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Charging for pregnant women by trimester


During pregnancy, expectant mothers to prepare for childbirth is recommended to perform special exercises. Learn what exercises can be performed in all trimesters

When a woman finds out about the pregnancy, she beginslonger take care of themselves, be protected from stress and stress. Many pregnant completely abandon physical exercises, because they fear that it might harm their child.

Charging for pregnant women by trimesterHowever, a properly fitted training is not only not harmful, but also have a beneficial effect on the expectant mother, preparing her body for childbirth.

Women who are in position, it is importantchoose physical exercise not only on the basis of pregnancy in general, but also given her life: exercise, suitable for the second trimester, not suitable for the first or third.

Charging for pregnant women: what can be done at any stage?

Throughout pregnancy can permanentlypamper yourself. Get plenty of rest and less worry over nothing. To relax even easier, it is recommended to regularly perform breathing exercises. They are not only great to relax, but also reduce the painful effect.

Perform breathing exercises are very simple, the main thing to focus and try no to think about nothing:

  • It is necessary to put one hand on his chest, the other on his stomach to make the nose deep breath, then exhale. On the inhale need to ensure that up to the belly, the chest remains in place;
  • Hands should be put on the ribs, elbows dissolve in hand. During breathing stomach and chest remain immobile and elbows slide sideways;
  • One hand on his stomach, the other on his chest. The breath - chest lifted, belly motionless, exhale.

Perform the exercises must be without breath delay, it can harm the baby, calling him hypoxia. Breathing in this way should be for 30-40 minutes daily.

Charging for pregnant women in trimester 1

First trimester - the most dangerous for the embryo. At this time, the expectant mother is not recommended to go in for sports intensively. Especially harmful to swing the press, it can cause miscarriage. They are very useful and charge breathing exercises on the hip.

In the morning, after waking up, or in other convenient time of the day, you can perform the following set of classes:

  • It is necessary to lean back in his chair and perform poluprisedaniya with divorced feet. You can alternate these squats with elevations on the toes;
  • To prevent stretch marks and as a preparationuseful to leave the exercise on the obliques: it is necessary to lean his hands back in his chair and make the leg forward as if inwardly, further sideways and backwards;
  • Pregnancy is not the best way affectschest. To keep its shape to do the following: hands to close at chest level and strongly strongly pressed them to each other. When this action is well felt as tense pectoral muscles;
  • Rotations of the pelvis, first in one direction and then in the opposite direction is also very useful. It is important when performing exercises correctly stand: feet at shoulder width apart, knees bent;
  • To avoid cramps and varicoseveins is recommended to perform a circular rotation of the foot, and you can do it, even sitting at your desk: simply lift the foot on your toes and rotate the feet in a circle.

Charging for pregnant trimester 2

Second trimester - the most favorable for physical activity. During this period, the risk of miscarriage decreases, and a woman can afford to give large load.

Charging for pregnant women by trimesterExercises in the second trimester directed topelvic region. They help to prevent urinary incontinence, which often occurs in women pregnant with a second child at the age of 30-35 years. In addition to a core set of activities for the prevention of urinary recommended to perform Kegel exercises.

In the second trimester since 16-18 weeksengaged in the shroud should be charging. It is not necessary to perform an action, lying on his back, because there is a risk squeeze vena cava, leading to lack of oxygen in the fetus.

Start charging should be a warm-up. We need to sit down on the floor and cross your legs in front of you, turn your head to the right, then left. Next, gently rotate the body in different directions, the hand with the need to be diluted.

The following exercise is performed from a positionsitting on the floor, legs extended, withdrawn slightly to the side, feet crossed (it's the little mermaid pose). The arm should be pulled up on inspiration and exhalation to throw his head.

Then you need to lie on your side, arms outstretched and rely on each other. The upper arm must be rotated 180 degrees movement of the body, bring her back. Repeat with the other arm.

Then should get to her feet, heels should be under the booty, arms extended forward and touch the floor forehead. If tummy prevents, feet can be a little push.

It is also useful in the second trimester to continue to do the exercises for the chest.

Charging for pregnant women in the 3 trimester

In the third trimester of pregnancy becomes more difficultwalk, let alone deal with charging. Conventional exercises to perform difficult and boring. Well, then you should buy a special gymnastic ball - fitball.

With him do the exercises more interesting and more effective:

  • Starting position: sitting on the ball, the hands should not take heavy weights and bend them one by one;
  • If the back is still lying comfortably, you can perform this exercise: lie on your back, put a foot on the ball and roll it around and back and forth. Enough for a minute on each leg;
  • To compress the chest is useful fitball hands. To do this, sit on the floor cross-legged, take the ball in his hands rhythmically and easily compress it.

Charging for pregnant women by trimesterIn the third trimester can cause charging tonethe uterus, with the appearance of pain, rapid pulse should stop doing the exercises. What exercises can make pregnant women not to cause uterine tone. The safest are considered breathing exercises. You can also consult your doctor about the sports activities.

Yet we should not forget that for someconditions for exercise during pregnancy is impossible. Such conditions include pronounced early and late toxicosis, polyhydramnios, bloody discharge from the vagina, some chronic diseases.

Keep an eye on your state of health and at the slightest suspicion of abnormality, contact your doctor immediately! Easily and quickly you birth, and the health of you and your child!

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