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Can I drink tsitramon pregnant: bungy drug action


Can pregnant tsitramon? Effect of aspirin on pregnancy. Admission tsitramona in the early stages. Effects of use tsitramona. Can I drink tsitramon nursing mother?

Citramon - a very common remedy for headache and temperature. But during the period of gestation, many usual medicines are strictly forbidden. And what can we say about this tool?

Can pregnant women drink tsitramon?

Can I drink tsitramon pregnant: bungy drug actionAs part of this preparation contains acetylsalicylic acid, so it is teratogenic, ie can disrupt fetal development.

Particularly desirable applications for the firsttrimester - the period when the basic form of the system, and the baby organs. However, in the later stages it is no less dangerous, as the drug is able to weaken the generic activities provoke bleeding and closing of the aortic flow in a child.

Effect of acetylsalicylic acid during pregnancy

Overdose can lead to vehicledeafness, ulcers, changes in the blood, central nervous system dysfunction in the future or nursing mothers. As for the child, the drug increases the risk of Reil syndrome (dead finger syndrome).

Can I drink tsitramon pregnant: bungy drug actionUnder the influence of components of the drug seizures occur one or more fingers. This is caused by improper blood flow, which in itswhich may cause gangrene. Therefore, most experts advise to refrain from taking it in the presence of a headache during gestation, breastfeeding. Also, it is forbidden for children under 18 years.

Aspirin is able to thin the blood, which is fraught withbreakthrough bleeding. When the uterus is in good shape, and inelastic blood vessels, bleeding is profuse, the fetus may experience hypoxia, which will lead to different pathologies. In addition, placental circulation deteriorates.

Citramon early pregnancy headaches

In the early stages in the body is a series ofmetamorphosis. They are exposed, and the vessels, constantly clenching and unclenching. As a result, sudden pressure changes can trigger migraines. Of course, the two tablets tsitramona completely remove the symptoms, but can cause harm to the fetus - trigger the development "Cleft lip" and "Cleft palate". These birth defects can be eliminated only by means of surgical intervention.

It is worth noting that the expectant mother and he can hurt.

Side effects are available for all medicinal products, tsitramon is no exception:

  1. Can I drink tsitramon pregnant: bungy drug actionIncreased nervous excitability;
  2. Sleep disturbances;
  3. Renal failure;
  4. Internal bleeding;
  5. Disorders of blood coagulation (thinning);
  6. Allergic reactions;
  7. Abnormal liver function.

It is worth noting that the doctors opinion about his reception divided. Some prescribe it without hesitation, others - strongly advise and recommend Nospanum.

In addition, you must determine the cause of the headache. Perhaps, they are even manage to get rid of withoutaid medicines. For example, they can be caused by stress, nervous or physical fatigue, certain foods (nuts, cheese, chocolate), hormonal changes, abrupt change of weather, lack or, conversely, excess sleep.

To facilitate state if other methods are nothelp (to rest, to sleep, and so on. p.), it is better to drink paracetamol or no-silos. When migraine disturbed intestinal motility, nausea, vomiting, then take a combination of paracetamol and caffeine. Last accelerates the suction capacity, so the remedy for headache will work faster.

The consequences of drinking during pregnancy tsitramona

Citramon contraindicated during this period, asIt contains acetylsalicylic acid, a particularly dangerous in the first and last trimester. It can cause malformations of the baby and prevent the normal flow of labor.

The effects include:

  1. Can I drink tsitramon pregnant: bungy drug actionThe closure of the ductus arteriosus. As a result, developed hyperplasia in vessels of the lungs, as well as hypertension in the blood vessels of the pulmonary circulation;
  2. Weak labor;
  3. Excessive bleeding during childbirth due to blood thinners.

Can I take tsitramon nursing mother?

Can I drink tsitramon pregnant: bungy drug actionDespite the fact that the product containscaffeine and vitamin C, gives energy, acetylsalicylic acid is dangerous. Any substance taken a woman into breast milk, and with it and to the baby in the body.

As it is known, tsitramon disabled children. From this it follows that tsitramon contraindicated fornursing mothers, because it will harm the child. In this case you should either replace the drug on a more secure (paracetamol, ibuprofen), or a time to stop breastfeeding.

Should I take tsitramon a pregnant woman?

Many practitioners Gynecologists allow their patients to this drug. This does not preclude its use as a second-trimester and throughout the period of gestation. They argue that this remedy can be taken from headaches pregnant.

Can I drink tsitramon pregnant: bungy drug actionBut some experts are categorically setagainst, and allows the use of safer drugs, for example, the aforementioned no-silos. The best option, of course, is a complete rejection of drugs.

It is better to lie down and relax, take a refreshinga shower or a warm bath, a walk in the fresh air or enjoy other pleasant chores. There may be all sorts of useful and yoga exercises, which, incidentally, is very useful to deal with expectant mothers.

Outside of pregnancy are quite a tsitramonasecure, using it at the slightest discomfort, but after conception and during lactation, it can cause irreparable damage, especially when used systematically. Thus aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) can penetrate through the placental barrier regardless of gestational age, as in the first and in the last trimester.

Uncontrolled medications, not only tsitramona, threatening side effects, not only the baby but also the mother of the future, and this must be avoided, especially during the period of gestation.

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