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Chlamydia during pregnancy


Diagnose Chlamydia in time to carry out treatment and to avoid its consequences, especially during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a disease anywhereIt can give a woman a lot of inconvenience. Chlamydia is no exception. Furthermore, it can be very dangerous for pregnant women. Chlamydia during pregnancy can live in the body for a long time, causing him harm, but it does not prove itself. If the disease is not diagnosed in time, it can lead to very unfortunate consequences, even to the death of the fetus.

Chlamydia - the causes of infection

Many sexually transmitted diseases, chlamydia is one of them. Chlamydia - a causative agents of disease. They have the same functions as bacteria or viruses.

Chlamydia during pregnancyAnother sign of the similarity of viruses isin that apart from the body, they can not exist anywhere else. Chlamydia are unable to develop their own energy, they take it out of the body cells.

Since the most comfortable they can live inthe genitals, it is the urogenital system becomes the object of their lives. In very rare cases, the area of ​​lesions may become lower section of the small intestine, it ciliated epithelial tissue.

During pregnancy, chlamydia affects amniotic tissue, as well as the fruit itself.

The carrier of the disease is the one who is sickchlamydia. It should also be borne in mind that a very long time may show no symptoms. Even sometimes a carrier of the disease may be unaware that they are infected.

In most cases, you can get infected during unprotected sexual intercourse. The causes of infection and may be any contacts at home. But it is very rare and very rare.

Another route of infection of the fetus may be"Vertical" manner. Chlamydiae are in amniotic fluid in a womb child ingests it, thus, chlamydia affect pregnancy child.

Some are wondering - is there any chancebecome pregnant, if you are sick with chlamydia. The virus is not a barrier, so you can easily get pregnant. But to do that deliberately do not need to, if a woman wants to become a mother of a healthy child. It is better to start to cure chlamydia, it's quite possible.

Before the woman decided to get pregnant, sheis to pass all the tests, test for the presence of any disease. But if suddenly the woman became pregnant unplanned, it is not necessary to go into a panic. Thanks to modern medical technology, pregnancy can be cured without any danger to the unborn baby.

Symptoms of the disease during pregnancy

Chlamydia during pregnancyOften it happens that in the period of chlamydiapregnancy passes without having any symptoms. Quite a large number of women do not even know about their disease. And if there are small signs, they softly expressed.

When a woman is sick chlamydia, she may notice mucus or pus from the admixture. They are usually characterized by a yellowish color and an unpleasant odor.

In the genital area can be a little itchy or burning.

During pregnancy, it can still be very unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen. It may feel weak condition, the body temperature is slightly elevated.

These symptoms may be signs of not onlychlamydia, and other diseases of the genitourinary system. If you have seen any of these signs, it is a significant reason to see a doctor and pass all the tests.

The danger posed by chlamydia

If not on time or poorly carry out treatment of chlamydia, it can cause major complications:

  • Inflammatory diseases in the pelvic organs;
  • Reiter's disease;
  • Urethral stricture.

And the most serious complication that can cause chlamydia - a miscarriage or fetal stop.

If you detect the disease only at a lateTime, it can infect children. Therefore, the earlier you start to treat chlamydia, the better. To do this, you need to see a doctor and get tested for chlamydia during pregnancy.

Treatment during pregnancy

Chlamydia during pregnancyFirst, the physician should take a swab for analysischlamydia during pregnancy. And if the disease is confirmed, before you start to treat it, you need to carry out a number of additional diagnostics, to identify whether a pregnant any comorbidities. If the doctor - a professional, it will help him to assign the correct treatment.

During treatment, you must be under hissupervision. It happens that the disappearance of the symptoms women stop taking drugs. But it can not be done, because the microbes are highly resistant to the effects of the drug.

And if you stop the treatment, the possibility of full recovery is significantly reduced.

Chlamydia is usually treated as follows:

  • Once taking the antibiotic, which has a high degree of defeat chlamydia;
  • Treatment of the complex, which includes antibiotics, immunomodulators and enzymes.

Once pregnant will pass the course of treatment, the physician should again take a swab, make an analysis to ensure that women's health.

But in each case it requires an individual treatment system that will be able to appoint a doctor.

In any case, it should be noted that anythe disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Prevention of this disease is no different from the rules are being followed in order to prevent any other sexually transmitted diseases.

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