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colostrum Education in pregnant women


Often during pregnancy in women from breast appear allocation, called colostrum. This process is due to the preparation of the body for breastfeeding

Every mother, look forward to the emergence oflight your kid wants her to have enough milk. But at the same time revealing the discharge from the breast, their appearance reminiscent of the milk, the woman begins to worry, everything is fine with her health. But do not worry, and it is better to learn more about the development of breast milk in pregnant women.

What is colostrum

colostrum Education in pregnant womenColostrum during pregnancy - this is the first, evencrude milk. It contains a lot of useful and nutrients. Experts say that the first allocation of much high-calorie breast milk, which is produced after birth.

It plays an important role for the baby: It helps the body of the newborn to adapt to the new world. Therefore, if you notice that you get colostrum, do not worry, this is just one of the forerunners of what you will soon become a mother.

The process of production of colostrum

When a pregnancy colostrum, exactlywe can not say, as every woman's body is different. This usually occurs in the second trimester of gestation baby, sometimes a woman may not even know that she has colostrum, but with pressure on the nipple of it appears clear liquid.

This process is considered quite a natural phenomenon, because, so the female breast is prepared for the upcoming baby feeding.

Isolation of crude milk is not harmfulWomen's or child's body, on the contrary, in such a situation, the expectant mother should be no worries about what to feed your baby immediately after birth.

At first it sticky, thick and yellow substance, butthe closer the birth, the more transparent it becomes. Therefore, the question of the color of the colostrum of pregnant women, experts say that it can be white, and transparent, and yellow.

Sometimes during pregnancy, when the activebegins to produce crude milk, a woman may feel itching, a burning sensation and movement in the area of ​​the nipple. Do not be scared, the fact is that the pectoral muscles are starting to push it to the nipple.

Sometimes it happens that colostrum duringPregnancy is not produced, it is also quite normal and is not a cause for serious experiences. In principle, it should not be produced before the birth, if it is not at gestation, it does not mean that it will not appear on the birth of your baby.

These two processes are not linked,so do not focus on this their attention, better take care of the health, eating fresh vegetables and fruits, sleep more, and walk in the fresh air.

Obstetricians and gynecologists say that such allocation of milk may appear in the first months of pregnancy, is associated with increased and swelling of the mammary glands.

Normally during pregnancy due to the allocation of colostrum such reasons:

  • massage;
  • myocardial stress;
  • sexual stimulation of the breast;
  • high air temperature.

All these factors contribute to the expansion of the ducts, so to say with accuracy, when pregnant women receive colostrum, is quite difficult.

Norma or rejection?

colostrum Education in pregnant womenIt should be understood that during pregnancya woman's body may be some violations, which entail major changes. That is why the entire period of gestation of the child it is important to monitor the own organism. You need to know not only when there is colostrum, but also how it looks.

Inspect their mammary glands, in case of occurrence of deviations can be corrected in a timely manner, this process in the right direction.

Experts identify such signs of normal infants discharge in pregnant women:

  • Colour. Discharge from the nipple should be yellowish in color, closer to the birth, they become lighter. Sometimes women notice that near the end of the second trimester, in colostrum appear blood blotches. Do not panic right away, because this phenomenon can only be a sign of hormonal changes the body, but be sure to tell your gynecologist;
  • Amount. There are the normal values ​​amount of colostrum, all women, it stands out in many ways. In one day, you may receive only 1-2 drops, in others it is formed in large quantities - and that, and another is the norm;
  • The absence of other signs. Increased formation of secretions from the breast increases the oxytocin - a hormone that can cause uterine tone. In the normal course of pregnancy first release of breast milk does not represent a danger for the baby fetus. However, if you notice that the discharge from the breast you feel worse, there was a heaviness and pain in the abdomen, it is a very serious signs for concern. The appearance of such signs may indicate a higher risk of miscarriage, so she detection of discharge should immediately consult a doctor.

If your discharge from the breasts meet these criteria, then you have a pregnancy is proceeding normally.

How to care for breast

colostrum Education in pregnant womenDuring pregnancy, when a woman appeareddischarge from the breasts, while she knows what color they should be required only proper care of breasts. First of all, you should use sanitary pads to the chest.

It is also necessary to regularly wash daychest with warm water without the use of feminine hygiene products. Rinsing the chest, you can avoid the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, because colostrum is this favorable environment.

In no case can not apply pressure on the chest whenappearance of colostrum as breast stimulation will increase the level of oxytocin, dangerous for pregnant women. To you calmly bear a child, and not experienced in this period due to the occurrence of discharge from the breast, you need to know what it looks like colostrum during pregnancy.

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