need to be protected during pregnancy?If there is a threat of interruption;
  • When the uterus is in a tonus;
  • If diseases that negatively affect the course of pregnancy are diagnosed;
  • Women at risk for miscarriage;
  • Pathology of the cervix, bladder tearing.

Whether it is necessary to protect partners during pregnancy is a personal matter for each couple. Sex is, of course, good, but do not forget about spiritual unity, mutual respect and love.

If even a protected sexual intercourse delivers discomfort to one of the partners, then it is worth looking for compromises.

A pregnant woman is subject to various fears and experiences, and a man needs to take this into account. The child feels the mood of the mother, so regular stress will be negatively reflected on it.

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