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As evidenced by allocation of pregnancy?


The normal discharge during pregnancy. Beli thrush. The reason green and yellow cheesy discharge. Blood and brown discharge during pregnancy

Vaginal discharge is a naturalphysiological phenomenon and accompany women throughout their lives. By their nature can determine the condition of the body, the presence of certain abnormalities. Particular attention should be paid to them during the period of gestation. Changing the characteristics may indicate a pathology.

The rate of pregnancy

As evidenced by allocation of pregnancy?Allocated secret contains mucus produced by glands in the cervical canal, microorganisms (mainly lactobacilli) and squamous cells, exfoliated from the walls of the vagina.

It protects against genital tract pathologicalmicroflora, moisturizes them during intercourse, as well as with the help of vaginal cleansing takes place. Color and density vary depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle, ie. E. The action of sex hormones. For example, the day before ovulation and during such a secret slimy, transparent, stretches, resembles egg whites.

Approximately 10-14 days after conception itexternal indicators of change. That is cheesy, whitish, thick discharge can be regarded as a sign of pregnancy. The change is due to the characteristics of hormonal changes in women. The culprit is progesterone. It was he who provokes release of a thick, opaque, but scanty secretion.

Generally, white at the beginning of the firsttrimester is physiological. Thickening is also not seen as pathological. The fact is that at that time formed the so-called mucus plug in the cervix, which will protect the embryo / fetus from infection during the entire period of gestation.

When you need to refer to the gynecologist?

The woman is obliged to follow all the parameterstheir health and when the first warning signs to report them to the leading doctor. If you change the color of the secret, there were other symptoms, you need to visit a specialist.

Itching and burning in the crotch area, the color changesecretion, pain, discomfort in the abdomen - these phenomena require urgent examination of women, because they can point to a threat to life and health of the fetus.

Yellow cheesy discharge in the early stages of pregnancy

This color indicates the violation inreproductive system. Usually yellow secret evidence of inflammation in the genitals. Very often, this symptom is accompanied by infections, sexually transmitted infections, which take place hidden in a normal state, and immediately after conception aggravated. The causative agents of genital infections can be ureaplasma, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, etc..

As evidenced by allocation of pregnancy?Urogenital infections dangerousto the developing fetus, is very high risk of spontaneous abortion. If yellow discharge has an unpleasant smell, an urgent need for tests. Acute course of the pathological process is accompanied by fever, abdominal pain, discomfort, general malaise.

Light brown discharge usuallytestify Implantation bleeding and are not dangerous. Yellowish color can occur with frequent use of soap for personal hygiene, wear synthetic underwear, an allergic reaction to panty liners.

White curdled profuse discharge during pregnancy

The emergence of such a secret - a typical symptomthrush or candidiasis. This disease is one of the most common among women, and not only in pregnant women. It can occur at any stage, often recurs, and in the period of gestation is usually diagnosed in the first trimester.

The high incidence of the disease in pregnant women is explained by two factors:

  • Immediately after the attachment of a fertilized eggin the uterus of women's immune system is weakened. There immunosuppression - suppression of the immune system. This is a natural reaction of the body, which helps to prevent rejection of the fetus, because the immune system can take it for a foreign agent;
  • Pregnancy triggers an enhanced production of estrogen - hormones - increases the production of vaginal cables. White isolation remove pathogens from the genital tract and protect the embryo.

However, harmful bacteria are washed anduseful, therefore fungi of the genus Candida that cause thrush, begin to actively proliferate, which leads to the white lumps. Furthermore, they are heavy and are characterized by an acidic smell.

Green cheesy or foamy discharge during pregnancy

During the period of gestation of such color and consistency is the secret of a great danger. In this case it is possible to suspect the presence of trichomoniasis. The disease is trichomonas.

Selections are greenish-yellow ora green foam. They are produced in large quantities and have a very unpleasant smell. Other symptoms of Trichomonas vaginitis include burning, itching, pain in the vagina and vulva.

Trichomoniasis, like other infections, is very dangerous in the gestation period, especially in the early stages. It can cause miscarriage or premature birth.


As evidenced by allocation of pregnancy?By themselves are not cheesy dischargereason for the purpose of treatment. Doctor focuses not only on their color and texture. To make an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to conduct a series of studies that will establish a causative agent.

First of all, identify the changed relationship secrethygienic procedures (tampons, candles, douching, caving), sexual relations (unsafe sex, partner exchange), general diseases (acute / chronic inflammation, sun exposure, hypothermia), hormonal changes, pregnancy.

The doctor with the appearance of abnormal discharge, which are not accompanied by other symptoms, assigns the following activities:

  • Smear on the flora of the vagina;
  • Colposcopy;
  • Sowing flora sensitivity to drugs;
  • PCR analysis;
  • A smear of the cervix for cancer;
  • Pelvic ultrasound;
  • If necessary, a study of hormonal background;
  • A blood test to rule out infections.

Cheesy discharge during pregnancy with blood

In the early stages in the first place should be excludedthreat of miscarriage. In this case, the secret has a bright red color. In addition, there are drawing aching pain in the uterus, innervating in the lower back and sacrum.

If time does not take action beginsspontaneous abortion: Pain becoming cramping, isolation - is more abundant. There is a danger not only to the embryo, but also for women, as profuse bleeding may occur.

Slight discharge may occur after gynecological examination, hygiene, coitus. They are called contact, and they do not represent any particular risk.

More dangerous are the causes of molar pregnancy, which requires termination of pregnancy, miomaticheskie nodes, cervical polyps, bleeding disorders, and abdominal trauma.

As evidenced by brown discharge?

As evidenced by allocation of pregnancy?When 1-2 weeks after conception, theyusually do not threaten. Lean brownish secret allocated a maximum of 2 days - a sign of attachment of the ovum to the uterine wall. There may be a slight discomfort.

However, the brown color may indicatepathology, such as chorionic detachment, ectopic or missed abortion. In the former case requires a special therapy aimed at preserving and detachment stop pregnancy. In other situations, it is necessary to take measures to interrupt.

Be careful with the appearance of abnormal discharge immediately contact your doctor for advice!

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