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What expectorant drugs will not bring harm to mother and child


Expectorants during pregnancy - how to choose the right? Are traditional methods of treatment of bronchitis in pregnant women? How do I know whether a means harm to the fetus?

Well-known fact that pregnant women are morevulnerable to various diseases, appeared out of nowhere. It is really in this period, the body of the future mother there is an additional important task - to take care of the fruit.

Therefore, the body more relaxed. Even when you cough need to be as cautious and carefully select all - both warm clothes, and drugs to treat.

What you need to know the expectant mothers to avoid mistakes in the treatment of cough?

During gestation do not be careless, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail, because everything in this world has a butterfly effect. That is all ultimately has consequences.

What expectorant drugs will not bring harm to mother and childIf you start to cough, in any case it is not necessary to treat it carelessly. After all, any cold at the wrong treatment can lead to bronchitis or even pneumonia.

We must individually select expectorantspreparations, various folk remedies for spitting during pregnancy and everything that can quickly and without injury to bring you to a full recovery. So the longer you support, the more relaxed your body and the fetus is in danger.

Why during pregnancy in the presence of coughso it is important to use the funds for spitting? Yes, because it reduces the level of discomfort, as well as safeguard the fruit of a possible fetal hypoxia.

But there is a big problem in choosing the rightmethods - their number is very small (I mean the ones that give the desired effect in a short time and do not harm your child). What is an expectorant can be taken during pregnancy? The necessary preparations are beginning to choose a start on what trimester of pregnancy at the time of the woman. For example, in a dry coughing during the first trimester is forbidden to take mucolytic drugs. Their reception is allowed only in the later rows and after a detailed medical examination. Often expectorant drugs on the properties of the composition are similar to morphine, the reception is absolutely prohibited.

There are in fact, and folk methods and herbs for spitting during pregnancy, the purpose of which - to help get rid of the disease, which exhausts the mother's body.

What types can be divided expectorants during pregnancy?

Only two groups can be distinguished, which are divided into drugs for the treatment of cough:

  • sekretomotornym means - contribute to the rapid release of phlegm;
  • bronhosekretoliticheskie means - contribute to the dissolution of sputum, and their removal from the mother's body.

In order to raise the level of mucus and sputum in the disease, we must not forget about the regular therapy, which is prescribed by the doctor.

We must remember that there are medications that are prohibited during pregnancy, whatever the term of the account:

  • "Ascoril";
  • "ACC";
  • "Ascoril expectorant";
  • "Dzhoset";
  • syrup "Pertussin";
  • "Travisil".

And also need to know the good that could be your panacea for the treatment of bronchitis during pregnancy:

  • What expectorant drugs will not bring harm to mother and childSyrup of licorice root;
  • marshmallow root;
  • "Mukaltin";
  • "Bromhexine";
  • "Bromhexine Berlin Chemie ';
  • "Bronhikum";
  • "Bronchipret";
  • "Dr. Mom";
  • "Dr. Theiss";
  • dry cough mixture;
  • "Theraflu".

Are there popular ways to deal with the disease harboring at the kid?

At this time, we recommend to use as much as possibleMore warm drinks, such as milk with soda, tea with honey and lemon. There will also be useful expectorant herbs during pregnancy, including thyme, thyme. doctors often recommend treatment with inhaled with soda.

If you practice folk therapies,you can buy in any pharmacy chamomile, plantain leaves, mint, mother-and-stepmother. But this can be done only after consultation with a doctor. It is often even on natural ingredients and simple women are allergic. And to prevent its appearance from you if you are pregnant, it is impossible.

You can make some of expectorantsdrugs in pregnancy and most homes on their own. Wanted to take a tablespoon of leaves mother and stepmother, and mix it with raspberry fruit. All of this pour boiling water and let it brew. Another way - is to mix a small amount of baking soda and salt in a glass, fill with warm water and drink preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.

If you have been struggling with the disease, then you should take a decoction of the root of marshmallow. It will help bring phlegm and relieve your condition.

Unbelievable but true, that a good way to treat the disease is common radish. It includes many useful trace elements and vitamin C.

The use of this root gives a lot of positive:

  • What expectorant drugs will not bring harm to mother and childincrease and improve appetite;
  • raising protective immunity;
  • improvement of the process of digesting food;
  • improvement of metabolism in the body.

A popular use in the treatment of cough radish is considered to be the addition of honey to the juice.

This is an effective expectorant method which also calms the cough and strengthens the mother's body, has a bactericidal effect.

It is important to properly prepare this medicine. It is necessary to pour the honey into the hole on the root 6 hours to juice could be formed. So, honey can infuse and essential oils slightly weaken their actions. It is an expectorant should be taken in small doses - 1 tablespoon three times a day. If the pregnant uterus is in a calm state, then the woman can receive the panacea, as there is no threat of miscarriage.

Radish and honey are good for the treatment of bronchitis and coughnot only in pregnant women, but also among other people of any age and gender. Of course, there are exceptions. People who have a weak heart, thyroid, have a stomach ulcer, the use of this tool is prohibited.

There are a number of professionals who do not recommenddrinking radish and honey. Especially it is not recommended during pregnancy expectorant 1 trimester. Because honey has allergenic properties, and radish there are essential oils that give the tone of the uterus. This may cause a miscarriage. But all this and much more individually, this method helps. The main thing is to know the weak points of his body and beat them at random, and get advice from a doctor on the basis of the facts to choose the necessary methods of healing.

Remember, dear women, pregnancy - isa very challenging period in your life and should treat it very seriously, and when selecting the right drugs to cure any disease it is necessary to consult a doctor.

All methods of treatment to be applied strictlythe quantities and under such scheme that has already been assigned by your doctor. This will help protect against the negative effects of self as a pregnant woman, and child.

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