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Chocolate during pregnancy is beneficial or harmful?


If a woman is before pregnancy had a sweet tooth, it is unlikely the desire to eat chocolate disappear if gestation. It is important to know how to use it correctly, so as not to harm the fetus

Pregnancy - not a reason to give up chocolate. So say many women are waiting for the baby. Are they right? Some experts tend to believe that there is. They explain it is primarily the fact that it is a treat - a strong allergen, so it may harm the fetus.

Others believe that if the woman requires use of this product, which means that it is possible to eat. Is there a happy medium and whether, in fact, eating chocolate during pregnancy?

Benefits and harms

Chocolate during pregnancy is beneficial or harmful?It is believed that this sweetness - a delicacy, which brings no benefit to the body. This is a mistake, because it has a positive effect:

  • First of all, the product known as'happiness hormone". At meal woman enjoys, therefore, improves mood, relieves stress. This is useful for nervous system and the whole body, therefore, is good for the child;
  • The composition of the goodies include flavonoids in large quantities, thus it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system;
  • In moderate amounts of product to stabilize the pressure. In addition, the delicacy promotes relaxation of muscles and blood vessels from expanding its influence;
  • "happiness hormone"Contains iron, beneficial effects on fetal development. Another important component - the magnesium has a positive effect on the brain of the future baby;
  • Theobromine, which is also rich in this product, strengthens blood vessels, is good for the kidneys and nervous system. Experts say that this stuff to avoid complications during childbirth.

The product is rich in vitamins E, B group, as well as elements such as sodium, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus. All of these substances are very useful. So why, then, many experts believe that the Pregnancy can not eat chocolate?

This is due to the fact that the product is able to harm the body:

  • Cocoa butter is considered a dietary substance, the sweetness but also contains milk sugar. Therefore, it is added by weight;
  • Caffeine, which is found in large quantitiesin delicacy, capable of arousing effect on the nervous system, that the child is not useful in gestation. We can not say that caffeine only brings harm, but if it is at least on the slightest threat to the kid, standing guard;
  • If gestation baby to eat a lot of this product may deteriorate the blood flow to the uterus, causing the fetus anoxia;
  • Expectant mother often annoying heartburn, which can enhance this delicacy;
  • In addition to the mineral-containing, in the product containedmany substances, the impact on the body that are poorly understood. This should cause a woman's legitimate question about whether we can still eat chocolate in the presence of pregnancy. In addition, the composition contains dyes treats, supplements of questionable quality.

There is a controversial opinion that "antidepressant"Can be addictive. The thing is most useful theobromine, which actually possesses such properties. But the amount of substance in the composition treats insufficient for this. To addictive appeared, you must eat at? kg of product on a daily basis for several months.

Why I want chocolate

Chocolate during pregnancy is beneficial or harmful?Sometimes a woman expecting a child, there is an overwhelming desire to eat this delicacy, and sometimes she does not understand why this is happening. Some expectant mothers have noted that to "interesting position"For sweets, they were indifferent at all. At such moments, it seems that there is no difference, there is a chocolate - black, white, bitter, hot.

There is a belief that if I want sweet, Then a girl. In fact, medicine denies that the child's sex in some way affect the food preferences of the future mother. Most likely, the popular belief is due to the fact that girls tend to love more than sweets than boys.

Doctors say the woman during pregnancy want those foods that contain vitamins and substances that are lacking the body, hence the chocolate is what she needs.

The body during gestation quickly get tired, heoften lack of useful and nutrients. It is often associated with the desire to eat the treat. It really nutritious, especially dark chocolate, but do not replace them nutrition.

Moreover, consider whether you are really hungry at that moment when you "drew"On the sweet. If so, it is an occasion to review your diet and regime - perhaps you deprive a child of necessary nutrients and vitamins.

expectant mothers often feel a sense of sadness,associated with the hormonal changes and the new state of the organism. Out of habit hand can reach out to their favorite sweets, which always helps to relieve stress.

Doing this is not necessary - the sweet "antidepressant"Can be replaced by aromatic baths, walks, socializing with family and friends, reading a favorite book, watching a good film positive.

This does not mean that the use of chocolate should be discarded altogether. Sometimes you can not afford to eat, but watch the portions. The day is recommended to eat no more than 30 grams of sweets.

Keep in mind that different types of products have different effects on the body.


It is believed that the white chocolate is at least usefulpregnancy. It includes no cocoa powder which has beneficial properties. Gourmand has a pleasant taste and color, but for them to achieve such substances are used as thickeners, colorants, various additives.

It put a lot of sugar, which in combination with dairy fats makes it very nutritious. Thus, white "antidepressant"Does more harm than good, so if you want a sweet kid when gestation is better to consider other options.

The black

This species usually contains a lot of goodiesnutrients. It contains cocoa, which is useful. Dark chocolate can be eaten during pregnancy, following the normal course. The concentration of cocoa in it is high enough, so a lot of caffeine in the product.

In this regard, they should not get carried away. Note that in delicacy and sugar usually a lot, and this contributes to weight gain.


Chocolate during pregnancy is beneficial or harmful?Sometimes you want to warm up with hot chocolate,especially during pregnancy, when the mood is changing at lightning speed, and want something acidic, then sweet, then cold, then hot. Pamper yourself with them as possible.

Currently, it is sold in sticks in the form of powder. Useful in these bags, you will not find anything, and taste are rarely able to really give pleasure.

But you can make a hot chocolateindependently. In 2 cups of boiling milk stir 3 or 4 hours. L. cocoa and 3 or 4 hours. l. Sahara. Stir need carefully to avoid lumps. Put the mixture on fire, continuing to stir until it boils. The drink is ready. Now you can taste add the cinnamon, vanilla.


Dark chocolate can also be used in casepregnancy. Moreover, he deserves the title of leader of the parade. It always contains a large amount of cocoa (70% to 90%). It is called so not in vain - the product a little bitter, because it almost does not contain sugar.

For this reason, it is not as high in calories, but is able to satisfy your hunger. This does not mean that dark chocolate should be eaten in kilograms, but among all the varieties of sweets better to give preference to him.

There is no need to deny yourself if staying in anticipation of the baby, you decide to eat a favorite product, but all should be in moderation. Eat no more than 30 grams of sweet "antidepressant"A day, preferably opting for it bitter varieties.

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