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Yellow discharge during pregnancy


How to distinguish where the norm, and where the pathology, if a woman has yellow discharge during pregnancy

It is impossible to convey the emotional awe thatCovers the woman who received the main news in her life - she is pregnant. It is quite natural that in the near future it will experience serious changes in its body.

Yellow discharge during pregnancyThese changes will occur in all systemsAnd organs. They will be so thorough that they sometimes cause questions and concern. One of such issues arising in women, are yellow discharge during pregnancy.

They can be light yellow or have a darkShade, and sometimes even characterized by white-green tones. Let's consider in more detail what it is like to fight with such a phenomenon, and whether it is necessary to fight at all.

Hormonal changes

The natural process that begins inThe body of a woman from the moment of conception is a hormonal reconstruction. During the first months after conception, a very important hormone, progesterone, accumulates in the body.

It is the key to successful breedingAnd normal development of the baby. And it is progesterone that can cause changes that provoke various kinds of discharge, which become more dense and increase in volume.

Almost every woman, having found herselfAllocation, the more unusual color runs to the doctor with the question "what's wrong with me?". But there is not always a reason for panic. Discharge during pregnancy can be the norm, but can signal serious problems.

It can be a development in the body of an infection or an acute current inflammatory process. Be that as it may, only the doctor can determine where the norm is, and in what cases the woman needs treatment.

If everything is normal

Normally, the hormone progesterone causes a quantitative increase in natural secretions, which become more viscous. It is he who often initiates yellow discharge during pregnancy.

Such a process is not at all an excuse for panic,Because this mucus is produced by the cervix and vagina to protect against infectious agents. If there are too many emissions, then you can use gaskets.

But, it is extremely undesirable to use tampons in such a situation, since it is possible to disturb the balance of the microflora of the vagina. And then the inflammation is almost guaranteed.

If the secretions have changed color or have acquired a characteristic unpleasant odor, then this can be a symptom of serious infectious processes in a woman's body.

As a rule, with infections other than such changesThe woman notices also a dyscomfort in the form of an obsessive itch, a strong burning sensation, puffiness of genitals. But the exact answer is whether there is an infection in the body, what exactly and what to do with it will be given only by the doctor on the basis of the analyzes.

Pathological selection

Dark yellow with an unpleasant odor of discharge atPregnancy can be triggered by such a serious diagnosis as gonorrhea. During this period, it is doubly dangerous, as it can seriously damage the health of both mother and baby.

Yellow discharge during pregnancy

In addition to color changes and changes in consistencySecretions, gonorrhea can also be manifested by a very unpleasant smell, burning and severe itching in the vagina and labia. Moreover, pain and rezi can occur with urination. It is worth recalling that with gonorrhea vaginal discharge bubbles and the color may be a dark yellow hue or even white and green.

With very similar symptoms can occur in the body of a future mother and trichomoniasis.

Dark yellow Mucous discharge during pregnancy can alsoBe a sign of ingestion of E. coli in those places where it should not be allowed - the organs of the urinary system. The reason for such a hit may be a violation of intimate hygiene or a woman's chronic cystitis present in the body.

Light yellow Very bright discharge during pregnancy can beA sign of inflammation of the ovaries or fallopian tubes, which provoked a vaginal infection. As a rule, these problems are accompanied by high body temperature and severe pain in the lower abdomen.

White-yellow Discharge, accompanying pruritus, during pregnancyCan trigger an allergy (on a synthetic, gasket or detergent). They disappear almost immediately after eliminating the irritating effect of the allergen.

Yellow-green And fetid discharge during pregnancy can be caused by any disease, from those related to sexually transmitted infections. Including the aforementioned gonorrhea.

Without panic

In any case, if you find a selection of the wrong color or the wrong consistency, or signs of severe infections, you should not panic. And this concerns not only the woman, but also the future father.

It is not necessarily that the partner"Walking" disease after conception. Firstly, only a doctor, on the basis of the tests performed, can tell exactly the infection or not. And, secondly, the disease could be asymptomatic in the body before conception, or was healed by antibiotics, but not cured completely.

To be treated it is necessary

Moreover, even if the doctor confirms yourFears and yellow-not-clear allocation found in you will be symptoms of infection, then do not despair. The main thing is to quickly and effectively eliminate the bacterium that caused inflammation.

And for today it is not a problem, because there are a huge number of drugs that will help to fully recover, even during pregnancy and not risk the health of the baby at the same time.

Yellow discharge during pregnancyIt is necessary to be treated only under medical supervision.

Self-treatment is dangerous for you and your baby!

In addition, you need to be treated very carefully,Since all the "safely stored" in the body of the infection, as a rule, exacerbated in the early stages, and it is at this point that any inflammatory process can trigger a spontaneous miscarriage.

Whatever one may say, the only correct decision, in case you find yourself in yellow discharge during pregnancy, is a trip to your gynecologist. Only the doctor will appoint the necessary examinations.

According to their results, you will have an excuse for fear. And, if you still find a problem in the body, will prescribe an effective for you and sparing for the baby treatment.

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