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Choosing the hospital and doctor: on what term to do so, what principles guide?


Upcoming generations - an exciting event in a woman's life. It is important to think everything through, and the most important thing - to choose the hospital, where qualified doctors will provide care and mother and newborn

Waiting for the birth of a child is probably the most importantperiod for women. At this time, it is important to pay special attention to health. It is equally important to choose the hospital where the baby will be born, and the doctor that he and my mother in this help.

Choosing the hospital and doctor: on what term to do so, what principles guide?In the old days women had to give birth in a hospital at the place where they are registered, but that's in the past.

Modern moms can choose the hospital itself, but many doubt whether there is such an opportunity.

By law it is only necessary to know the future giving birth, that you should consider when the choice.

Basic principles

Do not put off the decision to issue. It is believed that the search for a suitable clinic should start closer to the 30th week. pregnancy. But there are other opinions. So when you need to start thinking about which hospital to choose?

Better to do it in the early stages of gestation, and here's why:

  • So you gain time to gather information about all the clinics and their doctors, and analysis .;
  • Finding doctors and the hospital in advance, you will be able to consult with him from the earliest stages of pregnancy, finding a doctor is better. So you and your doctor will be easier during labor;
  • Women expecting a baby, often prone to poor health, which is more pronounced with time. On the late-term future mother can wait any whim of the health and mood.

What to consider when choosing a clinic?

Proximity to home

At first glance it may seem that thisfactor is not so important. But it must be taken into account. First, think about how you are going to transport to get to the hospital before delivery - by car or by "coach" Ambulance.

Do not forget about the future baby daddy, who will need to visit you and the baby. Determine how important it is for you to clinic locations, and where it should be.


Not all, even modern hospitals havespecialization. Incubation of the baby and birth - a process that does not always proceed smoothly. It can complicate a number of factors, which depend on the pregnancy itself, on the health of mother or baby.

In that case, you need to choose the hospital where doctors with additional knowledge and experience are working. Specialists will help cope with the difficulties.

Maternity hall

From its equipment often it depends on how easy it iswill flow generation. Some mothers give the baby a life under normal conditions, and some of you must have the ball, shower, wall bars, etc. All these devices allow relieve pain during labor.

If you are all important, ask whether the clinic is able to provide you with everything you need, when the need arises.


Each hospital conducts disinfectantactions after a certain period of time. You should find out whether such activities are carried out in the selected hospital, at what time they are scheduled, and if they fall on the date when you will want to give birth.


Conditions in different hospitals can bequite different. Of course, the young mother needed comfort, so you should find out whether the clinic is able to provide it to you. Ask how many pregnant women will lie to you in the same room, and whether the latter is equipped with a shower, toilet. If not equipped with, find out how far away the bathroom.

Do family visits are forbidden inthe hospital? It is important to consider when you choose a hospital, because your family can refuse if they will need to see you and the newborn. It is desirable that in the clinic building was a pharmacy in case you or your child will need any medication.

It is worth to the presence in the room kettle, fridge, microwave oven. Some hospitals have TVs. If you have given your sympathy clinic without such "luxuries"Guided by personal preference, find out whether it has a snack bar, a dining room.

Optional equipment

Apart from good conditions for some expectant mothersmajor role played by the presence of additional medical equipment in the hospital. It may be necessary in the event of an emergency, when the baby or the mother need special assistance. This issue should be discussed with the gynecologist, a leading pregnancy.

Knowing the state of health of you and your baby's doctorHe is able to say whether you will need during labor or after additional help. If you are too insecure, it is better if the hospital will be equipped with this equipment.

Paid or free

Choosing the hospital and doctor: on what term to do so, what principles guide?Every new mother knows that it is impossible to have a completely free. With preferences, including not only medical, but also "script"Childbirth, delivery room conditions, chamber, medical equipment, often have to pay a lot of bills.

And even that is not always a guarantee of a good relationship with your doctor, successful labor, decent health care. Not all pregnant women have the means to pay for the contract delivery.

In this regard, some of expectant mothers and theirrelatives prefer to pay for the services, giving money personally doctor (ie bribe). This approach gives us confidence that he will pay due attention to qualitatively carry out their work. Practice shows that this is not always the case. Therefore it is better to use legal means to reduce costs.


One of the basic methods offeredlegislation to date - on the birth certificate. As a citizen of the Russian Federation, you have the right to receive it in the women's clinic at the gestation of 30 weeks (if the pregnancy prolific - 28 weeks.). His woman must give the hospital staff, which will take generations. After their completion, the Social Security Fund shall pay compensation to the hospital.

Can I choose a hospital, giving birth to the certificate, andhow to do it? This opportunity is. You can make it in the same way as if you were looking for the hospital without him. You are available as a paid private clinics and government. If you have not seen in public antenatal clinic, you should go to apply for a certificate, because in private medical institutions did not give out.

Unfortunately, to get to the hospital, which is chosenwoman is not always possible, because the implementation of this law is not perfected. There are cases when contractions begin and future mother "Ambulance"Delivers the nearest public health facility, regardless of its will.

, Try to lie down in order to avoidhospital before delivery. To do so is not always possible, because not all babies are born in designated physicians period. If possible, go to the hospital in a car that is guaranteed to come to the right hospital.

Choosing a doctor

Determine which hospital to choose, is not enough,it is very important to a doctor who will take generations, I had the qualifications and experience. In addition, it is necessary to find a "common language". It is necessary that the doctor was able to reach out to the expectant mother, to give the necessary guidance, positive attitude.

Sometimes the question of how to choose a good doctorthe hospital is solved by itself, if future new mother knows, the services of a specialist, it is resort. By the way, in this case, the question of choosing a clinic, too, can be solved by itself. If the doctor "keep an eye"Yet, you need to find him, coming to the issue with all the responsibility.

In search of a doctor should seek the advice of parous girlfriends and reviews on the internet. If you trust your gynecologist, ask for advice from him.

Try to consider all the nominations to come to a conclusion after personal communication with all professionals who will advise you.

What you need to ask the doctor?

  • Choosing the hospital and doctor: on what term to do so, what principles guide?Take a specialist telephone number and verify that it is possible to call and on what issues;
  • Find out how often the doctor is ready to hold consultations with you before delivery;
  • Ask if he will advise you in the post-natal period, and for how long;
  • Whether specialists are planning to spend with you all the time from the onset of labor to complete them;
  • Ask him to create for you a list of the necessary things that you take with you to the clinic.

You can ask other questions that interest you. Remember that you are the very best, no one can choose a doctor for you. If you have thought through all the details in advance, the likelihood that you will be able to get to the selected hospital, and the baby will be born without complications increases significantly.

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